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Things to Look for in Greensboro Landscaping Companies

Retaining wall (9)Your home can be as stylish on the outside as it is on the inside. This can be accomplished with some innovative landscaping ideas to transform your yard into a beautiful oasis. There are several Greensboro landscaping companies ready to help. How do you choose the right one? With a little planning and research, you can make the right choice for you and your project from the many Greensboro landscaping companies.


Decide What Kind of Project You Want

Determining what kind of landscaping you want done and what type of budget you are working with, will help you choose between Greensboro landscaping companies. Are you just looking to enhance your property with greenery or do you require regular maintenance? Do you have an extensive project in mind? Some Greensboro landscaping companies only deal with maintenance, while some can handle more extensive projects.


Landscape Solutions and Design provides year-round landscape services. They handle not only routine maintenance, design and planting of shrubs, trees and flowers, but they can create a unique hardscape on your property. An outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or gazebo can add entertaining space to your home while increasing the value.



Friends and neighbors are a great source of recommendations. Have they had landscaping work done at their home? Look at the work done at their home and find out what companies they used. You can also check out recommendations for Greensboro landscaping companies online.


Company Reputation and Professionalism

Once you get recommendations, perform your investigation of the Greensboro landscaping companies. Find out how long the company has been in business. Check that they have proper insurance to cover liability in case of accidents or injury on the job. Do they have any professional affiliations? This can mean they are up to date with trends in the industry. Also check for licensing, which is a good indication of their professionalism, education in the industry, and quality of work. Don’t forget to get references from the company. You want to find out how the company works with different people and projects. Ask the references questions and find out if they would use the company again.


Commitment to Their Work

Good Greensboro landscaping companies will not only do good work but stand behind it as well. Be sure to get a written guarantee of quality as well as a guarantee that quality workmanship and materials will be provided. Ask if they provide warranties on their work and for how long.


Clear Communication

Communication is essential to building a good relationship when working with Greensboro landscaping companies. Get a written contract from the company clearly detailing the project, timeline, prices, and a design layout of the work that will be performed. A good landscaper will also provide quotes on changes, possible problems, or alternate scenarios that may occur with the job. Also, learn the company’s processes and procedures in handling a job from start to finish. They should be able to communicate a clear, step-by-step project plan.


Making the right choice between Greensboro landscaping companies is the difference between having a difficult experience and having a beautiful complete landscaping project. When working with any of the Greensboro landscaping companies, these guidelines will make the process easier and give you more confidence in your choice. You will probably find in your research, that many of your neighbors and friends have used the services of Landscape Solutions and Design. They have all of the above credentials and will always be there for your landscaping requirements. Finding the right landscaping service will also give you the pleasing end results you want and deserve.