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Use a Retaining Wall to Overcome Elevation Issues

Commercial-Retaining-WallDo you wish you could cultivate a beautiful flower garden, but your lawn slopes to a degree that causes the soil to wash away? Would you and your family enjoy a nice pool or outdoor patio, but your yard is too hilly to fit one in? Are you considering the addition of a peaceful natural area with benches and a meandering walkway, but your property isn’t level enough? If so, the installation of a retaining wall will be your best solution.

At Landscaping Solutions & Design, we are experienced in designing and installing every type of retaining wall from basic gravity construction used for short landscaping walls to cantilevered concrete or masonry structures that hold back larger and heavier loads of earth to pile barriers that retain soft soils in tight spaces. We understand the engineering issues that may require extensive excavation or the use of anchors and cables or reinforcing beams for extra strength. We can assess your property characteristics and help design the best retention system for your situation.

Retention System Challenges

• The soil being restrained behind a retaining wall will exert pressure against the structure that increases the deeper the construction goes into the earth. This will influence decisions about how the wall is built and what materials are most suitable to keep it secure.
• Some soft, shifting soil or especially steep slopes may require soil strengthening or mechanical stabilization in addition to the retaining wall to ensure stability. This can be layered horizontal mats of various materials that add shear resistance to the system.
• Groundwater will ebb and flow behind the retaining wall. Climate and water table information will determine what type of drainage system will be needed to relieve the pressure of water build-up that could make the structure unstable.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the style, material composition and additional elements needed with any landscaping retention system. At Landscaping Solutions & Design, our professional technicians can identify all the issues, present the best options and guide you through the decision-making process. You and your family will enjoy the benefits of an attractive structure that enhances your property value and remains safe over the long term.

Style and Substance

You are limited only by your own imagination when planning the architecture and landscaping of your family’s property. Styles and materials used for both decorative and functional retaining walls are almost unlimited.

Boundary for hardscapes – A low stone or wood tie wall can be used to carve out enough level land to accommodate a new patio and expanded driveway or a nice pool while adding a bit of architectural style to your yard. And, these structures can be in a straight line or can curve or meander for added visual interest.

Landscape features – We can turn a steep slope or inconvenient hill into graceful terraces that could feature casual or formal areas for flowers and shrubs or benches and walking paths or a vegetable garden. Even multiple levels of manicured lawn are an improvement over a hill of eroding soil and they improve the look and value of your property.

Who We Are

Located in High Point and serving the greater Piedmont Triad area, we at Landscaping Solutions & Design offer more than 15 years of experience in a variety of landscape projects for both commercial and residential customers. We are experts in drainage and irrigation, hardscaping, lawn mowing, outdoor lighting, patio fireplaces and kitchens, tree removal, water features and more, in addition to retaining walls. No matter what issues you have with your outdoor areas, we can offer an attractive, functional solution.