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Your Retaining Wall Can Be a Thing of Beauty!

Retaining wall (8)The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back soil between two elevations. Usually, materials used to make a retaining wall include stone, concrete, or other heavy materials. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we have the skills and experience to install any type of retaining wall your home needs. We can build a simple, straight concrete wall, a peaceful meandering garden edging, an intricate, decorative lawn border, and more.

Types of Retaining Wall

  •  Gravity. This commonly-used style of wall relies on the weight of its heavy materials to hold back the soil. Sometimes, landscapers build these to lean back toward the retained earth slightly to improve stability.
  •  Cantilevered. This type of wall is shaped like an inverted T and is usually made of steel-reinforced concrete or masonry. Because they distribute loads to a large footing, sometimes buttressed for even greater strength, they are very stable.
  •  Piling. Usually used in soft soil, this wall is anchored by long piles sunk deep into the earth. As long as the piles are strong, this style wall can resist a very high load.
  •  Anchored. These complex, heavy-duty walls rely on cables driven from the wall into the retained soil or rock and anchored there. Anchors can be used alone or to provide even more strength to any other style of wall.

Common Retaining Wall Issues

Our landscape architects are experts at identifying ground conditions that can cause pressure on retaining walls. If the pressure of the soil becomes too heavy for the wall, the structure often fails. We complete a thorough survey of your property’s features to identify potential problems and address them before they start.

  •  Soil behind a retaining wall has a natural tendency to shift downslope, creating pressure on the wall. The deeper the wall goes, the greater the pressure becomes.
  •  Groundwater can also create significant problems for retaining walls. When water saturates the soil held back by the wall, the pressure increases dramatically.
  •  A wall with an improperly constructed foundation can’t support the pressure that a correctly built one can handle. Our expert builders and landscapers don’t cut corners. We always build to the highest standards of safety and durability.

Trust Us with Your Project

Landscaping Solutions & Design are the premier landscapers and hardscapers for central North Carolina. We don’t just build quality retaining walls — we also perform a wide range of landscaping services. We provide all of the following, performed by landscaping experts with the industry’s top certifications:

  •  Landscape design
  • Hardscapes and patios
  • Lawn mowing and other maintenance
  • Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens
  •  Retaining walls
  •  Tree removal and more

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