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  • outdoor fireplace construction

    Outdoor Fireplace Construction Will Beautify Your Yard

    Today, homeowners continue to improve their outdoor space with new design elements. As the trend continues to turn outdoor spaces into rooms, consumers continually opt for the addition of a fire feature. When you’re considering outdoor fireplace construction, consult the experts at Landscape Design & Solutions, Inc, first. Great Ways To Enjoy Your Fireplace All […]

  • outdoor fireplace design

    Looking For An Innovative Outdoor Fireplace Design?

    Throughout the years, the backyard has changed from a workspace into a place of leisure. Now known as outdoor living space, 90% of all homeowners place a high value on improving their backyard. Furthermore, one of the biggest trends in upgrading outdoor space is building a fireplace. If you want a leading innovator of outdoor […]

  • patio fireplace

    A Patio Fireplace Creates A Striking Feature In Your Yard

    Homeowners continue to update their boring outdoor spaces into private areas of retreat. Moreover, installing a patio fireplace is one of the hottest trends in outdoor living. Not only does it look nice, but an outdoor fireplace also allows you to enjoy the outdoors more often. Reimagine Your Outdoor Space Sometimes, when you want to […]

  • how to build an outdoor fireplace

    How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace Safely And Responsibly

    Tantalizing and mesmerizing, flickering flames capture and command our attention. Having an outdoor fireplace allows us to enjoy the ambiance of a fire safely. Moreover, you may think you can save yourself a lot of money by building it yourself. If you search the internet, you’ll find many blogs and videos on how to build […]

  • fire pit ideas

    10 Fire Pit Ideas for Outdoor Living in North Carolina

    We’re so fortunate to live in North Carolina, where we can enjoy outdoor living most of the year. This is particularly true if you have a backyard fire pit. However, determining what type of outdoor fire pit to build for your unique space can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve provided 10 fire pit ideas that […]

  • outdoor fireplace

    What You Should Know Before Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

    Whether you are considering an outdoor fireplace for your commercial location or your home, Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. can help. We have decades of experience with landscape design, including hardscapes and features such as fireplaces. Fire features are a good option for many families and businesses, but they aren’t for everyone. Here’s what you […]

  • Fire-Pits

    Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Any Home

    In need of inspiration for outdoor fireplace designs? In recent years, outdoor fireplace designs have stood out among the rest. The demand for outdoor fireplaces has been incredible. It’s easy to see why. A perfect focal point in any yard or on any patio, no one can resist the draw of a crackling fire. Friends, family, […]

  • Commercial Fire Pit

    Variety of Outdoor Fireplace Designs to Suit Any Style

    Looking for a unique way to decorate your yard? Consider the appeal of an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplace designs range from classic fire pits to elegantly sculpted works of art. If you’re a homeowner looking to customize your outdoor space, consider Landscape Solutions and Design. A leader in Triad landscaping services, Landscape Solutions and Design […]

  • Commercial Fire Pit

    Investing in an Outdoor Fireplace Will Be Beneficial

    Are you looking for ways to spruce up your backyard? If so, think beyond plants and flowers and consider adding an element that will greatly boost the look and functionality of your landscape design. One idea that is currently sparking a major interest among homeowners is the installation of an outdoor fireplace. This investment comes […]