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Lawn Care Services Winston Salem NC – Order “The Works”

Outdoor-Lighting-for-Retainer-WallsYard work is a major chore, especially in the hot summer months. Why not let someone else take care of it for you? Looking for a company who can maintain your property at a reasonable cost? The best value for lawn care services Winston Salem NC comes from Landscape Solutions & Design. As their reputation builds, so does their client base. Now serving 27 towns and cities in NC; they are thriving. And, a team of landscapers are ready to help you with your lawn maintenance and more.

Full Service Licensed Landscape Contractor

Some landscape companies focus on cutting grass, bushes, or hedges. Of course, this is important when maintaining anyone’s yard. However, lawn maintenance requires so much more than just cutting the grass and bushes. Landscape Solutions & Design knows and understands that!

Their routine maintenance plan includes those basics, certainly, but they also include so much more. From fertilizing to seeding, planting to trimming, they will take care of it all. Mulch, pine needles, aeration and flower gardens are just a few of their services.

Care that Lasts All Year Long

Spring and summer lawns require a lot of care and attention. So, when summer ends, some landscaping companies stop coming by to maintain your yard. However, with Landscape Solutions & Design, the care and attention doesn’t stop when summer is over. They work all year long at keeping your yard beautifully groomed.

In fact, in winter they are still there working for you. Some people believe yards need little work in winter, but that is not necessarily the case! There is a variety of winter services they handle, such as roof raking and sidewalk shoveling.

Commercial Property? No Problem!

When customers pass your business, they judge your business first by the lawn and landscaping. You want your first impression to be a good one!

Landscape Solutions & Design handles commercial property lawn maintenance as well. All of the services they provide to residential homes, they also provide for commercial property. Need flowers planted in a flower bed? Check! Need mulch? Check! Need the grass cut and the hedges trimmed? Check, check! They have you covered!

More Than Routine Maintenance

In addition, you may require an extensive landscaping project or want to change your outdoor area. Landscape Solutions & Design handles complete redesign of landscaping, too! They can design the perfect landscape for you. Looking to add an outdoor fire pit, patio or retaining wall? They can do it. Landscape Solutions & Design can even install outdoor lighting for residential or commercial areas.

When they create a design, it is easy to review it and make any changes ahead of time. Their cutting-edge software shows you the finished product before work even begins!

The Best Lawn Care Services Winston Salem NC

Anything you need for the outdoors, Landscape Solutions & Design has you covered. Check out their gallery to spark your imagination! Contact them for a free quote (336-442-0160) and get your yard on the road to beautification.