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Flower Gardens in Residential Properties

Flower gardens, trees, shrubs and other plants are important elements in environmental design. When used as landscape materials they provide attractive foliage, flowers, fruit, and or bark, serve functional purposes and define space. Appropriately used flower gardens are one of the most significant landscape materials. They can define and organize your outdoor spaces for enjoyment by your family and guests.

Living in NC allows us a long outdoor living season. Homeowners are taking advantage of the property surrounding their homes. At Landscape Solutions & Design we are seeing more demand for hardscape areas. These may include such elements as water fountains, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens. People are spending more time entertaining outdoors to take advantage of the extra space and fresh air. They realize that the interior of their home stays clean when the party takes place outdoors! It is a much easier cleanup job after the guests leave. You will have no soiled carpets or messy kitchens to worry about.

In these outdoor entertaining and quiet, relaxing areas, there is one common element that makes the spot even more enjoyable…the addition of flower gardens. They can be anything from a focal point of one type of flower in one color to add drama, an organized, planned pattern of flower varieties and colors, or a large tract of perennial wild flowers that add beauty throughout many seasons.

These flower gardens will add a “decorating” element to your outdoor spaces, just as your artwork and furnishings decorate the interior of your home. They simply add to the ambiance of the area and create a relaxing mood for your guests.

Flower gardens add beauty to any landscape and are a key component of your landscaping projects. At Landscape Solutions & Design, our trained professionals will work with you to plan your flower gardens so that they will accent your outdoor spaces and make the property more beautiful for your family and your guests. We have the software to show you what your finished project will look like. You will enjoy deciding on the location and type of flower gardens that you want to add. Our experts will show you how to strategically place them to make your landscape as appealing as possible!