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The Right Landscape Solutions for Your Property – Important Even in Winter!

Why-Choose-Landscape-Solutions-&-DesignOnce we get to the cooler parts of the year, it can be very easy to neglect important outdoor chores. And, this is especially true when it comes to the lawn and other natural elements. Since grass and shrubs are not growing as much anymore, often homeowners think they don’t need to do anything until the spring. The truth is, in order to keep landscaping looking great you need to take care of it all year long. Therefore, during the colder months, there are certain key landscape solutions that must be on your list:


Chances are good that your lawn needs one last mow. Keeping it short now will allow it to come back full and lush once the warm weather arrives again.

Leaf removal

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, you probably have leaves covering your entire lawn right now. You may not realize it, but by covering your lawn, they actually hurt the grass. Therefore, by blocking sunlight and reducing evaporation of dew and rain, the grass can become diseased by fungus and mold. This is why they require removal.


Additionally, trimming shrubs, trees, and bushes plays two important roles. First, this is a great way to clean things up and improve the appearance of your property. Secondly, getting rid of long, brittle branches is an excellent way to be proactive before harsh weather makes them dangerous. Ice storms can cause branches to break off and act as damage-causing projectiles.


Mulch is something often overlooked by homeowners, but it is a vital component of a healthy landscape. This is particularly true in the winter, as it can help keep roots of plants and trees warm and healthy.

The Ideal Landscape Includes Outdoor-Living Elements

In addition to the greenery, there are other things you can do to improve your landscape this winter. By adding outdoor-living elements, you can enjoy spending time outside even when temperatures drop. Furthermore, with the right additions, you can turn your backyard into your own little oasis. These could include a:

You may also want to consider putting in some sort of water element. In fact, with a fountain or pond that includes a waterfall, you will never have to worry about the water freezing.

You Can Trust the Experts at Landscape Solutions & Design

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we understand the details that go into taking great care of a property. Homeowners all over North Carolina have trusted our certified experts with their landscaping for more than a decade. Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction, which is why we love getting reviews like this one from Laura:

“I wish all companies were as professional and friendly to work with. The pride and attention to detail in their work is a rarity in today’s world. These guys want to be partners for the long haul and understand referrals make or break a business. The completed job was bigger and better than I ever imagined and surpassed my expectations. I will continue to use this company and have already started sharing pictures and referring to friends. I appreciate the A++ experience and look forward to working together again.”

Whether your project includes some basic lawn care or a larger project, get in touch with Landscape Solutions & Design. For a free quote, just fill out our online contact form.