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Retaining Walls-Residential-In the Piedmont Triad area of NC

Design and construction of retaining wall

Design and construction of retaining wall

The importance of retaining walls are frequently overlooked on uneven landscapes. Not many people realize that a space with varying elevations may become unstable in the immediate future. The soil is the main reason for this potential instability. The soil in these slope gradients is not compact like soil on flat grounds. Rather, it is loose and unstable.

Retaining walls are necessary to prevent destabilization of the area in the future. The property surrounding your home is part of your investment. You need to maintain the outdoor spaces with the same concern as you do the interior of your house. The land and the condition of the landscaping can enhance the value of your home, or detract from it. Since you want to eventually earn a return on your investment, it pays to keep your property in good, safe condition.

As a homeowner, you are aware of the more obvious elements on your property. You make sure that your trees and shrubs are trimmed; that your flowers are planted in areas where they add color and beauty to the overall property. You repair any cracks in your walkway and keep your deck in good repair.

What you may not realize, is that uneven ground or hilly areas may be potential trouble spots. Even, well-graded soil becomes compacted and stable, but these uneven areas are basically unstable. They can experience erosion after a heavy rain or when the grass is not kept in good condition. This unstable soil can then wash away and cause flooding and other damage to your property.

Retaining walls are the solution to this problem. They need to be constructed by experts–professionals with the experience and equipment to ensure that the walls are sufficiently anchored and built to stabilize the area.

The technicians at Landscape Solutions and Design have the expertise to design and construct retaining walls that will solve any potential problem area on your property.

Not only will the retaining walls that we build protect your property from damage, but we will design them in materials and styles that complement the style of your home. They will not appear as practical, mundane structures. They will enhance the appearance of the area. You may decide to add a nearby gazebo or a beautiful flower garden to create a new element in your outdoor space.

Whatever you need to enhance, protect or maintain your outdoor property, you need only make one phone call. Contact Landscape Solutions and Design for all of your outdoor solutions. No project is to large or too small for our experts to handle. We value your property and want to help you protect and increase your investment.