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Protect Your Investment with Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

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Investing time and money in your landscaping can radically improve the appearance and appeal of your entire home.  Keeping your beautiful lawn and plants watered is essential to maintaining that beauty.  Automatic sprinkler systems allow homeowners to protect their investment by keeping their lawns well watered with very little effort.

One of the best features of an automatic sprinkler is that you can program it to water as often as you desire.  Once programmed, your system will automatically turn on and off according to the schedule you determine.  No more running out of time or putting off the watering until it is cooler.  Your lawn and plants will receive the water they need to thrive and grow and the best part is, you don’t have to do anything to make it happen.

An automatic sprinkler allows you to get the most out of your watering.  You can program it turn on in the evenings or early mornings when evaporation levels are lower.  These systems allow you to adjust watering times and frequency based on weather conditions and seasonal changes.  You can even set up your system so that areas that are sunny receive more water while shady areas receive less.  To prevent runoff, you can program your system to water for shorter periods of time, multiple times a day.

Homeowners appreciate the value that an automatic sprinkler system adds to their home.  These systems are considered an upgrade that will improve the value of your home and impress potential buyers.  Your green, plush lawn and healthy plants will improve your curb appeal as well.

Landscapes R Us installs automatic sprinkler systems in homes and business in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, and the Lake Norman region of NC.  We also provide landscaping and planting services to make your yard stand out.  Contact us to find out more.