Backyard Aquascaping Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

aquascaping ideas

backyard aquascaping ideasThe sound of moving water has a calming effect on the human brain. It may be why some homeowners are installing water features in their backyards. In addition to creating a relaxing retreat, a water garden can elevate your yard from “ho-hum” to “wow”. When you’re looking for a contractor to implement your backyard aquascaping ideas, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Benefits Of Adding A Water Feature

Aquascaping is the art of landscaping with a water feature. While the water feature is the focal point, plants, rocks, and other elements contribute to create a breathtaking space. Like many other aspects of landscaping, outdoor aquascaping adds unique qualities to your backyard:

  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Invites wildlife to your yard
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves air quality
  • Creates a beautiful outdoor space

Furthermore, one of the best benefits of outdoor aquascaping is the impact on mental health. Unfortunately, we can’t always remove all the anxiety and stresses of everyday life. Yet, we can engage in activities that alleviate some of the pressure of everyday life. Studies have shown that spending about 20 minutes a day outdoors provides health and well-being benefits. Creating a backyard oasis can help us achieve this goal.

Moreover, adding a water feature aids in the creation of negative ions. When water collides with itself, the droplets release these particles. Breathing in negative ions produces biochemical reactions that reduce depression and stress while boosting energy levels.

Aquascaping Your Backyard

Notably, people have built water gardens since ancient times. At first, civilizations used outdoor aquascaping to grow food and medicinal plants. As time went on, the wealthy created gardens reflecting beauty and opulence. During the Renaissance, European gardens included pools, cascades, and fountains. Today, you can choose a variety of water features to increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

1. Patio Pond

A tiny yard doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a water feature. Patio ponds are a complete water garden containing water, plants, and even a few fish.

2. Pondless Waterfall

The sound of moving water is soothing and the movement provides interest. As its name suggests, a pondless waterfall re-circulates water without a collection pond.

3. Ecosystem Pond

This small, shallow body of water creates a stunning focal point. Often, homeowners will incorporate a waterfall and add colorful fish.

4. Water And Fire Feature Combined

For a truly unique experience, you can combine a water and fire feature into one element. The flickering flames and flowing water are mesmerizing and relaxing

5. Fountains

A fountain is a natural focal point that draws the eye. From classic to contemporary style, the rhythmic sound of water is incredibly soothing.

6. Waterwall

Typically, this feature has water falling down an aesthetically pleasing wall. When paired with accent lighting, this element becomes even more eye-catching.

7. Rain curtain

A mesmerizing blend of artistry and tranquility, rain curtains are extremely versatile. Although typically installed with pools, homeowners are finding new and creative ways to use this water feature.

8. Stream

For a more natural-looking water feature, consider a stream. This feature gives you a mixture of trickling and gurgling water sounds. Sometimes, homeowners will combine this element with a pond.

Backyard Aquascaping Ideas To Consider

As you begin to sift through the possibilities, you need to think about a few particular aspects about your feature:

  • Location
  • Lighting
  • Water source
  • Seating
  • Plants
  • Aquatic life

Often, these considerations intertwine with the type of feature you want to install. Of course, you’ll want some seating to relax and enjoy your feature. Furthermore, you may want some lighting for a dramatic effect.

Additionally, each feature creates a different water sound. Some will be gurgling and bubbling, others cascading or trickling. Plus, only some water elements provide a suitable environment for fish.

Of course, you’ll need to consider your pump options to circulate the water. While solar-powered pumps are economically friendly, some weather conditions can affect their performance. However, electrical pumps have higher upfront and operational costs.

FAQs About Bringing Your Backyard Aquascaping Ideas To Life

Thinking how nice your backyard would be with a beautiful, backyard aquascape design, but have some questions? Below, we answer a few commonly asked ones.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Water Feature?

Typically, requirements for building permits vary from town to town and by the scope of the project. If your plans need a building permit, we will help you with this process.

What Will Outdoor Aquascaping Design Cost?

Costs vary considerably depending on the project scope, materials, and size. However, we offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your ideas and budget. After talking with you and viewing your property, we’ll design the perfect aquascape project for you.

Moreover, we offer financing through Greensky®. The application process is quick and paperless and you can choose from deferred interest or budget-friendly options.

Who Can Build My Outdoor Aquascape Project?

Often, your backyard is an extremely personal space. When hiring a landscaper, you want the design to reflect your personal aesthetics. Moreover, the quality of the plan and construction can greatly impact the value and enjoyment of your backyard.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has over 45 years of combined experience to create the perfect backyard paradise for you. Our attention to detail, passion for each job, and desire to exceed your expectations separate us from other landscapers.

Your backyard paradise is just a phone call away! Call us at 336-442-0160 to discuss your backyard aquascaping ideas.

Our Favorite Backyard Waterfall Designs for Every Budget

Backyard Waterfall Designs

Backyard Waterfall Designs Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we love creating backyard oases for our clients. One of the best ways to turn a boring backyard into a showstopper is to install a water feature. They create a huge splash (pun intended!) without breaking the bank. We have backyard waterfall designs to fit every budget and style, and would love to speak with you about your waterfall project.



Types of Backyard Water Features

Most people who want a backyard water feature think of either a pond or a traditional waterfall. However, there are many options you can consider outside of the norm. Here are a few of our favorite residential water features you can consider:

  • Pondless waterfalls – these are great to save space of if you don’t want to maintain a large pond. The waterfall will disappear into rocks that look like a natural part of the environment. As an added bonus, pondless waterfalls can be safer for families in some cases.
  • Koi Ponds with Waterfalls – if you love fish and wildlife this is the way to go! That said, keep in mind there are special maintenance requirements for koi ponds, or any pond where you introduce fish.
  • Water Fountains – instead of a more natural waterfall, we can install a water fountain. These give your garden a totally different look, which is preferred by some homeowners.
  • Gentle Stream-like Waterfalls – Imagine enjoying your morning coffee beside a babbling brook. We can design gently sloping waterfalls that look similar to small streams, rather than the gushing waterfall you may be imagining.

If you can dream it, we can design it! Our 3D design tools allow you to see how any of these types of water features will look in your backyard. That way, you can be sure you love it before we start building. Learn more about the types of landscape waterfalls here.

Benefits to Installing a Waterfall

Waterfalls don’t just look beautiful. There are actually a number of advantages to installing a waterfall. Here are our top three favorite benefits:

  1. Attract wildlife. Yards that are just large swaths of grass are actually not great for the environment. Adding a waterfall, along with native plants, can attract wildlife like birds and pollinators, which promotes a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Melt your stress away. Today’s world can be filled with stress, which is the understatement of the year. Work, family obligations, and more can all contribute to stress, which in turn can lead to heart disease, anxiety and depression, diabetes, sleep problems, obesity, and a host of other health concerns, according to Mayo Clinic. The natural sounds of a waterfall can help you relax. Add some comfortable patio furniture to your patio, and take some time for you.
  3. Add value to your home. People love outdoor living spaces. Adding a backyard waterfall can help increase your home value, as well as helping it sell faster. It will certainly be a strong selling point as potential buyers tour your home! Even if you are not considering selling anytime soon, our waterfalls are built to stand the test of time with proper maintenance. (Yes, we can help with maintenance too!)

Check out this article for more information about the benefits of backyard waterfall designs.

Maintaining Your Backyard Waterfall

As noted, you can hire us for all your monthly maintenance needs, including maintaining your backyard waterfall. That said, it is always beneficial to know the basics, in case you want to do it yourself.

Some water features are easier to maintain than others. However, basic maintenance of almost all water features require two things:

  1. Filtering out debris
  2. Maintaining water levels

Almost all waterfalls and other water features have some kind of debris basket inside a skimmer. The debris basket collects large items that may fall into your waterfall, preventing them from clogging the pump. You’ll need to empty it regularly to clear out any leaves, twigs, dead bugs, or other debris that falls into the water. Most water features also have some kind of finer filter to collect smaller particles and dirt that flow through the basket. These mats last a few years, but will need replacement if they get too dirty or if you start to see tears.

Waterfalls can lose water over time. Our systems work with the natural environment, but we can sometimes experience very hot weather and little rain. When this happens, you may need to add water. We’ll show you how high the water levels should be, so you can make sure to maintain it even between our visits.

Knowing the proper level also means you’ll notice leaks. Even though our work stands the test of time, as shown by our numerous 5-star reviews, leaks can happen as the ground settles or if plants’ roots grow in the wrong places. If you catch them early, waterfall leaks are typically pretty easy to repair by using more soil or rocks and removing certain plants.

FAQs about Backyard Waterfall Designs

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about building a waterfall. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

Is my backyard big enough for a waterfall?

Yes! Even if you have a small backyard, we can make it work with a pondless design or a small water fountain. You don’t need acres of land to have a beautiful waterfall.

How do you make a waterfall look natural?

We use plants and rocks to create a look that feels natural, if that’s the style you want. Before we start the build, we’ll show you backyard waterfall designs using our unique 3D programs, so you know exactly what it will look like with your landscaping.

Is adding a waterfall expensive?

We work with all budgets! During our initial consultation, we’ll talk about waterfalls at different price points so you can choose what is most comfortable for you. Click here to contact us today to set up a no-obligation meeting.

Backyard Garden Fountain Ideas You Need to Know About!

backyard garden fountain ideas

backyard garden fountain ideasFountains have long served as a focal point for outdoor spaces. Historians and archeologists date fountains back to 3,000 B.C. during Mesopotamia times. Greeks and Romans also utilized them heavily in their outdoor architecture. Since then, the popularity of fountains has only grown. Today, many homeowners and business owners utilize them in their backyards or commercial spaces. If you are interested in finding out some backyard garden fountain ideas, then this Landscape Solutions and Design blog is for you!

We will talk about all the ways someone can utilize a backyard fountain and answer some questions you might have. Still have questions or ready for your very own backyard garden fountain? Call us today at 336-442-0160 and we are ready to assist. You can also complete our simple contact form to request a free quote.

Backyard Garden Fountain Ideas Galore!

First, you should consider why you want to add a garden fountain to your outdoor oasis.

Benefits of a Garden Fountain

There are numerous benefits to adding a fountain to your backyard. A few include:

  • Health benefits of seeing and hearing water
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Potential home for fish
  • Unique outdoor living feature
  • Spruces up and compliments your other landscaping features
  • Relaxing addition for a true outdoor oasis

Now, that you’ve learned some of the benefits a fountain provides, we want to discuss the different types of garden fountain options.

Type of Water Flow

When you choose water elements for your landscaping, you have five different options for water flow. Those are:

  1. Cascading – this is commonly what is thought of when it comes to imagining water in fountains. It cascades down from a higher level or tier.
  2. Pouring – this consists of a larger flow of water within your fountain. Similar to cascading it drops down from a higher level or tier, sometimes multiple levels/tiers.
  3. Raining – this effect is created by dropping water down higher from a structure, like a tower of sorts. As the name suggests it sounds like rain.
  4. Bubbling – this is a smaller flow of water coming out of the fountain and tends to be quieter.
  5. Running smooth – this effect is created by letting water flow down an object, such as an urn. It creates more of a trickle noise instead of some of the louder fountains.

Once you decide what type of water flow you want, there are two more decisions to make – design and location.

Garden Fountain Design

The type of water flow will begin to point you in the right direction of what design you want for your garden fountain. However, there are a few other design items to consider, such as:

  • Materials
  • Adding stones
  • Area surrounding the fountain

Each of these elements listed above play a crucial role in the design of your backyard fountain.


Finally, you need to decide where to place the garden fountain in your backyard. There are three ways to view where to place the fountain.

  1. Centerpiece – will the fountain be the focal point of your backyard oasis?
  2. Accent – will the fountain be along the sidelines and an accent point in your landscaping?
  3. Destination – will you be creating a pathway that leads to the fountain as its own landscaping element to visit?

Frequently Asked Questions on Backyard Fountains

While we discussed numerous aspects of backyard fountains in our blog above, we understand you might still have questions. Therefore, we put together a quick FAQ section on some commonly asked questions pertaining to garden fountains. Ready for a quote or need further assistance? Simply, call us at 336-442-0160 and we will prepare a free, no-obligation quote for your unique landscaping needs.

Are garden fountains hard to maintain?

The biggest maintenance need of fountains is ensuring they have proper water supply. If you select a skilled landscape designer and installer, like Landscape Solutions and Design, we will take that into account. We want to ensure your garden fountain is beautiful, but not extremely hard to maintain. Some ways we do this is helping you select a fountain that fits your needs and ensuring it has easy access to the necessary water supply.

How do you make a garden waterfall?

Backyard garden waterfalls and fountains are complex landscaping design elements. Therefore, while DIY might sound tempting, we highly recommend you consider hiring a professional. They ensure it is designed and installed properly. There are many complexities to water landscaping features, such as these components or needs:

  • PVC conduit
  • Pump access
  • Electrical access
  • Pumps & valves

Our team at Landscape Design Solutions ensures all these complexities are managed properly for smooth installation and use.

What is the cost to design and install a backyard garden fountain?

As with most of our landscaping services, there is no one-set cost for any landscaping element we provide. This holds true to backyard garden fountains. Some factors that impact pricing include:

  • Materials
  • Design complexity
  • Type of fountain
  • Electrical and water access
  • Other landscaping components desired

Once you call us or request a quote online, we will create a custom quote just for your unique needs. We service the entire Piedmont Triad as well as Lake Norman and Charlotte areas.

Landscape Solutions & Design Will Create Your Perfect Backyard Garden Fountain!

Now that you’ve learned so many backyard garden fountain ideas in our latest blog, are you ready to create your dream fountain? We are ready to help you make that dream a reality. Call Landscape Solutions and Design today at 336-442-0160 to request a free, no-obligation quote. Let us help you create a beautiful water feature for your backyard!

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram! We post tons of landscaping inspiration there, including some of our very own backyard fountain projects.

Backyard Designers Near Me Guarantee Professional Results

backyard designers near me

backyard designers near meUndoubtedly, the pandemic fueled many growing trends. One of the most popular trends has been expanding outdoor living space and backyard renovation. With homeowners spending more time at home, they realized their yard needed to be more than just lush turf. Yet, tackling outdoor projects without a cohesive plan may yield less than your intended and desired outcome. When searching for professional backyard designers near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


The Landscaper’s Plan

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.

– Yogi Berra

Unfortunately, most homeowners start remodeling their yard by taking a trip to their local nursery. Often, they buy a few visually appealing plants. Then, after planting them in their yard, they wait for something amazing to happen.

Usually, homeowners who do this end up with a haphazard assortment of plantings without any cohesion. Sometimes, the plants they’ve chosen don’t do well in their new home. Poor soil or inadequate sun or shade may even cause them to die.

That’s why every great backyard design begins with a plan. A landscaper’s design plan is much more than a pretty picture. Just as you wouldn’t build a home without architectural drawings, you shouldn’t begin a landscaping design project without a plan.

What The Landscape Designer Considers When Making A Plan

Often, many DIYers and YouTubers make backyard garden design seem easy. Follow their suggestions and you’ll end up with paradise. So, armed with graph paper and pencil or a free online planning tool, homeowners attempt to transform their yard.

However, the difference between professional backyard designers and a DIYer is striking. Professionals take into consideration many characteristics of your land, some of which you may not have considered:

  • Topography
  • Soil
  • Sun
  • Intended use
  • Wind
  • Visual regulating lines
  • Water drainage issues
  • Plant characteristics

Before a landscaping company can begin work on your design, the contractor must first assess your site. During the visit, the landscaper will determine the soil quality and health of existing plants. Plus, they’ll note the sun and shade at different times of the day.

Additionally, your landscaper will discuss how you want to use the land. Are you planning on entertaining and want a patio or an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you’d prefer a quiet relaxing retreat with a water or fire feature?

Afterwards, your landscaper will develop a plan using all the possibilities and opportunities your property has to offer. The result will be a stunning area suited perfectly to your needs.

3D Rendering Vs. Flat 2d Drawing

Generally, most landscape companies present you with a drawing of the plan of the intended remodeling. This flat 2D drawing shows the dimensions and the location of existing and proposed structures and plants.

However, for many homeowners, it can be difficult to visualize the finished project from a depthless rendering. Plus, you’ll be looking at your design from a single viewpoint.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. understands your frustration. That’s why we employ technology that allows you to view your remodeling in 3D. With our rendering, you’ll get a realistic look at what your backyard design will look like:

  • See the design from multiple viewpoints
  • View the design from any time of day showing both natural and artificial lighting
  • Look at plants at their maturity
  • Observe the texture and colors of the plants and materials

Backyard Designers Near Me – FAQs

Most people want a home with a big backyard for relaxing, entertaining, or playing. Yet, most homeowners usually find their backyard inadequately suited to their needs. However, when searching for landscaping services, you’ll find many backyard designers near me. To help you find the right landscaper to remodel your backyard, we’ve answered a few questions.

How Much Does A Backyard Designer Cost?

Understandably, homeowners want to know the upfront cost before beginning any project. Yet, even just a small project will require the landscaper to assess your site. The area needing remodeling may be difficult to access, need extensive clearing, or have drainage issues. Moreover, the size, scope, and materials you choose will directly impact your price.

That’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your planned use and budget. After assessing your land, we’ll develop a plan that fits your needs and financing.

How Do You Find A Landscaper?

Usually, finding any type of professional, including a landscaper, has a process. First, consider your requirements to limit your search. Do you need someone to rejuvenate your lawn? Or someone skilled at installing hardscaping elements?

Next, look at online reviews and ask for references. If possible, visit some homes where the landscaping company has done previous work.

While price is an important consideration, good communication skills are crucial. Having trouble talking over your plans or feeling uncomfortable with your contractor, can result in a frustrating experience. Your landscaper should be patient and willing to work with your ideas while bringing their own creativity.

Why Choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.?

Since 2005, we’ve been serving both commercial and residential properties in the greater Piedmont Triad area. Our design specialists have a combined 45 years of experience to transform your property into a breathtaking space.

As a full-service landscaping company, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can handle all your outdoor needs:

  • Lawn care
  • Grading
  • Sod installation
  • Water features
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire features
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • And more!

Warmer weather is not far off! Don’t put off what you’ve been dreaming about for years. Book an appointment for your free no-obligation consultation today by using our easy online form.

Are Outdoor Water Features Good for Your Backyard?

outdoor water features

outdoor water featuresMany homeowners choose to add outdoor water features to their backyard for purely aesthetic reasons. However, did you know there are other benefits to adding a fountain, backyard pond, waterfall, or other water feature? Our team here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. has experience installing a variety of different types of water features. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you may want to install one in your backyard.


Attract Wildlife to Your Backyard

Birds, frogs, dragonflies, rabbits, butterflies, squirrels, and a number of other animals love water sources. Depending on where you live, a water feature might even attract lesser-seen animals like deer and fox. If you choose to add a pond, you can even add koi fish or other types of fish.

Imagine sitting on your deck or sunroom and watching birds taking a bath in your fountain or a squirrel enjoying a drink from your pond. Backyard animals are typically great for the environment, and can help control pests.

Birds especially love backyard water features. Many species eat a variety of bugs and other pests. Here are some more tips if you want to attract more birds to your garden.

Add Water-Loving Plants to Your Garden

Here in North Carolina, we typically get enough rain to satisfy most plants you might want in your yard. That said, every backyard is different. If your yard gets a lot of sun or the grading drains the water away, you might want a water feature to add some extra water to your yard.

When installed properly, water features can actually be very water-efficient. They recycle the water and require few chemicals, if any, to maintain water quality. Unlike a pool or hot tub, you don’t have to constantly check the chemical levels. Backyard ponds and stream-like fountains are especially good for plants. Once we install your water feature, you can plant water-loving plants around it. We can also help with the landscape design if you don’t enjoy gardening.

Keep in mind that if your backyard is dry, we can also install irrigation. We can install a drop irrigation system, sprinklers, soaker hose systems, and more. Additionally, we can grade your backyard if needed and build any necessary retaining walls in order to ensure water is draining properly.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere for your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor water features don’t just look pretty. They can also create a relaxing atmosphere. The sound of trickling water can help reduce stress and boost positive emotions. Other natural sounds, such as birds singing and the sound of rain, can also have mental health benefits.

If you’re interested in the sound, we recommend a waterfall, fountain, or other feature that includes running water, rather than a pond. Underwater pumps are actually relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Setting up a new pump is the hardest part. We’ll install the pump so it helps the water flow perfectly. Then, it is simply a matter of keeping the intake area free from leaves and other debris.

We can help with leaf clean-up and other landscape maintenance if this is a chore you don’t enjoy. Our team of landscape professionals has experience with lawn maintenance during all seasons. Click here to learn more about our landscape maintenance services.

FAQs About Outdoor Water Features

We would love to speak with you about installing an outdoor fountain, backyard pond, water wall, or other type of outdoor water feature. We can also help with other landscape projects such as outdoor kitchens, paver patios, and other hardscapes. If you have questions about any of our services, we’d love to answer them. Here are a few of the most common queries we hear about outdoor water features.

What types of outdoor water fountains should I consider?

Water fountains are one of the most common types of features we install. We have installed classic water fountains like you’d see at most parks. However, we also install more modern water fountains that blend into the natural environment. These look similar to streams, even if your property doesn’t have a natural water source. Additionally, we can install a modern water wall, which is a great option if you don’t have much space or have concerns about small children near a larger fountain.

Is it expensive to install a water feature?

We work with all budgets. During our consultation, we’ll speak about your expenses and expectations. Our water feature recommendations and designs will fit within your budget, and we always ensure we stick to our quote. You won’t get a surprise bill at the end of the project.

How do I know that I’ll like the look of my new water feature?

It can be hard to visualize how a water feature will look in your backyard, even with our detailed design drawings. So, we have the latest in 3D design software, which allows you to look at your new backyard as though it already exists. Our software will show you lighting, flowing water, realistic plants, and even birds, pets, and people. This allows us to be completely sure that we’re on the same page about your landscape. It’s much easier to make changes during the design phase than it is to make changes after construction has already started.

Are you ready to see what kind of water feature we can install in your backyard? Contact us today for a no-obligation initial meeting where we can discuss your ideas and talk about the possibilities and give you a free quote.

Our Top Landscape Waterfall Ideas for Homeowners in NC

landscape waterfall ideas

landscape waterfall ideasHave you been thinking about ways to improve your backyard? Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we love installing beautiful water features, including backyard waterfalls. With our help, you can make even a small backyard feel like a resort. These landscape waterfall ideas will get you started; contact us today to learn even more about residential water features.

Most importantly, we can work with backyards of multiple sizes and shapes. If you’re worried that your backyard is too small or too sloped, we have solutions! In fact, we love the challenge of creating a phenomenal backyard oasis suited perfectly to you and your area.

Save Space with a Pondless Waterfall

Before we go any further, let us assure you that you do have space for a waterfall in most cases. Even if your backyard is very small, there are pondless waterfall options. Usually, a waterfall needs some kind of basin – most typically a pond – to collect and recirculate the water. With a pondless waterfall (also called a disappearing waterfall), the water ends in a bed of rocks, disguised to look like a natural part of your garden.

Not only do pondless waterfalls save space, but they are also safer if you have young children or pets. With a pond, you also have to maintain an ecosystem. So, pondless waterfalls are typically much more low-maintenance.

We also offer both pondless waterfalls and waterfalls that end in a pond. If you love the natural look of a pond and have the space for it, we can certainly design a waterfall you’ll love. However, we wanted to let you know that pondless is an option, since so many homeowners never consider waterfalls due to the space, safety, and maintenance concerns that come with a pond. For more ideas on design, give us a call at (336) 442-0160.

Adding Koi Fish to Your Waterfall Pond

If you are choosing a waterfall with a pond, koi fish are a beautiful and fun addition. Waterfalls are actually great for koi because they need well-oxygenated water. That said, koi aren’t right for everyone. Keep in mind that although they are an outdoor pet, they need proper care to survive and thrive.

For a koi pond, you’ll need to make sure you have enough water. The pond needs to be deep enough for them to stay warm during the winter. It also needs to have enough water for the size and number of koi you have. The rule to follow is 1 inch of fish per ten gallons of water, keeping in mind that the average koi is around 21 inches long, so you’ll need at least 210 gallons per fish. They prefer company, so make sure you have the space to accommodate at least a few fish in your koi pond.

Remember, this is a commitment to a pet. Koi can live 25+ years, and they need feeding and a filtration system. You may also need netting or other devices to stop predators such as birds. This website has more information about koi ponds, which we highly recommend reading before you choose this option. Like with all pets, they can be a lovely addition to your family, but they do require extra work.

Consider Landscape Waterfall Ideas that Fit Your Home’s Style

When someone says “waterfall,” you probably have an immediate image in your head. However, backyard waterfalls come in a wide range of styles. If you want something that looks like a natural babbling brook, we can build a gentle waterfall with stones and plants. On the other hand, if you have more of a modern style, we can design a seek waterfall.

Our company has experience helping homeowners with a wide range of landscaping projects, including waterfalls. Our goal is to help you create a backyard oasis that perfectly fits your style. Even if you have something less traditional in mind, we can help. Take a look at some of our past projects to see some examples of what we can do for you.

We build our waterfalls based on each individual customer’s needs. Before we design your new water feature, we’ll sit down with you for a free consultation.

FAQs about Residential Backyard Waterfalls

If you’re consider a backyard waterfall, here are a few frequently asked questions you might have about your new water feature.

How much does it cost to build a backyard waterfall?

The cost of your new waterfall will depend on the size and scope of the project. We recommend starting by setting a budget. Then, during our initial consultation, we’ll talk about landscape waterfall ideas that fit within the budget you give us. You don’t get a surprise bill at the end of the project; you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay upfront.

Where should I place a waterfall?

There’s no one right or wrong answer. It depends on both the size of your yard/budget, as well as how much space you want to devote to the waterfall. Typically, people like to place waterfalls in a corner of their property or against a property line, but this might not be the best option for you. We’ll take a look at your property and design the best waterfall to meet your needs.

Can you handle other landscaping needs?

Yes! We handle a wide range of landscaping design and maintenance services. This includes hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, retaining walls, paver patios, fire features, and more. We can also take care of your normal maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizing, seeding, mulching, tree trimming, fall leaf clean-up, snow removal, and more. You can learn more about our maintenance services here.

Are you ready to talk more about adding a waterfall or other landscape features? We’d love to hear from you to talk about your style and needs. You can click here to contact us for a free quote. Additionally, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram if you want to see more of our work.

Hardscapes Winston Salem Home and Business Owners Love

hardscapes winston

hardscapes winstonA well-designed and crafted hardscape adds a completely different aesthetic and useful appeal to a yard that landscaping alone simply does not offer homeowners or business owners. Not sure what the difference is between hardscaping and landscaping? Do not worry, you are not alone! Our latest blog at Landscape Solutions and Design discusses the difference as well as showcases hardscapes Winston homeowners and business owners love. If you would like a free quote or to learn more about the stunning hardscapes we create, call us today at 336-442-0160 or complete our simple contact form.

Hardscapes Winston Homeowners and Business Owners Love

Landscaping is simply creating and maintaining the living aspects of your residential or commercial yard. That includes all the grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and any necessary lawn care and maintenance. In contrast, hardscaping is creating those non-living aspects of your yard that typically involve stonework. This could be anything from a paver patio to an outdoor kitchen.

In our many years of hardscaping we have discovered some of the more popular types of hardscapes. Those include:

  1. Patio
  2. Outdoor kitchen
  3. Retaining wall
  4. Water features
  5. Pavers
  6. Outdoor fireplace
  7. Fire pit

Each hardscape provides a different benefit and use. The first factor in deciding which hardscape is best for you is breaking it down into residential versus commercial.

Commercial Hardscaping

If you own a business, the exterior is the first impression your customers or clients will have of your business. Therefore, you want it to look beautiful! Hardscapes are a great way to obtain a sleek and stunning look outside of your business.

Many business owners consider adding hardscapes along with landscapes for an overall impressive appeal. Common hardscape choices to increase curb appeal among Winston businesses include:

  • Pavers
  • Patio spaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Unique walkway

Several restaurants also vamp up their patio spaces with fire pits to encourage outdoor dining when it is a little chillier outside. At Landscape Solutions, we also offer numerous commercial landscaping services.

Residential Hardscapes

Outdoor living continues to be an increasingly popular trend among North Carolina residents. In that vein, hardscapes provide ways to create an outdoor living space that is perfect for creating your own backyard oasis.

Al Fresco Dining

Eating outside is extremely popular in the Piedmont Triad area due to our relatively mild climate. This means we often get requests for outdoor kitchens, outdoor grills, and outdoor fireplaces. Each provides a wonderful way to make meals outside. If you add on a patio, then you also have the perfect space to enjoy your culinary labors outside.

Calming Water

The sound of water or merely looking at water provides a serenity that not many other things do. That is one of the many benefits provided by adding a water feature in your yard. One popular choice is backyard waterfalls. There are hardscapes available for both pondless waterfalls and those with a pond. No matter which you chose it is certain to provide a calming sanctuary right in your own yard.

Crackling Fire Pits

A final common hardscape request is a fire pit. Nothing beats the sound of listening to a crackling fire. Plus, it is a great way to provide warmth when hanging outside with family and friends. The entire family will enjoy making fun memories toasting smores around the fire pit.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hardscapes

Like any other building service, it is common to ask an abundance of questions before adding on a hardscape of any kind to your home or business. Below are the most frequent inquiries we hear regarding hardscapes.

How will I know what the hardscape will look like?

We now utilize 3D designs that show you what the hardscape or landscape design will look like right on your property. Additionally, we work closely with you to decide everything from materials to placement. We discuss all those details thoroughly with every client. These discussions provide a great way to understand the design before it is completed.

What will my hardscape design and installation cost?

Every single hardscape design we create and install is unique. Therefore, we do not have one set price for each type of hardscape. The cost is dependent on various factors, including:

  • Materials (for instance, natural stone costs more than concrete)
  • Scope of project
  • Design time and type (for example, our 3D designs cost a different fee)
  • Installation time

These are only a few variables to consider when determining hardscape prices. At the beginning of each project, we provide a detailed quote based on your needs and budget.

How long will it take to create my hardscape?

Like price, there is no one answer to this question. It is dependent on just as many variables as price. At the start of your project, we will discuss a timeline specific to your project and set tentative project completion dates.

Get Started on Your Dream Hardscape Today!

If you are looking for a way to create an outdoor space in your yard that is beautiful and usable, then hardscapes are the perfect option for you! Give us a call today at 336-442-0160 to request a free quote and discuss your hardscape Winston residential or commercial needs in-depth. We look forward to the chance to make your backyard oasis a reality!

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What to Look For When Searching Hardscapes Near Me

waterfall designs

hardscapes near meIf you are on the hunt for hardscapes near me contractors and ideas, Landscape Solutions & Design has you covered in our latest blog. We discuss everything you should look for in the person designing and constructing your hardscape to all the various hardscape options that are available. You want to ensure you hire someone you have complete confidence in to design an outdoor living space you and your family will love for years to come. There are so many hardscape choices, that you might feel overwhelmed. In our blog below, we break all those down and provide the benefits of each. Still have questions? Don’t fret, simply give us a call at 336-442-0160 and we are happy to answer any questions!

Hardscapes Near Me – Who to Hire and What to Build?

There are two questions you should ask yourself when deciding on hardscapes for your home. Those questions are:

  1. What contractor is the best fit?
  2. Which hardscapes are right for you?

Hardscape Contractors

Let us start with question one… what contractor is the best fit? You want to hire someone to design and build your hardscapes that provides the following benefits:

  • Superior materials
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Third-party verification

These items listed above are crucial to consider when hiring a hardscapes contractor. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we are happy to share that we excel in all four of these points.

Superior Materials

You need to hire someone that understands which materials work best with the hardscape you want. For instance, they can let you know if pavers are a better choice than stone, or vice versa, depending on which hardscape you want. Experienced contractors also fully understand your budget and will select materials that fit within that budget, but do not impact quality. Our experienced team at Landscape Solutions always works closely with our clients to choose materials that are optimal for the client and their hardscape needs.

Excellent Customer Service

It is important to work with a team who is not only responsive, but professional in those responses. You need a professional that listens to your needs and wants, to create the hardscape you are envisioning. At Landscape Solutions, our customers are always our top priority. We always listen to our clients needs to design and construct hardscapes they absolutely adore.

Competitive Prices

You will want a hardscape contractor that offers competitive prices. In one sense you do not want someone priced so low the hardscape is poorly constructed. On the other hand, you also do not want to pay ‘an arm and a leg’ either. Landscape Solutions is proud to offer competitive pricing with all our hardscape and landscape services.

Third-party Verification

Just like any other service, it is always important to read past online reviews of the business. This gives you great third-party verification on the services they provide.

We are proud of our stellar customer reviews at Landscape Solutions. Below is a recent review from a satisfied client who we recently worked with on a variety of services.

I am a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. So, when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one-stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it!

To read more of our reviews visit this page.

Hardscape Options

Moving on to question two… Which hardscapes are right for you? There are numerous hardscape options to consider. Therefore, the process of choosing one or more can feel overwhelming.

Here are the top five main hardscape choices.

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Patio
  3. Outdoor kitchen
  4. Sidewalks & Driveway
  5. Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
Retaining Walls

There are many reasons why retaining walls are beneficial. One of the biggest advantages is they keep slopes intact. Consequently, they prevent damaging runoffs from heavy rainstorms.


Paver patios are a great choice for creating a space to sit and enjoy your backyard. They provide a sturdy surface to walk on and set up furniture on. When completed by a professional, they also are stunning spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy cooking a meal outdoors. You have everything you need to make lunch or dinner right in your own backyard! Here are some amazing ideas to get your creative juices going on the possibilities an outdoor kitchen offers homeowners.

Sidewalks & Driveway

Sidewalks and driveways are essential, but often overlooked parts of your yard. These spaces are vital to maintaining car and pedestrian flow to and from your house. Just because they are essential, does not mean they have to be boring though. An experienced hardscape designer can talk you through all your options and how to make them visually appealing.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor living is an increasingly popular service requested in landscape design. People want to enjoy nature at home more than ever. In North Carolina, it can get chilly even on summer nights, so an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect solution for warmth. They are also an ideal way to roast marshmallows!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hardscapes

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding hardscapes. Still have questions? Simply, give us a call at 336-442-0160 and we are happy to answer those for you.

How much does hardscaping cost?

The scope of the project impacts the final price. For example, what materials you choose to use for your hardscape will change your final costs. However, at Landscape Solution we work with you to customize your project to your needs and budget.

What is the difference between hardscaping and landscaping?

Simply put, landscaping is all the ‘living’ services completed for your yard. Such as mowing or putting in planters. In contract, hardscaping is all the ‘non-living’ elements of your yard. For example, retaining walls or outdoor kitchens mentioned earlier in this blog.

How long will it take to complete my hardscape project?

Like cost, this is hard to determine without knowing the scope of your project. In our free price quotes, we provide more details on timelines once we know more about what your project will entail. Our team always works hard to stay on the timeline promised to our clients.

Ready to Create Your Ideal Hardscape?

Why wait any longer to have the backyard oasis of your dreams? At Landscape Solutions & Design, our experienced hardscape designers and contractors are ready to make this dream a reality for you. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to request a free price quote and get your hardscape project moving forward!

Create A Sensational Sanctuary With A Backyard Waterfall

backyard waterfall

backyard waterfallOur homes have always been an oasis where we can retreat from the world. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Americans to be at home more often. Working from home, online classes, and staycations are the new normal. This has spurred homeowners to undertake home improvement projects to create more usable space both indoor and outdoor. Consequently, homeowners continue to improve their backyards by installing elements such as a fireplace, backyard waterfall, or pergola.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can help you make the most of your yard. Since 2005, we have been designing, installing, and maintaining properties across North Carolina.

Water Features Are A Popular Design Element

Notably, water attracts human beings. Whether it’s the ocean or a waterfall, the sight and sound of moving water affect us deeply. Studies have shown that water produces neurochemicals in our brains promoting wellness, relaxation, and happiness. Additionally, time spent by the water can prevent depression and anxiety. By installing a waterfall in your backyard, you have easy access to these benefits.

Moreover, having a backyard waterfall has many other great benefits. First, your waterfall will attract birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other beneficial wildlife to your yard. Secondly, the sound of moving water is great at masking other unwanted noise. Finally, you’ll create a dramatic focal point that may increase your property value.

What Is the Best Type Of Waterfall?

One of the most popular types of backyard water features is the waterfall. Adding a waterfall can be an affordable way to add serenity and enjoyment to your yard. Furthermore, water features are fully customizable. Thus, we can create a waterfall design unique and perfectly suited to your surroundings.

Generally, you can choose from a formal or informal style. Typically, a formal waterfall incorporates patterns and symmetry. While an informal style has a rustic, wild design using only natural materials.

Also, you can opt for either a pond or a disappearing waterfall. Your choice depends upon your budget and yard size. Moreover, you’ll want to think about the safety of your water feature if you have small children.

Typically, a waterfall with a pond can create a microclimate helping to regulate temperatures. Comparatively, water warms and cools much slower than air. Depending on the outdoor temperature, your pond will stabilize the climate of the surrounding area. You can also add elegant Koi fish for added interest.

On the other hand, a disappearing waterfall offers less maintenance. This type of water feature has cascading water without a pond. The absence of a pond means it takes up less space in your yard. Furthermore, you can turn a disappearing waterfall off and on saving on electrical costs.

How Does A Backyard Waterfall Work?

Whichever type of waterfall you decide on, the basic system is the same. First, you need a basin for collecting water. For a waterfall with a pond, the falling water collects in the pond. While a disappearing waterfall has a collection basin located underneath the ground.

Next, you need a pump for recirculating the water. Pumps keep your pond healthy by distributing nutrients while cutting down on algae and mosquitoes. Many different types of pumps are available including submersibles, external, and magnetic drives.

Finally, a waterfall needs a spillway to create the tumbling water. While manufactured spillways exist, stones or rocks can also create a cascading structure.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Installing A Waterfall

As one of North Carolina’s premier landscapers, we receive many questions about transforming your backyard with a waterfall. Here are some of the most commonly asked ones.

What Is The Cost Of A Water Feature?

Your backyard water feature can be anything from a simple disappearing waterfall to a large elaborate pond with nighttime lighting. Additionally, you can choose from real stones, fiberglass, polished granite, concrete, and many other materials. Moreover, larger ponds will require more excavation than smaller ponds.

Rather than guessing at the cost, set a budget and make an appointment with Landscape Solutions. We offer a free consultation for every project. After viewing your yard, we’ll help you find the perfect solution. Moreover, we now offer financing options through Greensky. Our approval process is quick and paperless.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Water Feature?

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll go ahead and schedule your project. However, just as pricing depends upon design, so will the time frame for completion.

Of course, larger projects tend to take a bit longer. Plus, we have to contend with Mother Nature. However, if bad weather threatens to prolong your landscaping projects, we’ll keep you informed so there aren’t any surprises.

Why Hire A Professional Landscaper?

Undoubtedly, a beautiful waterfall can be a stunning focal point in your yard. Nonetheless, a poorly designed one can quickly create an eyesore. There’s a lot more to building a waterfall than digging a hole and laying some rocks.

First, you need to carefully consider the location of your water feature. Ideally, you want the water feature visible from wherever you normally sit in your yard. You may even want to see it from a window.

Moreover, without knowledge and experience of design principles, your waterfall may perform poorly. For example, a higher waterfall will produce more water sounds. Similarly, a taller water feature will also produce more splash resulting in a higher percentage of water loss. Furthermore, a bigger waterfall may dwarf your entire yard.

You can avoid disappointing results by hiring Landscape Solutions. Our design experts can create the water garden feature you’ve been dreaming about.

Can You Do Other Landscaping Projects?

Yes! Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company serving many parts of North Carolina. Since 2005, we’ve been providing a full spectrum of landscaping services:

Now is the time to improve your yard so that you can enjoy it all summer long! Call us at 336-442-0160 for your free no-obligation quote. Together, we’ll transform your backyard into an oasis of beauty.

Outdoor Living – Create Your Dream Backyard Today!

outdoor living

outdoor livingOutdoor living is the future of luxury lifestyles for most homeowners. Over the past year, most people have spent more time at home than in past. This especially includes their outdoor living spaces. An outdoor living space is so much more than just a backyard. The sky really is the limit as far as what you can build or include in an outdoor living space. We break down all the benefits and options of outdoor living in this blog.

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we are an experienced landscaping and hardscape specialist company ready to serve those who live in the Piedmont Triad. We love helping homeowners design and create outdoor living spaces they love. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to request a quote!

Unlimited Options for Outdoor Living Spaces

As we mentioned, designing an outdoor living space has few limits. Your plan can incorporate a multitude of landscaping features. A few popular choices include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Paver patios
  • Fire pits
  • Water features
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Pergolas

Outdoor Kitchens

Ultimately, outdoor kitchens are perfect spaces to prepare and enjoy any meal outside, whether as a family or with a group of friends. We love creating outdoor kitchens with custom stonework for an elegant design.

Paver Patios

A paver patio creates a unique and customizable ‘floor’ to any outdoor space. We will work closely with you to design a patio that utilizes materials you love that fit within your budget.

Fire Pits

Continually increasing in popularity, fire pits are a great addition to an outdoor living space. They allow homeowners to utilize the area even in colder weather. It is also a fun place to roast marshmallows!

Water Features

There are many ways to utilize water in outdoor living landscape plans. A few common ones include:

  • Pondless waterfall
  • Koi pond
  • Stream
  • Fountain

Water is not only aesthetically pleasing, but very relaxing. In fact, simply seeing water or listening to water running in a fountain or waterfall, provides numerous health benefits. This makes it the perfect outdoor living space addition.

Retaining Walls

An underrated landscaping feature, retaining walls are the perfect way to utilize and protect yards with slopes. Retaining walls protect your yard from nature’s powerful effects and look beautiful while doing so. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we utilize expert design techniques for walls that perform and last. We even have experience designing and building multi-level retaining walls.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace adds warmth to any outdoor living area on cool summer nights or breezy fall days. If you love movies, TV shows, or sports games, then add a television above the outdoor fireplace to create an ultimate outdoor entertainment destination.


Dating back to the mid-1600’s, Pergolas are continually increasing in popularity among homeowners. They are a wonderful way to add ambiance and shade to an outdoor area. People often use a pergola as coverage for outdoor kitchens.

Below are the most popular materials used to build pergolas.

  1. Pressure-treated lumber
  2. Cedar wood
  3. Vinyl
  4. Trex

Large Variety of Materials

Best of all, you can utilize an assortment of materials for all the outdoor living features and hardscapes discussed above. Some of the more common materials used are:

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Tiles
  • Cut stone

We only use the highest quality materials at Landscape Solutions & Design. Throughout the entire design process we work closely with you to discuss material options and work within your budget.

Outdoor Living Provides Major Benefits

One of the many reasons outdoor living spaces are gaining in popularity among homeowners are the numerous benefits they provide. Here are the top five major advantages:

  1. Increases a home’s value
  2. Allows for extra living space
  3. Idle place for family bonding and entertaining
  4. Time spent outdoors improves mental & physical health
  5. Space to enjoy nature at home

These are only a few of the benefits an outdoor living space provides. We work closely with you to customize and create an outdoor living space you absolutely love and could not live without!

Landscape Solutions & Design – The Piedmont Triad’s Ultimate Outdoor Living Specialists

Our goal is always to give our clients a project they envision that fits within their budget. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we always provide the following for our clients:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Professionalism throughout the entire process
  • Customized designs
  • Flawless construction
  • Skilled installation

We always listen closely to our clients from start to finish to ensure they are receiving the service they deserve.

Stellar Customer Reviews

Do not simply take our word for it. Below are a few of our recent online reviews from happy customers. These are clients we loved working with and enjoyed creating their ideal outdoor living space!

I am a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a fairly simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. So, when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one-stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it.”

“A big shout out to Kostas and his team for transforming our under deck and sloped yard into an area we just don’t want to leave anymore! From the retaining wall to the fireplace to the lighting and landscaping…all top notch! The guys who did the work were courteous, friendly, and hard working. Just a complete pleasure since the first time we met with Kostas to the final detail.”

“Top notch ability to design for your budget no matter how small or big the project. Beautiful work!”

Why Wait? Start Your Dream Outdoor Living Space Today!

Are you ready to design and create your dream outdoor living space? We are! Spring is here in North Carolina and it is the perfect time to get started on your project. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to request a quote and get your backyard oasis project moving forward. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles for inspiration!