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Tree Trimming Near Me – Use One of NC’s Trusted Landscapers

tree trimming near meTrees add beauty and shade. Unfortunately, many homeowners plant trees in their yards and then forget about them. Often, one neglected task is trimming. However, pruning your tree can be a dangerous job and requires the expertise of a professional tree service company. When searching for tree trimming near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Why Tree Maintenance Is Necessary

Trees are a beautiful and important landscape feature. Planting trees in your yard creates depth, variety, and a focal point. Plus, strategically placed trees can provide shade to help reduce cooling costs. Additionally, in the winter, trees can form a windbreak lowering heating costs.

As beautiful and important as trees are, you must give them proper care to ensure a long life. Regularly pruning can help maintain their health and serves several other functions:

  • Helps withstand wind better
  • Maintains the natural shape
  • Allows more sunlight to reach the lower branches
  • Eliminates weak branches

Often, the tree’s canopy becomes thick preventing airflow through the tree. As strong winds push against the thickened canopy, the tree’s roots will stretch. If the root system isn’t strong enough, the tree will topple. By thinning the canopy, you allow winds to pass through putting less stress on the root system.

Also, when you trim a tree’s canopy, you allow more sunlight to reach the lower branches. This strengthens the lower branches of the tree. Plus, you’ll be removing weak branches that may fall causing damage.

Additionally, pruning to maintain the shape of your trees is aesthetically pleasing. An untrimmed tree can look scraggly giving your yard an unkempt appearance. This can reduce curb appeal and drive down your property value.

In North Carolina, we can experience strong winds. However, weaker winds can take down the tallest of trees under certain circumstances. Ice storms are a common weather occurrence here. Even just a small accumulation of ice on branches can increase their weight by a significant margin. Top-heavy trees covered in ice can easily topple over.

Hire Professional Trimming Service

Tree trimming is one of those tasks that appears deceptively simple but is quite dangerous. Power equipment and high branches are not for the inexperienced. Moreover, trying to take down heavy tree limbs can result in injury.

Sometimes, trees or branches that seem quite sturdy and healthy may be weak and diseased. Put your weight in the wrong spot and you could be looking at broken bones. In addition, limbs or heavy branches that hang near power lines require extra care. Contact with power lines can be deadly. This is a job you shouldn’t tackle yourself. Optimally, you should leave it to a professional tree service company!

Plus, improper pruning can damage or even kill your previously healthy tree. Incorrect trimming causes more deaths of trees each year than from insects or pests. Weakened or dead trees present potential damage to nearby power lines, homes, and automobiles. In fact, falling limbs and trees are the primary cause of electrical outages.

A tree requires a healthy crown to produce its food and stimulate root growth. However, incorrect thinning can leave large wounds giving disease and decay a foothold. Plus, severe crown thinning can starve the tree with the loss of too many leaves.

Eliminate the guesswork of proper tree care by hiring an experienced tree service, like Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. We know exactly how much and where to cut to minimize harm to the tree. Plus, we have all the equipment to safely remove deadwood without damaging the tree or surrounding landscape.

FAQs About Tree Care

As one of North Carolina’s trusted tree care professionals, we’re often asked many questions about trimming. Following are those that most homeowners ask. Please call us at 336-442-0160 if you have other questions.

How Often Should I Trim My Trees?

Not all species of trees need the same amount of care. For example, evergreen trees require very little trimming. While pruning fruit trees every year helps produce larger and higher quality fruit.

Plus, age factors into your trimming schedule. Generally, younger trees require trimming more often to establish a stable structure. Mature trees will only need canopy trimming and weak or dead branch removal. If you’re not sure if your trees need trimming, call Landscape Solutions & Design.

What is the Best Time of Year to Do Tree trimming?

Generally, the best time to trim trees is late fall to winter. At this time, trees are less susceptible to insects or disease and heal faster. Unfortunately, pruning certain species of trees at the wrong time can introduce disease. The oak tree in particular is susceptible to wilt disease, a fatal fungal illness.

However, you can still safely employ a certified arborist throughout the year. Typically, you can prune to remove weak, dead, or diseased branches at any time without harm to your tree. A professional tree service can spot fragile limbs and correctly remove them.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Near Me Cost?

Tree trimming costs vary depending on the number and size of the trees. A large tree has more branches resulting in more labor costs. Additionally, the overall health and access to the tree affect the cost.

Sometimes, your tree may have a fatal disease. When this occurs, you may need tree removal services. To keep the aesthetic beauty of your yard, you may even want stump grinding. This process pulverizes the stump until it’s even with the surrounding ground.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc is a full-service landscaper. We offer many other services besides tree removal and trimming:

  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping design
  • Patios
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Low and high voltage outdoor lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Grading
  • Fireplaces
  • And much more!

Professional Tree Trimming Near Me Trusted By Your Neighbors

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc can help you with any outdoor project! We have the experience, education, and equipment to handle any size project. Our team is ready to maintain or transform your commercial or residential property.

Before the next severe storm blows through, call us at 336-442-0160 for a free quote for tree trimming near me.