Undoubtedly, photos from other landscape projects are a great starting point. However, we must also consider the uniqueness of your
yard. Thus, we’ll take your ideas incorporating them into a design perfect for your yard. For example, a slope or grading issue can cause
erosion. Of course, we’d have to fix this concern first. Moreover, we have to consider the size of your yard. The picture you present may
overwhelm your yard giving it an overcrowded feel. Or, your home may dwarf your proposed outdoor space.

Additionally, we need to consider the architectural style of your home and the design. Elements shall flow seamlessly without a
jarring effect.

Finally, if we include plants in your desired design, we need to consider your climate zone, soil, and sunlight/shade. The pretty flowers in
your photo may not thrive in your weather conditions. Or perhaps their color will clash with the hue of your home.

Ultimately, we want to provide a solution that you’ll love. Our goal is to design an outdoor space that is functional and beautiful.