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  • retaining wall ideas and installation

    Should You Hire Professionals for Building a Retaining Wall?

    If you have issues with soil erosion, one of the easiest landscaping solutions is a retaining wall. However, for most residential and commercial property owners, this is not an easy DIY project. Let’s talk about why building a retaining wall is a job left to the professionals in most cases, as well as a few […]

  • Hardscapes-Are-Important-Elements-In-Your-Landscaping-Design

    Landscaping Greensboro NC – Where to Find a Contractor

    First impressions matter – even when it comes to the outside of your house. And when someone looks at your home or business, what is the impression they get? Are the bushes surrounding you home overgrown and are weeds sprouting throughout your flowerbeds? Nevertheless, don’t let weeds and overgrown plants get you down. When looking […]