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Residential Sod Installation

Sod_installWe have all heard the expression, “It’s so boring, like watching grass grow!” Well, if you are considering planting a new lawn or attempting to breathe life back into those brown patches of dirt, you may just be spending the next few months after planting grass seed, literally watching grass grow…hopefully! It is a long process and dependent on so many factors, such as sunlight direction and time of day, rainfall or irrigation, fertilizing, aeration, choosing the correct type of grass for your location and your method of soil preparation.

Sod installation is the way to go if you don’t have the time to “watch grass grow.” You are basically paying for the time savings, during which someone else nurtured and worked on the development of the grass, so that you don’t have to.

Whether you are creating a new lawn or hoping to revitalize areas where your lawn is not doing well, sod is the fastest way to a lush, healthy, green carpet on your property. Another advantage of sod is that the grower has engineered the lawn to be resistant to disease and insects, so that saves you the worry that all of your work will be undone by a force of nature and you would have to go through the process again.

The experts at Landscape Solutions & Design can install sod on virtually any property, since our years of experience allow us to customize the soil and grass type depending on the location, sunlight direction, rainfall, climate and the intended use for the area. Will it receive heavy traffic, as part of a play area? Is it a lawn in an area with very low foot traffic? When expertly installed on suitably modified soil, in the proper sunlight conditions and where precise maintenance is provided, sod installation will become a valuable part of your landscape.

In ideal conditions, sod should be delivered within 24 hours of being cut and the sod installation should be performed the same day as the delivery. Since there is a lot of manual labor involved in soil preparation, drainage facilitation, and possible grading of the area, these tasks are best left to professionals. Our technicians know how to properly handle the preparation steps, the sod installation and the follow-up maintenance to ensure that your investment in the sod produces the lush lawn that you expect.

Our years of experience in central North Carolina have provided us with a depth of knowledge about the soil types, best variety of grasses and the drainage issues that we need to consider in order to fulfill your requirements for a great-looking, healthy lawn. Contact Landscape Solutions and Design for expert guidance and sod installation and you will reap the benefits for many years to come, including the increase in your property value!