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Top Hardscape Ideas For Instant Property Enhancement

hardscape ideasLandscape design is one of the most important aspects of a property. It often makes the first impression about a home or business, and plays a large role in curb appeal, resale value, and overall owner satisfaction. However, landscaping isn’t just about trees, plants, and lawns. It encompasses a broad range of hardscape ideas as well. In fact, it has become increasing popular for property owners to replace commonplace yard spaces with beautiful and functional hardscapes.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of hardscaping, it refers to any non-living hard surface that is incorporated into the landscape of a front or backyard. Once you’ve decided to improve your outdoor area, it’s time to figure out which features you wish to have installed. Learn more about some of the top hardscape ideas below.

Paver Installations

Pavers come in a wide array of styles, colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. As an alternative to concrete, paver installations have a dramatic visual effect, are easy to maintain, and create more durable surfaces. There are a variety of hardscape ideas that can utilize pavers.

  • Walkways/Sidewalks: Using pavers to design your walkways and sidewalks will not only complement your property, but also point guests in the right direction. This will keep them off grassy areas and give them a clear path to follow en route to your front door or within the expanse of your backyard.
  • Patios: Patios are an appealing place to spend time, whether relaxing alone or entertaining guests. Patio pavers offer a great deal of versatility and strength for years of enjoyment.
  • Driveways: Driveways take up quite a bit of space on your property’s exterior. There’s no reason to invest in a boring concrete driveway when you can choose a unique paver option. This will eliminate the look of unattractive stains and significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent on repairs and maintenance.

Outdoor Living

Many hardscape ideas are designed to expand your living environment so you can comfortably and conveniently spend more time outdoors experiencing a luxurious lifestyle. Outdoor kitchens allow you to escape the confines of your home and bring your passion for cooking outside. Water features, such as ponds, fountains, and waterfalls, turn a property into an oasis. They provide a sense of tranquility that will take all your worries away in no time. Fireplaces and fire pits supply the perfect spot for family and friends to gather together throughout the year for an intimate social experience.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls look striking on a property, but even more importantly, they help to prevent problems with soil erosion. Uneven or loose soil is stabilized and flooding can be avoided. Retaining walls will also give you extra space to plant flowers, and they increase privacy for your yard.

Hardscape Ideas With Landscape Design & Solutions

There are numerous benefits to adding any of these hardscape ideas to your landscape design. Aside from greatly enhancing the exterior of your property, you will find they also reduce your maintenance responsibilities and extend the usability of a yard. Landscape Solutions & Design can help you turn any vision you have for the exterior of your home or business into a reality. Our state-of-the-art technology, updated equipment, quality materials, and extensive knowledge is everything you need to make your property stand out in a way you never knew was possible.