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John Deer

Landscaping Certifications

John Deere Landscapes University offers professional contractors access to substantive training and informational seminars. The JDLU team includes the industry’s leading technicians with experience and expertise in:

  • Irrigation planning and installation
  • Selection of appropriate nursery stock
  • Landscape lighting design and installation
  • New products and installation methods

Acquiring landscaping certifications is a solid way to build credability and stay cutting edge.


Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is the premier architectural and landscape lighting provider in the country. They offer exemplary service and construction, carry a lifetime guaranty and are 100% American-made. Our lighting specialists are Vista certified and will make sure you have the lighting design and installation that is the perfect fit for your home or business.


Pesticides are valuable tools that can improve the quality of our outdoor space. They help us manage the pests that spread disease among our plants, reduce the yield of our crops and congest our waterways. These chemicals, however, can threaten our health and environment if not used properly.The North Carolina Pesticide Law of 1971 requires licensing of anyone who applies pesticides as part of their business activity. Licensing requires passing an exam administered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Landscape Solutions & Design’s employees are fully versed in the safe use of pesticides, which are used only as required and in the appropriate amount for the job. These certified employees must know the proper clothing, equipment and methods used to mix and apply pesticides.Landscape Solutions & Design is proud of its licensed applicators, who care for your family’s health as well as your gardens and shrubs.


As a member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Landscape Solutions & Design has access to the most current technical information for the design and installation of pavers and related concrete materials. This organization provides paver installation certification, online design galleries, publications and training activities.“Segmental paving” is an ancient art—dating back to the roads of the Roman Empire. The skill of the installer, throughout the centuries, has been the deciding factor in the appearance and life of the project.Landscape Solutions & Design is proud to be a member of this prestigious organization and takes full advantage of the benefits of that membership. It is another reason that our designs, knowledge of current materials and installation techniques will ensure that your hardscape will receive the same high-quality attention as your landscaping.

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