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Lawn Care Services Near Me For A Magnificent Looking Yard

lawn care services near mePeople passing by your home or business will make a judgment based on its appearance. Within the blink of an eye, someone will form an opinion of you. Hopefully, it’s a positive one. Yet, you can easily maintain a favorable impression with a beautifully landscaped yard. When searching for lawn care services near me with outstanding service, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

For homeowners, a neat and trim-looking yard adds value to the residence. While if you own a business, about 70% of first-time sales are the result of great curb appeal. However, maintaining a favorable appearance is time-consuming.

Consequently, using a landscape contractor to care for your lawn can free up your valuable time. Moreover, since 2005, home and business owners alike have trusted us to manage their landscaping needs. Hiring Landscape Solutions will allow you to focus on other important matters.

Why You Need A Lawn Car Service If You Have A Business

When you have a store, some of your success depends upon your image. If the exterior of your building is overgrown and unsightly, you’ll drive away some of your potential customers. However, a neatly manicured expanse with professionally landscaped grounds promotes an air of respectability and competency for your company.

Thus, hiring a landscaping company to maintain your exterior will radiate an image of dedication and professionalism. Nonetheless, not just any landscaping company will do. You need a reliable company to perform weekly maintenance on time. Plus, the landscaping contractor must have the necessary equipment to maintain a commercial property.

Of course, that’s where we excel. We have the education, experience, and equipment to handle any type of landscaping project. Grading, irrigation, lighting, walkways, or parking lots are some of the many landscaping features we can install. Plus, we’ll keep your property free of debris and neatly trimmed so you can focus on running your business.

What About My Residence?

Typically, American adults have very little free time between jobs, family, and household duties. Moreover, lawn care maintenance tasks can drain away any remaining free time. Not only must you mow the grass, but trim and edge as well for a well-kept appearance. Additionally, you’ll need to fertilize, weed, and aerate for healthy turf.

Unfortunately, most DIY landscapers lack the knowledge and experience for a truly beautiful lawn. Often, DIYers will waste money trying to find the right product. Using the wrong solution can further weaken and stress your grass. Moreover, many homeowners will overuse fertilizers and pesticides resulting in runoff into our waterways.

Consequently, excess nutrients from fertilizers can cause algae blooms. Some algae produce toxins harmful to fish, mammals, birds, and even people. Other less harmful algae remove oxygen from the water as it decomposes. These areas can’t support life becoming lifeless zones.

Instead, let Landscape Solutions & Design handle all your maintenance tasks. Our experienced team knows exactly the mixture and timing for a lush, green lawn. We can provide all the necessary services for a healthy, tidy yard. Plus, we can also prune your shrubs, remove debris, and mulch in garden beds.

FAQs Concerning Lawn Care Services Near Me

Undoubtedly, as you set out to find a lawn care service, you’ll have many questions. Here are some of our more commonly asked ones.

What Types Of Lawn Services Do You Provide?

Landscape Solutions offers maintenance services like mowing, trimming, and edging. Yet, we also provide lawn care services such as fertilizing, aerating, and seeding. Additionally, we can apply mulch, prune trees, and remove debris. Whatever your landscaping requirements, we can tailor a plan specifically for your needs.

Plus, we have our NC landscaper license along with several other important certifications. Therefore, you know you’re hiring one of the best landscapers when you use our services.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

Of course, maintaining a healthy, lush, neat-looking lawn requires many tasks. An unhealthy lawn may require more treatment. Then too, the size of your property and frequency of service will affect your price.

However, we recognize the need to stay within your budget. Consequently, we can adapt each plan to your individual needs. Rather than guess at the cost of a service plan, call us at 336-442-0160 for a free consultation.

What Areas Of North Carolina Do You Serve?

If you need lawn care services near me, you’ll want to hire Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Our crews serve the Piedmont Triad, Research Triangle Park, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Southern Pines, and many towns in between. We provide personalized, high-quality service for all your outdoor needs. In addition to lawn care services, we can design and install many outdoor structures:

  • Fireplace/firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Water features
  • Grading
  • Irrigation systems
  • Lighting
  • Pergolas
  • And more!

Moreover, to help you create the landscape of your dreams, we offer financing options through Greensky®. These affordable solutions include deferred interest promotions or unsecured loans with a fixed interested rate. With a quick and paperless application process, you don’t have to wait to begin your landscaping project.

Plus, our initial consultation is free. Our owner, Kostas Menegakis, personally meets with you to review your project and discuss your ideas. Furthermore, we have a high level of customer satisfaction due to our meticulousness, promptness, and concern for the environment.

Call us right now at 336-442-0160 to set up a schedule for your lawn care service. Not only will your yard look great, but you’ll have more time to enjoy it.