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Now is the Time to Get the Right Landscaping in Greensboro

Commerical-LandscapingWith the temperatures dipping daily, you have probably given at least a little thought to getting your home ready for winter. There are a lot of things you should do both inside and outside your home. To make sure you stay nice and toasty regardless of the weather outside, it is important to take a look at your furnace in order to make sure it is working properly.

Your insulation is something else that should be addressed. As for the exterior, cleaning out gutters before we get too bombarded with snow and ice is always a good idea. In addition, there are other areas you do not want to forget about. Although things will not be growing much during the colder months, you should not neglect your landscaping.

Why is Landscaping in Greensboro Important during Fall?

If you want your landscaping to look great for the entire year, it needs to be maintained for the entire year. You will probably give it the most attention during spring and summer months, but you should not stop there. Fall is a very good time to aerate a lawn. If you are not familiar with this process, it basically involves poking holes over the entire lawn. This allows air to circulate, which is crucial for the growth of healthy roots. Aerating is also a great way to improve the penetration of nutrients and water.

While many people believe that a lawn only needs to be fertilized in the spring; that is just not true. To keep grass healthy, lawns should get the right fertilization in the fall as well. This will help keep it in great shape throughout the cold months. If your garden is starting to look a little shabby, now is when you should be getting it ready for the spring with proper pruning and weeding. Fall is also the right time to be mulching, which is an excellent way to keep plants and flowers healthy.

The Consequences of Neglecting Your Landscaping in Greensboro

While a lot of landscaping is cosmetic, it can also end up playing a role with safety. For example, do you have a dead tree in your yard with long branches overhanging your home or a neighbor’s? This is something that can cause a serious problem during bad weather. Once ice and/or snow accumulates on branches, the chance of them breaking goes up immensely. This is why they need to be taken care of sooner rather than later. You do not want to be woken up one night during a bad storm to the sound of a huge branch crashing down on your home.

If you want your home look to good throughout fall and into winter, you need the right landscaping in Greensboro, and Landscape Solutions & Design can provide it. No matter what your landscaping requires, whether it is basic maintenance or more involved work, our skilled technicians will provide you with the services you need…year-round.