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Residential Drainage Systems

Water can cause a great deal of damage to your home as well as to your lawn. Water entering the home can ruin walls, carpet, other types of flooring and your furniture. Visible evidence of water damage in your home can cause a decline in the value of your home.

Standing water in your lawn can also do a lot of damage and it is best to avoid problems by planning ahead and installing good drainage systems. Soaking water can ruin the root system leading to weak grass and in some instances dead grass. Your flower beds and shrubs can be permanently damaged so that they have to be replaced and that is another expensive project.

In order to install drainage systems, we must first grade the land. This first step is important, so that we can drive the water away from your home and off of your lawn. Not only will it control the water runoff and the potential of large puddles forming, but it will also prevent soil erosion.

Our experts will check your entire property and make recommendations so that you will have properly graded and drained landscaping around your home. This will eliminate the worry every time there is a heavy rain, not to mention the potential damage to your home.

Another reason that drainage systems are so important is that water can build up around the foundation of your home and eventually begin to seep inside and do even more damage. Water is a powerful force and your home and property are your biggest investment. You need to protect the land and buildings from water damage that could cause much more expensive repair projects in the future, if neglected.

We can provide a free estimate of the work that our experts determine needs to be done on your property. Any time you have a flood inside the home or a buildup of water on your property, you need to take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Your property value can deteriorate quickly if there are visible signs of water damage to either the interior or exterior of your home. This can cause you to lose much more money than the cost of creating a solid drainage plan.

Our satisfied customers are in most areas of North Carolina and, as a local company with a major presence in both High Point and Lake Norman regions, we are reliable and pride ourselves on our high quality work and customer service.

Next time you have a home flood or see a lot of water buildup in your lawn, give us a call so we can install the appropriate drainage systems to protect your home and property. You shouldn’t have to worry every time you see the first raindrop!