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Why a Fire Pit Benefits Your Outdoor Space

Commercial Fire PitA fire pit can be as simple as a hole in the ground surrounded by Adirondack chairs or as elaborate as one element of an outdoor kitchen complete with food prep stations, storage cabinets and dining areas. It could be partially sunk into a patio floor for dramatic visual effect or elevated in stonework to radiate warmth as well as light. When it comes to reimagining your home’s exterior space, don’t forget to incorporate some style of fire pit for your family’s enjoyment from early spring until well into fall.

Creative Ideas

If the back of your home is multi-storied, imagine an upper deck with a walkway that gently curves down to a central fire pit on the lower level. Around the fire pit, conversation benches can be placed in a semi-circle with built-in planter boxes to add softness and visual contrast.

You may prefer the contemporary simplicity of a more Asian-type design. A free-standing privacy wall with horizontal design elements of wood and translucent glass could provide a soothing backdrop for a geometric stone fire pit and “floating” benches with cushions for soft comfort.

A more romantic space may appeal to you. Create an intimate environment with a billowy-curtained area furnished with a love seat or chair-for-two lined with plump pillows surrounding an artfully designed above-ground fire pit to comfortably extend your evenings.

Your family might enjoy the sight of an elongated fire pit next to, and reflected in, your swimming pool. The flames’ twinkles and sparkles mirrored in the water would serve as a focal point for entertaining or just relaxing after a long day.

With relaxation in mind, why not consider a stone or brick fire pit coupled with a water feature on your patio? The balance of a fire crackling and some peaceful water trickling and splashing among the smooth rocks would add just the right backdrop for conversation or meditation.

Other Services

The professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design will work with you to plan, install and maintain your outdoor living areas.

Outdoor fireplaces, with their majestic chimneys and imposing hearths provide a commanding focal point for any outdoor space. Yours could be stand-alone or part of an outdoor kitchen where friends and family members would be drawn to gather for food and fellowship.

We can install fountains as unobtrusively private or as regally imposing as you like. They can flank your home’s front entrance or provide a tranquil oasis on the back lawn; they can be incorporated into the architectural style of your home or free-standing in a garden or walkway.

You may prefer a pond with ornamental fish for entertainment or graceful water plants for a tranquil atmosphere. We can include a formal waterfall, too, that falls from level to level down an incline or a casual one that cascades over an edge and splashes to the bottom.

Whether it’s a fire pit or some other feature, the professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design are your partners for enhancing your grounds.