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Residential Lighting

Lake Norman Project Lighting
One well hidden secret within the landscape trade is how much difference outdoor residential lighting can make. For a relatively small investment, adding lighting to the grounds of your residence can really make the landscape pop. To ensure that you get the highest possible quality in lighting, we use Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting — American made and guaranteed for life. To view Vista’s wide selection of architectural and landscape lighting solutions, click here.

Here are some ideas for landscape lighting:

  • Work with residential lighting specialists who really know their trade. Look for people who can work with both elaborate and simple designs. For instance, our lighting specialists at Landscape Solutions & Design at Highpoint, NC, are certified at working with Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, one of the best lighting products on the market.
  • Try up lighting. As the name suggests up lighting is using light to achieve an upward light effect. This means securing a mounted light and tilting it upwards, focusing light on objects such as trees, gazebos or shrubs, basically any object standing higher within the landscape. The result of this illuminating effect can be quite stunning and dramatic.
  • Try down lighting. This is another gorgeous technique offering stunning lighting effects. You simply place a floodlight or spotlight somewhere high up (such as in a tree, on a pole or on a wall) and project the light downward. The result is a gorgeous moonlight beam effect across your garden, perfect for the upcoming spring months.
  • Shadow lighting. Similarly, when you have a large open area such as a wall behind the area you wish to light, placing a well light in front of an object such as a shrub or bush can create a pretty soft shadow in your garden.
  • Path lighting. Illuminating your path not only adds safety to your garden, the pools of light created around your walkway and surrounding garden can make your landscape extra stunning, even romantic.

Landscape Solutions & Design provides landscaping lighting services to homes and commercial properties in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and the Lake Norman region of NC. Call us for a consultation today.