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Residential Grading / New Construction

Grading in preparation for retaining wall

Grading in preparation for retaining wall

We provide professional residential grading for new construction projects and in preparation for landscape architecture plans.

Land grading includes reshaping the surface of the ground to match planned grades. The engineering plans must take into consideration many factors, when planning the exact grades to be created. These strategic grades are determined by our carefully designed engineering survey, evaluation, and layout.

There are some key benefits to residential grading before new construction, including providing more appropriate topography for homes, buildings, and other land uses. Grading also helps to regulate soil erosion, sedimentation and surface runoff, in the course of and after construction. One of the main considerations is the drainage issue. Water must not be allowed to accumulate near the foundation of buildings or in the area to be planted with grass, flowers or trees. Standing water can cause expensive problems due to soil erosion and the destruction of the root system, which will kill plants and trees. Water must always be channeled away from any foundations, to avoid seepage into the structure and eventual damage from flooding or small amounts of water inflow.

Grading is an important component of landscape design, building construction, aesthetic contouring of property surrounding a home and as a channel to direct drainage of storm water and irrigation runoff.

Our experienced engineers and graders can assist with your residential grading projects and provide the highest quality results for your construction requirements. We have operated in the central North Carolina area for many years and our satisfied customers are always available as references.

With large projects, such as these, you need to be sure that your contractors are reliable, insured and experienced. We will be around for many more years and pride ourselves on our high quality standards and our customer service.

Whether you are planning to develop a new lawn, create a major hardscape, such as an outdoor kitchen, build a retaining wall, a sidewalk or a new home altogether, we can do the grading necessary for your next project. Contact Landscape Solutions & Design for the best in reliable grading.