Lawn Care Services Near Me For A Magnificent Looking Yard

lawn care services near me

lawn care services near mePeople passing by your home or business will make a judgment based on its appearance. Within the blink of an eye, someone will form an opinion of you. Hopefully, it’s a positive one. Yet, you can easily maintain a favorable impression with a beautifully landscaped yard. When searching for lawn care services near me with outstanding service, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

For homeowners, a neat and trim-looking yard adds value to the residence. While if you own a business, about 70% of first-time sales are the result of great curb appeal. However, maintaining a favorable appearance is time-consuming.

Consequently, using a landscape contractor to care for your lawn can free up your valuable time. Moreover, since 2005, home and business owners alike have trusted us to manage their landscaping needs. Hiring Landscape Solutions will allow you to focus on other important matters.

Why You Need A Lawn Car Service If You Have A Business

When you have a store, some of your success depends upon your image. If the exterior of your building is overgrown and unsightly, you’ll drive away some of your potential customers. However, a neatly manicured expanse with professionally landscaped grounds promotes an air of respectability and competency for your company.

Thus, hiring a landscaping company to maintain your exterior will radiate an image of dedication and professionalism. Nonetheless, not just any landscaping company will do. You need a reliable company to perform weekly maintenance on time. Plus, the landscaping contractor must have the necessary equipment to maintain a commercial property.

Of course, that’s where we excel. We have the education, experience, and equipment to handle any type of landscaping project. Grading, irrigation, lighting, walkways, or parking lots are some of the many landscaping features we can install. Plus, we’ll keep your property free of debris and neatly trimmed so you can focus on running your business.

What About My Residence?

Typically, American adults have very little free time between jobs, family, and household duties. Moreover, lawn care maintenance tasks can drain away any remaining free time. Not only must you mow the grass, but trim and edge as well for a well-kept appearance. Additionally, you’ll need to fertilize, weed, and aerate for healthy turf.

Unfortunately, most DIY landscapers lack the knowledge and experience for a truly beautiful lawn. Often, DIYers will waste money trying to find the right product. Using the wrong solution can further weaken and stress your grass. Moreover, many homeowners will overuse fertilizers and pesticides resulting in runoff into our waterways.

Consequently, excess nutrients from fertilizers can cause algae blooms. Some algae produce toxins harmful to fish, mammals, birds, and even people. Other less harmful algae remove oxygen from the water as it decomposes. These areas can’t support life becoming lifeless zones.

Instead, let Landscape Solutions & Design handle all your maintenance tasks. Our experienced team knows exactly the mixture and timing for a lush, green lawn. We can provide all the necessary services for a healthy, tidy yard. Plus, we can also prune your shrubs, remove debris, and mulch in garden beds.

FAQs Concerning Lawn Care Services Near Me

Undoubtedly, as you set out to find a lawn care service, you’ll have many questions. Here are some of our more commonly asked ones.

What Types Of Lawn Services Do You Provide?

Landscape Solutions offers maintenance services like mowing, trimming, and edging. Yet, we also provide lawn care services such as fertilizing, aerating, and seeding. Additionally, we can apply mulch, prune trees, and remove debris. Whatever your landscaping requirements, we can tailor a plan specifically for your needs.

Plus, we have our NC landscaper license along with several other important certifications. Therefore, you know you’re hiring one of the best landscapers when you use our services.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

Of course, maintaining a healthy, lush, neat-looking lawn requires many tasks. An unhealthy lawn may require more treatment. Then too, the size of your property and frequency of service will affect your price.

However, we recognize the need to stay within your budget. Consequently, we can adapt each plan to your individual needs. Rather than guess at the cost of a service plan, call us at 336-442-0160 for a free consultation.

What Areas Of North Carolina Do You Serve?

If you need lawn care services near me, you’ll want to hire Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Our crews serve the Piedmont Triad, Research Triangle Park, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Southern Pines, and many towns in between. We provide personalized, high-quality service for all your outdoor needs. In addition to lawn care services, we can design and install many outdoor structures:

  • Fireplace/firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Water features
  • Grading
  • Irrigation systems
  • Lighting
  • Pergolas
  • And more!

Moreover, to help you create the landscape of your dreams, we offer financing options through Greensky®. These affordable solutions include deferred interest promotions or unsecured loans with a fixed interested rate. With a quick and paperless application process, you don’t have to wait to begin your landscaping project.

Plus, our initial consultation is free. Our owner, Kostas Menegakis, personally meets with you to review your project and discuss your ideas. Furthermore, we have a high level of customer satisfaction due to our meticulousness, promptness, and concern for the environment.

Call us right now at 336-442-0160 to set up a schedule for your lawn care service. Not only will your yard look great, but you’ll have more time to enjoy it.

A Kernersville Landscaping Firm Creating Captivating Designs

kernersville landscaping

kernersville landscaping Generally, owning a home requires necessary upkeep. Often, homeowners must hire professionals to repair plumbing, electrical, or heating systems. However, with regards to landscaping, many homeowners choose to undertake projects rather than hire a professional. Frequently, the project doesn’t quite turn out as anticipated and ends up costing more. Yet, hiring a Kernersville landscaping contractor can save you time and money with stunning results.

Often, professional landscapers can buy products in bulk or at wholesale prices. Landscape contractors can then pass these savings on to you. Your time is valuable too. A landscaper can complete your project much quicker than you can. Plus, a landscaping company will have all the necessary equipment.

Notably, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has been serving the Piedmont Triad area since 2005. Whether you have a home or a business, we can create an outdoor space you love.

What Does Kernersville Landscaping Services Incorporate?

The term landscaping is vague and can include a wide range of services. Lawncare, grading, hardscapes, and irrigation services all fall within the scope of landscaping projects. However, not all landscapers have the same education, experience, or equipment to perform all types of work. As you begin your search for a landscaper, you need to define the services you require.

Begin by focusing on what you like and what you dislike about your yard. From there, decide on how you plan to use the yard. Do you have children and need a play area? Perhaps, you need a garden area to grow your food. Or, maybe you want to entertain outdoors more often. Once you’ve decided on the essentials, you can begin your search for a contractor.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service NC and Kernersville landscaping company. Our crew can handle any type of landscaping work:

  • Lawn care
  • Fireplaces/firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water features
  • Grading
  • Pine mulch
  • And more!

Of course, prices for projects depend upon the uniqueness of your yard and the scope of your project. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional?

Usually, a great looking yard just doesn’t happen by chance. Landscapers must skillfully merge different elements to create visual appeal and interest. Moreover, Kernersville landscaping projects have a systematic process to achieve beauty and usability:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

First, any landscaping endeavor requires planning. Even just installing a flower bed requires thoughtful consideration of which plants to include. That small plant you purchased may look nice now, but what happens when it reaches full maturity? Additionally, some plants can be aggressive taking over your entire bed. Moreover, soil condition and exposure to sunlight are other factors to consider.

Secondly, you must properly prepare the area. Before you start digging, always call your local utility companies to mark underground lines. Additionally, you may need to grade or remove existing landscaping elements. If you’re installing plants, you may need to improve the soil condition.

Once the area is properly prepared, it’s time to begin installing your new landscape feature. Although some landscaping tasks appears easy, a homeowner can make many mistakes. For example, incorrect planting may result in the slow death of your specimen.

Finally, all landscape elements require some type of maintenance, even hardscapes. For example, settling ground or tree roots can disturb patio pavers. Moreover, loose debris may cause staining. Of course, your plants will need proper watering and fertilizing.

FAQs About Landscaping

Many homeowners have very similar questions when it comes to landscaping their yard. Therefore, we’ve put together some of those more commonly asked ones.

Are Certifications Important?

In North Carolina, landscapers must have a license. However, additional certifications verify the landscaper’s skill and expertise. Certifications also show a commitment to safety, efficiency, and productivity.

At Landscape Solutions, we hold several certifications from reputable institutions in addition to our landscaper’s and NC Pesticide licenses:

  • John Deere Landscapes University
  • Vista Outdoor Professional Lighting
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

It’s our way of showing you our commitment to excellence in designing, installing, and maintaining your yard.

How Can Texture And Color Theory Apply To Landscaping?

Admittedly, many homeowners believe it’s easy to create a beautiful natural looking space. Simply select a few favorite plants and voilà! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Landscapers take into account color and textures to complement each other.

For example, bold textured plants command attention. If you use too many, your garden will look chaotic. While using too many finely textured plants will also result in a disorganized mess.

Additionally, the use of certain colors can create feelings of peace or excitement. For instance, cool colors like blue or purples are calming and serene. These colors tend to recede into the scenery making your yard look more spacious. While warm colors such as reds and yellows will catch your attention.

Of course, you need to consider several other landscaping principles such as line, form, proportion, and unity. These foundations of successful landscaping projects separate the professionals from the DIYers.

Will Landscaping Increase The Value Of My Home?

Picture a yard with a scraggly looking lawn, flowerbeds overrun with weeds, and shrubs badly in need of pruning. Now envision a home with a manicured turf, neatly mulched planting areas, with properly pruned trees and bushes. That first impression, also known as curb appeal, can greatly influence the value of your home.

Moreover, Turf Magazine estimates you can increase your home’s original value by a range of 5.5% to 12.7% with landscaping. Typically, the amount of increase is dependent on the type of landscaping project.

How Much Influence Will I Have On The Design?

Some landscape contractors may impose their designs on you. However, at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. your ideas are important to us. Ultimately, your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Our high level of customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and financing options separate us from many other Kernersville landscaping contractors. Moreover, we provide landscaping throughout the triad. We offer landscaping and hardscaping services in Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Clemmons, Walkertown, Oak Ridge, Lexington and many areas in North Carolina.

What’s holding you back from creating the backyard oasis of your dreams? We offer a free no-obligation consultation and an easy, paperless application process for financing. Just call us at 336-442-0160 to set up your appointment.


Where To Get Pine Needles Near Me For A Yard Spruce Up

pine needles near me

pine needles near meOne of the most popular types of mulch in our area is pine needles. Also known as pine straw mulch, this ground cover offers many advantages including giving your yard a finished look. When searching for landscapers providing pine needles near me, buy from Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Why Homeowners Should Incorporate Mulch Into Their Planting Beds

Applying mulch around your yard is one of those extremely important landscaping tasks. Not only does mulch add color and texture to your landscaping, but you’ll also enjoy its other benefits:

  • Retains soil moisture
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Regulates the soil temperature
  • Improves the soil
  • Prevents soil compaction and erosion

North Carolina summers can be hot and dry. These weather conditions will quickly dry out your soil leaving your plants thirsting for moisture. However, when you apply a layer of mulch, the soil retains a large percentage of its moisture.

Additionally, mulch suppresses weeds in 2 ways. First, mulch deprives weeds of light. Secondly, weeds love bare soil where they can quickly germinate. By depriving weed seeds of both of these, you’ll be spending a lot less time weeding.

Plus, mulch helps keep the soil at a stable temperature. In the winter, mulch traps heat. While in the summer, mulch keeps the soil cool. Moreover, organic mulches like pine needles, add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

Finally, using an organic ground cover decreases soil compaction and erosion. Soil contains thousands of tiny microorganisms that feed upon the mulch. These microorganisms maintain the soil structure creating pore spaces to absorb moisture. Additionally, microorganisms bind soil particles together reducing erosion.

Using Pine Needles Near Me Can Help Beautify Your Yard

In North Carolina, you know spring has arrived when trucks start rolling through your neighborhood laden with pine needles Certainly, pine needle mulch is very popular in our area. Compared to other types of mulch, pine needles have many advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper than other mulches
  • Resistant to artillery fungus
  • Termite resistant

First, pine straw is the most environmentally friendly mulch around. Notably, the harvesting of pine needles doesn’t harm any trees. Farmers grow large tracts of pine trees. As the trees drop their needles, farmers harvest, clean, and bundle the needles.

In contrast, manufacturers make wood mulch from either recycled wood or felled trees. Many manufactures make lower-grade wood mulch from old wood pallets. Often, this recycled wood contains chemicals that can seep into the soil in your planting beds. Conversely, manufacturers of higher-grade wood mulch must cut down trees to produce their product.

Secondly, pine needles are much less expensive than other types of mulch. Plus, they’re lightweight making them easy to spread.

Finally, unlike wood mulches, pine needles are resistant to both termites and artillery fungus. Pine needles don’t supply a food source for termites like wood mulches. Moreover, decomposing wood mulch makes a perfect home for artillery fungus. This organism can shoot spores up to 20 feet away. Unfortunately, these spores can be hard to clean and may leave permanent stains.

FAQS Regarding Pine Straw Mulch

We receive many questions about landscaping with pine needles. Below are some of our most frequently asked ones.

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Spread My Mulch?

Often, homeowners will choose to spread their pine needle mulch rather than hire a landscaper. While a DIY mulch spreading project will give you the benefits, you won’t get the manicured look of a pro. A landscaper can roll the edges to form an elegant finish.

Moreover, many homeowners will make the mistake of just covering up the existing weeds with mulch. A landscaper will not only remove existing weeds, but also apply a preemergent weed preventer to the mulch bed.

Furthermore, when you undertake a landscaping project, you often don’t save as much as you anticipate. First, time is money. Although pine needles are easy to spread, the job can still take hours. Additionally, if you underestimate the amount you need, you’ll spread the pine needles too thin. While if you overestimate, you’ll have leftover bales of needles you don’t need.

When searching for a landscaping company supplying pine needles near me, choose Landscaping Solutions. We serve the Piedmont area including Greensboro, Summerfield, Archdale, Belews Creek, Winston-Salem, Lake Norman, and surrounding areas.

Can Pine Needles Help Prevent Erosion?

A hilly or sloping yard presents a landscaping challenge. It’s difficult to grow grass on a hillside and dangerous to mow. Applying mulch to your hillside can help prevent erosion. However, a heavy downpour can wash mulch to the bottom of your slope. Thus, you’ll have to rake it back up the hill.

Rather than continually fight Mother Nature, you may want to regrade your yard to solve your drainage problems. Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can move the dirt in your yard to divert water and create a level surface. If you prefer, we can construct a retaining wall instead. Retaining walls prevent erosion while managing water flow. Plus, they add beauty and interest to your yard.

How Often Should I Apply Pine Needles?

To keep your yard looking beautiful and weed-free, we recommend applying pine straw mulch annually. However, if your old mulch is starting to look old, you can apply pine needles more often. Doing so will give your landscape a fresh look.

You should spread pine needles to a depth of at least 3 inches. Moreover, you can apply mulch at any time of the year. Furthermore, you never need to rake up and remove old pine needle mulch. Just lay the new layer on top.

We Can Handle All Your Landscaping Needs

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company. Providing both residential and commercial solutions including:

  • Lawn care
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pergolas
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Fireplaces
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Snow removal
  • And much more!

Moreover, we now offer financing through GreenSky to help turn your backyard into the oasis of your dreams. Our application process is quick and paperless! Additionally, our loans are unsecured with fixed interest rates.

Don’t delay another day with a boring, drab plot of land! Call us at 336-442-0160 to schedule your free consultation.

Let Us Handle Your Greensboro Mulch Needs This Spring

greensboro mulch

greensboro mulchFor homeowners in Greensboro, mulch season is upon us! This year, do yourself a favor and leave the work to our team of professionals.

Here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we can get your spring yard maintenance done quickly, which means you can start enjoying your outdoor space sooner without spending the next several weekends doing back-breaking work. You’ll love how your home’s exterior looks when we’re done.

The Prettiest Home in the Neighborhood Could Be Yours! How to Choose the Best Mulch

When you drive up to your home on Friday afternoon after a long week of work, what do you want to see? Probably anything but an entire weekend’s worth of yard work waiting for you. Hauling and spreading bags of mulch can be especially tiring. That’s where we come in.

But it gets better: when you hire our team, you don’t just avoid all the manual labor. You also get expert advice about the type of mulch, plants, and more that will work best for your home. You can even hire us to do all your landscape maintenance.

Our clients have the best-looking homes in the neighborhood, if we do say so ourselves. We’ll work with you to choose the best products based on the following factors:

  • The amount of sun your yard gets
  • Your current landscape and any plants you want to keep or remove
  • How much upkeep work you want to do over the year (or how much upkeep work you want to hire us to do!)
  • Your home’s color and style
  • How your outdoor space is most often used
  • Your budget

This isn’t a complete list. Basically, we look at all aspects to decide what type and color of mulch is right for your home.

Recycled Rubber Versus Natural Mulch: Which is Better?

There’s no one type of mulch that is right for every home. Natural mulches are most commonly made from wood and bark. However, you can also choose rubber mulch instead if it makes sense for your landscape goals.

Natural Wood

Natural wood mulch is a by-product of wood processing and manufacturing. In other words, the carbon footprint is fairly low because this is a material that is normally thrown away when other wood products are made. It can even help fight climate change due to its effect on the release of greenhouse gases. Because it is a natural wood, it biodegrades. Basically, it just becomes dirt over time and is completely safe for the environment. Most wood mulch is colored using natural, nontoxic dyes.

However, wood mulch is not without its problems. Because it is biodegradable, you have to replenish your mulch every year or two. Even by the end of the fall, wood mulch you put out in the spring can start to loose its color. It can also compress, especially if we get heavy rains or people walk on it, which in turn prevents natural water and air flow.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch addresses many of the problems found with wood mulch. It typically lasts at least ten years and keeps its color well. It doesn’t compress or blow away as easily as wood. It can also help suppress weed growth better than wood mulch. That said, although this is a recycled product, it isn’t a natural one. It doesn’t just biodegrade into dirt – you have to remove it if you want to change your mulch, and this stuff is heavy!

We can help you decide which is right for you. Our Greensboro mulch team can do the heavy lifting to add wood or rubber mulch to your home’s exterior. We can also talk to you about alternatives to mulch, such as stones or crushed shell.

Greensboro Mulch: More Than Just a Pretty Flowerbed Option

Mulching isn’t just for beauty. You can also use mulch to provide the right moisture levels for your landscape. Here in North Carolina, we can have very dry summers followed by very heavy storms and even hurricanes. Mulch can be part of your irrigation system to keep your lawn looking its best.

We’re passionate about plants here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. If you struggle to keep your landscape looking great, we can help design and install a low-maintenance irrigation system that works well for you. Along with proper mulching in the right areas, we can use landscape grading and retaining walls, sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, bubblers, and more to provide the right levels of water to your landscape.

Additionally, we can help you figure out exactly what to plant. Some plants need a lot of water and have deep roots that will suck up water from the rest of your landscape. Heavy rains often overwhelm other plants. Therefore, those types of foliage do best in protected areas of your garden. Still other plants thrive in all kinds of water conditions, but are very picky about the nutrients found in the soil or the amount of sun they get. Instead of spending hours upon hours researching the best plants for your exterior, let us help. We’ll come up with a plant plan that works for you.

FAQs About Mulch

To begin your mulching project, here are a few things you need to know about Greensboro mulch.

Is mulch safe for my pets?

It depends on the type of mulch you use. If you have pets, we’ll make sure to use products that are safe for them. Natural wood is typically better than rubber in this case.

Will mulch stop weeds from growing?

Yes, if installed in your landscape correctly. We can put down a barrier first with mulch on top, which can prevent weed growth. Mulch alone can help stop weeds, but it won’t completely prevent them.

How long does it take to add mulch?

Our team works quickly! It depends on the size of your landscape and how much mulch you need. To begin beautifying your yard, get on our schedule ASAP. Click here to contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Landscaping Greensboro NC – Design The Perfect Backyard

landscaping greensboro

landscaping greensboroNorth Carolinians enjoy relatively short mild winters. With several months of warm, pleasant weather conditions, homeowners have the opportunity to enjoy their yards often. A landscape designer can create the perfect yard for your needs and pleasure. When looking for landscaping Greensboro NC companies homeowners trust, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Why You Need A Landscaping Company

Landscaping your yard does more than give you a place to relax. It also increases the value of your home. The increase in value depends upon the type of landscaping. However, most realtors estimate a range of added value between 5-12% of your total home value.

However, landscaping involves much more than lawn mowing and sticking plants in the ground. First, without proper care, your plants will soon die. Then your yard becomes an opportunity for weeds to take over. Additionally, choosing plants that will thrive in an area is more difficult than you think. Soil, drainage, and slope all need careful consideration when choosing plants.

Finally, you need to plan for the mature size of your plants. A small shrub may shade out other plants when fully grown. Similarly, tree roots can push up against driveways or walkways when planted too close to the hardscape.

A landscaper can tie all your outdoor elements together creating a personalized plan to suit your needs. As an extension of your living space, your yard will reflect harmony, function, and beauty. At Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc, we offer a free consultation to review your yard and vision.

How To Find A Reliable Landscape Contractor

Transforming your yard can be an exciting project. Finding the right landscape contractor not so much. However, finding the landscaping company that shares your vision results in a functional but stunning outdoor space.

Begin by defining your project. Many homeowners incorrectly start by planting flowers, trees, or shrubs without a long-term plan. However, you may have underlying issues that prevent plants from thriving. Thus, addressing problem areas first is paramount to your success.

Next, decide what type of elements you want in your outdoor living space. A place for the kids to play? Perhaps a flower garden for a splash of color? Or maybe an outdoor kitchen with a dining area. Make a list with your most desired elements first keeping your budget in mind.

Then, talk to friends and family members for candidates. Walk around your neighborhood to see which yards impress you. Once you have some names, check their online reviews, experience, and certifications.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to about 3 names, it’s time to start making some phone calls. Ask for some references from recent jobs. Moreover, not all landscaping contractors perform the same types of services. Discuss the scope of your project before arranging a meeting to ensure the company can perform the work.

Experience, certifications, and references are important in choosing a landscaping company. However, the contractor must also have good communication skills and a willingness to work with you. Moreover, the landscaper should be willing to work with your ideas and make you feel comfortable.

FAQs About Landscaping Services

Homeowners have many questions about landscaping. You’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any others, don’t hesitate to call us at 336-442-0160.

What Is The Difference Between A Landscape Designer And A Landscape Architect?

Generally, a landscape designer works on residential projects in the care of plants. These professionals may offer lawn care services as well as the installation and maintenance of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Whereas, a landscape architect can design, install, and maintain all aspects of both residential and commercial properties. A landscape contractor can provide grading, irrigation, sod, outdoor lighting, and lawn care services.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc is a licensed landscape contractor. Our portfolio of services include:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fireplace/fire pit
  • Patio installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pergolas
  • Water features
  • Landscape lighting
  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Snow removal
  • And more!

When Should I Sign Up For A Lawn Care Service?

Right now. Seriously. Although some months have more lawn care tasks than others, you need year-round maintenance for a healthy lawn. Now is the time to see what nutrients your soil is lacking.

Additionally, you’ll want to apply an herbicide at least twice a year. Generally, you need to apply a weed killer in the spring and the fall. However, timing is everything to effectively control weeds. If you apply the herbicide too early or too late in the season, it will be ineffective.

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

Lawn care costs depend on many factors. The size of your yard, the frequency of your service, and the type of services impact your pricing. Some homeowners only want weekly mowing. Others may want more services like fertilizing, weeding, and aerating.

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company. We can provide whatever lawn care maintenance services you require. In addition to lawn maintenance, we can also remove leaves, trim shrubs, and apply mulch to planting beds.

What Landscaping Greensboro Companies Can Help Beautify My Yard?

A beautiful yard can impact your happiness. In particular, flowers are known to release several neuro-chemicals that elicit good feelings. Thus, having a backyard sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate, or even entertain can improve your mood.

Creating the ideal landscaping for your yard requires the help of a professional. Yet, you want a trusted landscape contractor who understands your vision. When searching for landscaping Greensboro companies serving the Triad area, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Our owner, Kostas Menegakis, combines a passion for people and landscaping for a high rate of customer satisfaction. Plus, we have the expertise and the equipment to work with both residential and commercial landscaping projects. You’ll love our timely service, attention to detail, and concern for the safety of your family, pets, and the environment.

Now is the perfect time to ready your yard for the warmer weather. Call us at 336-442-0160 to set up an appointment for your free consultation.

Tree Trimming Near Me – Use One of NC’s Trusted Landscapers

tree trimming near me

tree trimming near meTrees add beauty and shade. Unfortunately, many homeowners plant trees in their yards and then forget about them. Often, one neglected task is trimming. However, pruning your tree can be a dangerous job and requires the expertise of a professional tree service company. When searching for tree trimming near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Why Tree Maintenance Is Necessary

Trees are a beautiful and important landscape feature. Planting trees in your yard creates depth, variety, and a focal point. Plus, strategically placed trees can provide shade to help reduce cooling costs. Additionally, in the winter, trees can form a windbreak lowering heating costs.

As beautiful and important as trees are, you must give them proper care to ensure a long life. Regularly pruning can help maintain their health and serves several other functions:

  • Helps withstand wind better
  • Maintains the natural shape
  • Allows more sunlight to reach the lower branches
  • Eliminates weak branches

Often, the tree’s canopy becomes thick preventing airflow through the tree. As strong winds push against the thickened canopy, the tree’s roots will stretch. If the root system isn’t strong enough, the tree will topple. By thinning the canopy, you allow winds to pass through putting less stress on the root system.

Also, when you trim a tree’s canopy, you allow more sunlight to reach the lower branches. This strengthens the lower branches of the tree. Plus, you’ll be removing weak branches that may fall causing damage.

Additionally, pruning to maintain the shape of your trees is aesthetically pleasing. An untrimmed tree can look scraggly giving your yard an unkempt appearance. This can reduce curb appeal and drive down your property value.

In North Carolina, we can experience strong winds. However, weaker winds can take down the tallest of trees under certain circumstances. Ice storms are a common weather occurrence here. Even just a small accumulation of ice on branches can increase their weight by a significant margin. Top-heavy trees covered in ice can easily topple over.

Hire Professional Trimming Service

Tree trimming is one of those tasks that appears deceptively simple but is quite dangerous. Power equipment and high branches are not for the inexperienced. Moreover, trying to take down heavy tree limbs can result in injury.

Sometimes, trees or branches that seem quite sturdy and healthy may be weak and diseased. Put your weight in the wrong spot and you could be looking at broken bones. In addition, limbs or heavy branches that hang near power lines require extra care. Contact with power lines can be deadly. This is a job you shouldn’t tackle yourself. Optimally, you should leave it to a professional tree service company!

Plus, improper pruning can damage or even kill your previously healthy tree. Incorrect trimming causes more deaths of trees each year than from insects or pests. Weakened or dead trees present potential damage to nearby power lines, homes, and automobiles. In fact, falling limbs and trees are the primary cause of electrical outages.

A tree requires a healthy crown to produce its food and stimulate root growth. However, incorrect thinning can leave large wounds giving disease and decay a foothold. Plus, severe crown thinning can starve the tree with the loss of too many leaves.

Eliminate the guesswork of proper tree care by hiring an experienced tree service, like Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. We know exactly how much and where to cut to minimize harm to the tree. Plus, we have all the equipment to safely remove deadwood without damaging the tree or surrounding landscape.

FAQs About Tree Care

As one of North Carolina’s trusted tree care professionals, we’re often asked many questions about trimming. Following are those that most homeowners ask. Please call us at 336-442-0160 if you have other questions.

How Often Should I Trim My Trees?

Not all species of trees need the same amount of care. For example, evergreen trees require very little trimming. While pruning fruit trees every year helps produce larger and higher quality fruit.

Plus, age factors into your trimming schedule. Generally, younger trees require trimming more often to establish a stable structure. Mature trees will only need canopy trimming and weak or dead branch removal. If you’re not sure if your trees need trimming, call Landscape Solutions & Design.

What is the Best Time of Year to Do Tree trimming?

Generally, the best time to trim trees is late fall to winter. At this time, trees are less susceptible to insects or disease and heal faster. Unfortunately, pruning certain species of trees at the wrong time can introduce disease. The oak tree in particular is susceptible to wilt disease, a fatal fungal illness.

However, you can still safely employ a certified arborist throughout the year. Typically, you can prune to remove weak, dead, or diseased branches at any time without harm to your tree. A professional tree service can spot fragile limbs and correctly remove them.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Near Me Cost?

Tree trimming costs vary depending on the number and size of the trees. A large tree has more branches resulting in more labor costs. Additionally, the overall health and access to the tree affect the cost.

Sometimes, your tree may have a fatal disease. When this occurs, you may need tree removal services. To keep the aesthetic beauty of your yard, you may even want stump grinding. This process pulverizes the stump until it’s even with the surrounding ground.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc is a full-service landscaper. We offer many other services besides tree removal and trimming:

  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping design
  • Patios
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Low and high voltage outdoor lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Grading
  • Fireplaces
  • And much more!

Professional Tree Trimming Near Me Trusted By Your Neighbors

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc can help you with any outdoor project! We have the experience, education, and equipment to handle any size project. Our team is ready to maintain or transform your commercial or residential property.

Before the next severe storm blows through, call us at 336-442-0160 for a free quote for tree trimming near me.

10 Fire Pit Ideas for Outdoor Living in North Carolina

fire pit ideas

fire pit ideasWe’re so fortunate to live in North Carolina, where we can enjoy outdoor living most of the year. This is particularly true if you have a backyard fire pit. However, determining what type of outdoor fire pit to build for your unique space can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve provided 10 fire pit ideas that are perfect for North Carolina living, regardless of the size of your backyard or patio.

Getting Started with Fire Pit Design Ideas

Consider the outdoor space you have available. Is it grass? Is it a brick patio? A concrete patio? Do you have pavers already in place? Is your outdoor living space already furnished? You’ll want to consider these things before settling on a specific fire pit design.

For example, if you’ve recently purchased angular Adirondack chairs, or you have a retaining wall already in place, factor them into your overall aesthetic. Angular furniture, for example, may not work as well around a circular fire pit. Likewise, if your seating area is a circle, a square fire pit may not work as well. Depending upon your space, you may benefit most from a tabletop fire pit, if you’re working with a smaller space.

During a free consultation with Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we can create a preview of what your landscape will look like, using design software. That way, if you think you know what you want, we can show you what it will look like. If it isn’t the look you want, you can revise your design plan before breaking ground on the project.

Choosing an Expert for Outdoor Living

If you’re unsure which fire pit idea is right for you, or if you’d like an estimate before embarking on a DIY fire pit project, call our expert team at Landscape Solutions and Design, Inc. Our certified landscaping design specialists have decades of experience in helping homeowners throughout the Triad, Charlotte, Lake Norman, and Southern Pines areas. We are here to help transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary. Our residential services include everything you need to make the most of outdoor living in North Carolina. Our specialties include:

  • Firepits
  • Fireplaces
  • Landscape design and installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Outdoor grills
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patio pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Waterscapes/ponds/pond-less waterfalls

10 Fire Pit Ideas for Transforming Your Patio, Deck, or Backyard

  1. Simple Fire Pit

A simple fire pit is exactly what you think it is: simple. This type is often inexpensive and easily created. If you’re looking for a DYI firepit, this is probably the best bet. Typically circular in nature, and constructed of brick or stone, then filled with lava rock, this simple fire pit will provide warmth and a nice evening ambiance without any frills.

  1. Gravel Fire Pit

This type of backyard fire pit is a step above the simple fire pit. A gravel fire pit is best for a grassy backyard. All you need for this type of space is gravel, large stones to form the pit, and a few chairs. As a wood-burning firepit, this simple, but attractive gathering place is sure to be a hit with family and friends.

  1. Concrete Fire Pit

A concrete bowl fire pit adds a modern look to your patio. As the name implies, this fire pit is best suited for a hard surface, and includes a concrete bowl, filled with stones, and lit using gel fuel canisters.

  1. Outdoor Fireplace

If you want all the benefits of a fire pit, plus added wow factor, consider an outdoor fireplace. Made of stone or brick, an outdoor fireplace can create an absolutely elegant look, all the while providing a gathering space and plenty of warmth for cool evenings.

  1. Spa Style

If you’re looking to create an outdoor spa, a fire pit built into your pavers, brick, or stone patio next to the jacuzzi or pool can turn your backyard into a Zen-like oasis. Using soft, calming colors on furnishings, and soothing colored fire glass can help enhance the relaxing aesthetic.

  1. Gas Fire Pit

Commonly found at upscale hotels and restaurants, a gas fire pit offers a sophisticated look while being low maintenance. Using propane or other gas, these elegant outdoor fire features are often not the centerpiece of a seating area, but rather a complementary feature. Colored or clear fire glass is popular in gas fire pits.

  1. Inground Fire Pit

Inground fire pits can be a wonderful addition to your backyard. However, they require significant design, preparation, and work. Inground fire pits are safer than above-ground fire pits, as an out-of-control fire is less likely to spread. They also ensure that the flames look like they are coming from the ground, which can be a beautiful effect. Unfortunately, they can be risky if you have children or pets, who could fall into them. They are lined with rocks, and topped with wood for burning, providing a campfire vibe. Inground fire pits can also be built into patios. Just be sure to hire an expert to ensure safety.

  1. Sunken Fireside Seating Area

Sunken fireside seating areas are a popular choice. Built below the ground level, or on a lower patio level, this design is particularly helpful for cold nights. The sunken aspect provides a bit of a barrier and cozy feeling. Sunken patios accented with brick, stone, and crafted using pavers are extremely popular.

  1. Tabletop Fire Pit

A tabletop fire pit is a great option for small spaces. They may not provide as much heat as a fireplace, but they certainly help transform outdoor kitchens and dining areas into beautiful spaces. Tabletop fire pits are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet your unique goals.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Combo

Combining a fireplace with a grill, or even a pizza oven is very trendy. It’s also practical. While sitting around the fire, you can be preparing dinner, and enjoying the savory smells of your meal. Outdoor kitchen combos create a virtual kitchen and dining room in your back yard.

Is it safe to build a DIY fire pit?

The answer to this is “maybe.” Certainly, those with building experience will likely have no trouble building one that is safe. However, there are many, many considerations before building a fire pit. You’ll want to ensure that it doesn’t have proximity to flammable materials such as chair cushions, sofas, or other cloth-covered furniture. If you’re creating a gas firepit, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re attentive to all details, to prevent injury.

If you’re an inexperienced DIYer, your best bet is to contact a landscape design specialist for help in building a fire pit on your deck, in your backyard, or on a patio. Our team of specialists at Landscape Solutions & Design will work with you to determine the proper size, location, and materials that will help bring your outdoor living space to life.

What is the average size area for a fire pit?

There is no average size for a firepit. However, common sizes are 3’ wide. For fire pits that are more of a focal point, they are commonly 6” wide. If you buy a store-bought pit, you can expect it to be 24-30 inches in diameter.

What is the best base for a fire pit?

The best base will depend upon the type of pit you intend to design or have constructed. Stone and concrete are good choices for many homeowners, and commercial business owners. If you’re unsure about which base to choose, consider hiring an expert landscaping company, who can guide you to the best option.

Should I choose a gas fire pit or a wood fire pit?

Both gas and wood burning fire pits have advantages. A wood burning fire pit provides a natural campfire smell and a less controlled burn. However, wood-fueled fires can take longer to start, and they are not clean burning. You also need to put more effort into keeping the fire going. Of course, you’ll also need a stockpile of wood.

Gas fueled fire pits are generally more expensive, and the gas is highly flammable, so they can be dangerous. On the other hand, gas-burning pits are quick to light and clean burning.

What fire pit design is most popular?

There is no singular design that is noticeably more in demand than others. Circular, stone fire pits are timeless and have been popular for years. More modern, sleek styles, that use gas, are popular for commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants.

How can I start a landscape project?

If you want all the benefits of a beautiful, custom-designed backyard, deck, or patio oasis, hire the pros! Since 2005, our team at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., has served Greensboro, Charlotte, Southern Pines, High Point, Summerfield, Archdale, Belews Creek, Winston-Salem, Lake Norman, and the surrounding areas.

We offer a free consultation to learn about your goals and your budget. Plus, we can produce a visual of your finished landscape using design software. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. And of course, you can make changes before we even break ground.

Our team of experienced technicians is led by CEO Kostas Menegakis, who prioritizes customer service above all else. A licensed contractor, Kostas, and his team also have multiple certifications including:

  • John Deere Landscapes University-Landscaping Certifications
  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting-Outdoor Lighting Design Certification
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute-Paver Design & Installation Certification
  • North Carolina Pesticide Certification-Pesticide Safety & Application Certification
  • North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board- N.C. Licensed Landscape Contractor

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Design in North Carolina

Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. provides full-service landscaping design, maintenance, hardscape construction, tree service, lawn care service, and more. Our team provides homeowners and apartment & condo complexes with complete lawn care and landscape service.

We also have a large commercial division. We provide outdoor lighting and landscape services for hotels, restaurants, corporate and company campuses. Our hardscape and landscape work is visible throughout North Carolina, in retaining walls, benches, outdoor dining areas, and more.

Free Estimate for Residential and Commercial Landscape Design in NC

Our three-step process to begin working with you involves an initial consultation, which is free of charge. During the consultation, we welcome photos you’ve saved. Or, if you’re not sure what you want, we are happy to create a unique plan for you. After the consultation, you can expect a project estimate. The estimate is incredibly detailed. In it, we provide the cost of materials and the cost of labor. We will also estimate our completion date. We encourage questions about the estimate at any time.

The final step is the project installation. All technicians who will be working on your landscape project will be from our company, as we do not sub work out to contractors. The project manager will keep you updated throughout the project. They will serve as your primary contact during the installation.

We welcome your calls and questions today. Call us at 336-276-2707 for a free estimate. You may also contact us online. We look forward to helping you create the backyard or patio of your dreams!

Lawn Maintenance Near Me For A Beautiful and Enjoyable Lawn

lawn maintenance near me

lawn maintenance near meFor many homeowners, a lush looking lawn is a sign of success. It’s a physical demonstration that you have the money to maintain a beautiful looking yard. While if you have a business, your property is a way to attract customers. Yet, finding a professional lawn care service may seem difficult or time-consuming. When looking for lawn maintenance near me with dependable service, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

We’ve been serving the greater Piedmont Triad area since 2005. With a full portfolio of landscaping services, we’re waiting to transform your property. Our crews can handle residential, commercial, and restaurant landscaping projects. From weekly maintenance tasks to design and construction, we work hard to make your property beautiful.

The Importance Of Lawn Care Maintenance

For many homeowners, an expanse of lush, vibrant green turf is just plain aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, there are many other reasons why having a healthy lawn are important:

  • Increases property value
  • Prevents runoff and erosion
  • Produces oxygen
  • Reduces pollution
  • Absorbs noise
  • Moderates temperature

First, a nice-looking lawn will boost your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, a well-kept yard will increase the overall value of your home. Some real estate brokers estimate a 15% increase in your home’s value.

Furthermore, your grass performs some tough jobs like erosion control. All types of grass produce a large root system that spreads significantly holding the soil together. Moreover, grass blades channel rain to the soil reducing runoff. As runoff seeps into the soil, the roots also help filter out pollutants.

In addition, your well-maintained turf also helps lessen the greenhouse effect. One of the primary greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Healthy grass absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen for us to breathe. In fact, a small plot of healthy grass can produce oxygen to support a family of 4 for 1 year. Moreover, your lawn will trap and remove other harmful pollutants from the air.

Next, grassy areas moderate the temperature of the surrounding area. During the day, grass absorbs the sun’s heat for photosynthesis. Then, your lawn slowly releases some of this heat during the evening hours. This has the effect of helping to moderate the temperature of the surrounding area.

Finally, your lawn also helps reduce noise pollution. Surfaces that are uneven and soft are the best at absorbing sound. Grassy areas present such a surface and are very effective at reducing noise levels.

What’s Involved In A Lawn Care Program?

Unfortunately for homeowners, a great looking lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes feeding, weeding, aerating, watering, and mowing. Typically, the average American spends about 32 hours per month on their yard work. That’s a lot of time that you could use to be doing something else.

Even just doing the bare minimum of weekly mowing your grass is very time-consuming. Plus, if all you’re doing is mowing, soon your grass won’t be healthy. Grass needs nutrients for optimal health.

However, it needs nutrients in the proper amounts. Too much of one or another nutrient can cause additional lawn problems. That’s why it’s important to start with a soil test. Once you know what your soil is lacking, you’ll be able to give your grass exactly what it needs.

Additionally, lawn fertilization must occur at certain times of the year with the recommended fertilizer for that season. Seasonal fertilizer has a unique blend of nutrients to help the grass grow for that particular time of the year. Thus, using a summer lawn fertilizer in the winter may leave your grass lacking in certain nutrients.

Even if you properly feed your lawn, you may find weeds popping up. Generally, a lawn care service will apply a weed preventer when fertilizing as well. However, weather variations can make the timing of pre-emergent weed control difficult. Plus, weed control products are only effective for a limited time. Therefore, if you apply them too soon, you’ll be wasting your time.

A Lawn Mowing Service Will Properly Cut Your Grass

Certainly, by the look of some lawns, some homeowners put little thought into proper mowing techniques. Yet, how you mow your yard can directly impact the health of your turf. Improper mowing can severely stress your grass and possibly even kill it!

If you mow your lawn too short, you’ll cut off the plant’s main generator of food. Moreover, short blades can’t keep the soil cool thus inviting weeds. Shorter blades also allow the soil to dry out requiring more frequent watering.

However, letting your grass grow too long creates the ideal environment for insects and pests. Additionally, longer grass is harder to mow. Plus, let it grow too long and you may be facing a fine from your town.

Notably, there is an ideal height for each particular type of grass. Most lawn care professionals recommend cutting only 1/3 of the height of the blades at a single cutting. Hence, during the active growing cycles, you may have to mow more often.

Lawn mowing in the same direction every time is also detrimental to your turf. Mowing in the same pattern can compact your soil preventing nutrients from reaching the roots. Furthermore, you’ll affect how your grass grows. The grass will bend in one direction creating bald patches.

Finally, mowing with a dull lawnmower blade tears the grass rather than cutting it. A dull blade may also pull up chunks of your grass. This additional stress on your lawn makes it more susceptible to insects, weeds, and disease.

Yet, you can avoid all these mistakes and free up some of your time. Hire a professional lawn maintenance near me with great reviews, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Our services include lawn mowing, yard cleanup, shrub care, mulch, and many other landscaping tasks.

Lawn Mowing Is Only Part Of The Complete Job

You’ve finished mowing and take a look at your yard. Neatly trimmed, your grass appears neat and tidy. However, it lacks the polished characteristic of your neighbor’s yard. If you want your lawn to have a crisp, manicured look, you also need to trim and edge your grass.

When you mow, there are parts of your lawn that you can’t reach with your mower. Sometimes, mowing too close to some areas may injure planting beds. These are the areas where you need to trim. Leaving the grass high in these areas will give your yard a sloppy, unkempt appearance.

Hand in hand with trimming is edging. This process cuts a thin strip in your lawn along walkways, driveways, and planting beds. If you skip this step, grass will begin to grow over and extend into these hardscape areas. Avoiding this step will also give your yard an unfinished look.

Undertaking these additional tasks will increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Moreover, you should do both of these tasks weekly when you mow your lawn. Generally, lawn maintenance services include both edging and trimming.

Improper Grading Can Affect The Health Of Your Lawn

Have you noticed puddles or swampy areas in your lawn after a rainstorm? If the answer is yes, you might need a re-grading of your yard. Soil settles over time creating low areas. When it rains, water will trickle into these low-lying areas creating pools and marshy areas.

Not only are these areas an eyesore, but they’re also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These insects may carry several diseases, putting your family at risk. Additionally, if located near your house, this pooling water can damage your foundation.

Standing water can also drown plants including grass. All plant roots need oxygen in the soil to survive. Excessive water will fill in the gaps where the roots find oxygen. Without oxygen, your plants will die.

A properly graded yard gives you a more level surface for moving around or playing. Plus, excess water will drain away from your house into the community’s stormwater drainage system. However, grading your yard is not a DIY project. Although many people think all dirt is equal, soil varies in composition. Using the right dirt may mean the difference between a beautiful lawn or a flood zone.

Landscape Solutions & Design can grade land for new construction or regrade existing property. For existing properties, we’ll fill in low lying areas to prevent pooling and marshy areas. Plus, we’ll create an erosion control plan so you can avoid future regrading.

We Have The Solution For Hilly Yards

Sometimes, you may need more than just grading to stop erosion and runoff. Your property may be very hilly or steep in places. By adding a retaining wall, you can create more usable land while solving erosion problems.

While serving an important function, retaining walls also add visual interest to your property. Furthermore, we can build a retaining wall from a variety of materials including timber, concrete, stones, or pavers. Thus, we can integrate your wall with other hardscape elements such as a walkway or patio.

However, retaining walls are only one type of hardscape we can design and install. Other options include:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Water Features
  • Arbors
  • Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pergola/cabana

Each can add visual interest and function to your outdoor living space. Plus, by incorporating hardscapes, you’ll eliminate grassy areas. Less grass means less time on maintenance and more time relaxing.

In recent years, many homeowners have been working on their outdoor spaces to convert them into a relaxing retreat. With many people now working from home, interest in outdoor projects continues to grow. Popular trending additions include the installation of fireplaces, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens.

As working from home and remote learning continues into the year, families are struggling to comfortably accommodate everyone. Interest in pergolas has also risen considerably leading Houzz magazine to dub 2021 “The Year of the Pergola”.

Building stand-alone structures such as cabanas are also on the rise. These types of structures provide a dedicated workspace for your home office. You can also set up a personal gym for exercising or just a quiet space to relax.

Whatever your needs and budget, we can design and install the perfect hardscape solution for you. Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has one focus, your customer satisfaction. Together, we can personalize your outdoor dream.

Lawn Maintenance Near Me

“Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn.”

– Francis Bacon

Typically, lawn mowing is the furthest thing from your mind in the winter. However, now is the time to find a lawn care provider. If you want a lush green lawn when spring arrives, you need to do some maintenance now. When searching for professional lawn maintenance near me with proven results, contact Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

With over 45 years of combined experience, we have built our company primarily on references from satisfied customers. Our secret? Kostas Menegakis, our owner, begins by personally meeting with all our customers. His passion for landscaping and people combines to ensure every project exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Plus, we offer a variety of landscaping services for both commercial and residential properties:

  • Lawn care
  • Garden design
  • Tree/shrub trimming
  • Hardscape design and installation
  • Irrigation systems
  • Grading
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • And more!

Spring isn’t far away and you need to get your turf off to a great start. Begin by calling us today at 336-442-0160.

Common Myths About Snow Removal Near Me in North Carolina

snow removal near me

snow removal near meLet’s face it: on a snowy day, most of us either want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa by the fire or enjoy the chilly weather by building a snowman, going skiing, or making a snow fort with the kids. Very few people want to deal with shoveling or plowing. So, give yourself the gift of snow removal near me! By hiring us to take care of this work for you as part of your outdoor maintenance, you can enjoy your snow day however you want instead of dealing with cold, back-breaking work.

First, a Few Snow Removal Myths

Anyone can grab a shovel and remove snow, right? Well, yes, but unfortunately, some common myths make this job much harder than it needs to be. Without proper snow removal, you could even be putting your property and personal safety at risk. Here are a few common myths. We need to set the record straight.

Chemical De-icers and Salt are All I Need to Combat Snow… Myth!

The de-icing products you can purchase at your local home improvement store are just a start. They can work wonders at preventing ice on steps and short walkways. However, they don’t actively melt large quantities of snow effectively. They are meant to loosen the snow and ice from surfaces so you can remove it more easily.

In other words, you still have to shovel. So if you are trying to avoid snow shoveling, de-icing products will only get you so far.

Additionally, these products are not always great for the environment. Unfortunately, you are introducing chemicals to your property, which can kill plants and animals. It can also be dangerous to keep around the house if you have small pets and children. Always use these products in small quantities as spot-treatment for the areas that need it most.

I Can Easily Remove Snow with Hot Water…Myth!

Boil a big pot of hot water and gently pour it on the snow. It will melt away. However, this method of snow removal, despite being better for the environment, is extremely hazardous.

Once the hot water has melted, it will inevitably freeze. Water actually looses heat and freezes quite quickly. You might not have a snow problem anymore, but you’ll have an ice problem which is even worse.

The better option is to shovel or plow the snow to the side, so it naturally melts and drains away. This is where our snow removal service comes in. We’ll remove the snow properly and use de-icers to spot-treat problem areas. This allows you to avoid issues with ice.

Snow Shoveling is Great Exercise, so I Should Do It Myself… Myth!

This one is half true. Snow shoveling can be good exercise for some people. However, this is also a task that can be risky for many people.

If you aren’t used to doing cardio, snow removal without a snow plot or snow blower can be extremely strenuous. Most doctors do not recommend jumping into a challenging exercise session if you aren’t used to it. On top of that, shoveling snow is an awkward task, since you are bending and moving in ways that most people don’t bend and move on a daily basis. It is easy to pull or strain muscles.

Don’t forget, you are doing this in less than optimal conditions. You have to contend with cold temperatures and an icy ground.

If you do want to use snow shoveling as a form of exercise, we highly recommend speaking to a doctor first. Make sure you have the right clothing, shoes, and shovel. Also, it sees like overkill, but you should stretch and warm up first, especially if you don’t typically exercise every day. For many people, hiring snow removers is the better option.

I Should Wait Until It is Done Snowing to Shovel… Myth!

Optimally, you will work on removing snow as it happens. This prevents the snow and ice from freezing to the ground, which can make it even harder to remove.

Even if you get a day off from work, most of us unfortunately cannot spend all day outside removing snow as it falls. Instead, leave it to the experts. We’ll use snow removal equipment that makes the job much easier, including snow plows, snow blowers, and professional-grade snow shovels.

It’s Not Important to Shovel or Plow, Because It Will Melt Soon Anyway… Myth!

Here in North Carolina, snow and ice usually don’t hang around too long. Our company spends a lot more time providing lawn care than removing snow! That said, not removing snow can have grave consequences.

In most cities and counties, you have to remove snow if you have a sidewalk in front of your house. If you don’t, you could get a fine from the city. These fines can be very steep and sometimes are issued every single day. Commercial landlords might also issue fines if you don’t remove snow from your business property.

Additionally, if you don’t shovel, you could void your business or homeowner’s insurance policy. These policies protect you if someone is injured on your property, including walking on the sidewalk in front of your home or business. However, the policy might not cover you if you are found negligent. In other words, if you don’t remove the snow in a timely manner, you could face a financially devastating lawsuit.

Why a Snow Removal Contract Makes Sense

We don’t live in a location where it snows every day or even every week during the winter. So, you might be tempted to simply call someone to assist you with snow removal when you need it. In other words, you don’t think about a snow removal plan until your driveway or parking lot is covered with snow.

The better option is to have a snow removal contract. At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we provide annual contracts so you never have to worry about clearing your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. We take the stress out of your winter.

After all, if you wait until the day it is snowing to hire a snow removal company, you might have a hard time finding someone for the job. Like many companies, we are busy taking care of our contract clients first whenever there is a big snow storm. By signing a contact, you’ll be our top priority! Additionally, a contract allows you to know exactly how much your winter outdoor care will cost.

In short, it just makes sense to have a contract. If you don’t, you can still give us a call! We do our best to squeeze in as many new clients as possible, even when the snow is already falling.

Snow Removal Near Me for Businesses and Homeowner’s Associations

We love working one-on-one with homeowners to provide snow removal as well as lawn care around the year. However, we also work with businesses and homeowner’s associations to remove snow in a timely manner. Here’s why you should hire Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. for all your snow plowing and shoveling needs:

  • We get the job done quickly. You don’t have to worry about snow and ice building up and putting your customers or homeowners at risk.
  • Our snow removal equipment is professional-level quality to remove the snow effectively. With small shovels and blowers, some snow and ice could get left behind. We make sure that doesn’t happen. Our job isn’t done until the path is completely clear.
  • We can work your snow removal into a larger annual contract that includes lawn care as well as landscaping options. This helps you save money and gives you peace of mind.
  • As part of our snow plowing service, we’ll use de-icing products on problem areas, which can protect your customers or residents from slipping.
  • By having snow removed quickly and efficiently from your walkways, you can stay ADA compliant. Regulations regarding ADA building access vary from location to location, but snow and ice removal are important to support your disabled customers or residents.

If you’re interested in commercial snow removal, click here to learn more.

What Should You Do to Prepare for Snow?

When you hire our team for snow removal, you have very little work to do even when a major snow storm is on the horizon. That said, here are a few things you can do to make the snow removal operation as fast as possible and prevent and snow or ice damage to your property:

  • Move outdoor furniture and decorations inside if you can. Winter weather can take a toll on outdoor pieces, and our plow trucks can more easily move snow if there aren’t obstacles.
  • Add salt or other de-icing chemicals to areas that are most problematic. In advance of any snow accumulation, adding these products helps snow and ice from sticking to the ground. We recommend salting your entryways and any stairs you have for faster snow removal.
  • Have a plan in place for which areas you want to clear. You should be able to navigate your property well, but you also might not need to shovel every path or plow an entire parking lot. Clear the snow strategically.
  • Think about where the snow should be piled, especially if you are clearing large hardscape areas.

And of course, make sure your snow removal contract is ready to go, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there to clear your property this winter season whenever you need it.

Other Winter Landscaping Tasks

In addition to snow removal, we can assist with other winter landscaping tasks you have. Our team has experience with helping both residential and commercial property owners. During the winter, there isn’t as much outdoor work to be done. That said, you can set yourself up for a great spring and summer if you do some of the work now.

First, we can help you clear any dead brush or trees. Sometimes, it can be hard to know which plants are actually dead and which have just lost their leaves for the winter. Our team has experience with identification so we only remove what actually needs to be removed. We can also clean up any dead leaves that weren’t cleared during the fall months.

This is the best time of the year to prune certain plants as well. As a property owner, you might only think about pruning when plants are lush and full, even becoming a bit overgrown. However, pruning in the winter is the best for the health of the plant in many cases. This allows the plant to flower and grow in the spring like normal. We can look at your plants and bushes to determine if now is the best time to prune them.

Finally, make sure your annual landscape maintenance package is up to date and ready to go for the spring. During the spring and summer, our landscape teams take on as many new clients as possible, but we do of course have limited spots available. Make sure you’re on our list to take care of all your outdoor maintenance needs. Click the “request a quote” button above to get started.

Superior Lawn Care Services Near Me With Proven Results

lawn care services near me

lawn care services near meWinters in North Carolina are fairly mild. Even so, we do experience freezing temperatures and occasional snow causing your grass to go dormant. With grass dormant, it’s easy to ignore your winter landscaping tasks. However, neglecting your lawn in January and February can result in an abundance of weeds in the spring. Instead of ignoring your lawn, hire a lawn care company to do the work for you. When searching for lawn care services near me for residential or commercial properties, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

While lawn care maintenance is a large part of our business, we offer many other services. Have a dying tree on your property? We can remove it before it falls causing damage. Want to install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard? Our design specialists can help envision it. Whether it’s your business or your home, we understand the importance of making a great first impression.

What Is The Difference Between Lawn Care Services And Maintenance?

Searching for a lawn care professional to take care of your yard can be confusing. You might see the words maintenance and care used interchangeably. However, lawn care and maintenance tasks are very different. While some lawn companies may provide both, others may only offer some services.

Generally, maintenance entails tasks that keep your yard looking manicured and clean. This involves mowing, trimming, and edging your lawn. Some maintenance plans may also include leaf removal and applying mulch in garden beds. Whereas lawn care involves all those tasks necessary to keep your grass healthy. Aerating, fertilizing, and applying weed control are some of those tasks.

While these tasks may seem easy, you can damage your plants if done incorrectly. For example, cutting your grass too short puts an enormous amount of stress on your turf. Plant stress can lead to deficiencies in growth, permanent damage, or death of your grass. Similarly, pruning incorrectly can weaken trees making them susceptible to disease and even death.

Even fertilizing can damage your lawn if applied improperly, at the wrong time, or with the wrong nutrients. Too much fertilizer can burn your grass. While too little fertilizer won’t provide the nutrients your plants need. Likewise, using the wrong mix of nutrients can have disastrous results encouraging weed growth. Finally, you must apply fertilizer at the correct time for optimal growth.

We can customize a lawn care maintenance program based on your needs and budget. Moreover, if you prefer organic fertilizers, we can supply them. Additionally, we can care for your flowerbeds so that they bloom beautifully throughout the year.

Isn’t A Lawn Service Expensive?

Consumers consider a product expensive when it costs a lot of money. Typically, customers only look at the upfront price when considering a service. However, time is money, too. Properly caring for your lawn is time-consuming. Thus, you will spend a lot of time trying to maintain a healthy lawn. You could use this time relaxing or enjoying your family.

Moreover, if you make a mistake, it’ll end up costing you more to correct the error. For example, if you use too much fertilizer, you’ll stress your grass. When your lawn is stressed, it’s more susceptible to disease, insects, and weeds. Now you have to buy another product to make your grass healthy again.

Even if you use organic fertilizers or compost, you can create problems if applied incorrectly. Natural fertilizers have the same nutrients as chemical fertilizers. Thus, you can create an imbalance of minerals resulting in an unhealthy lawn.

Take the guesswork out of keeping your lawn healthy and lush. Hire the lawn care services near me trusted by many consumers, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. With over 45 years of combined experience, we’ve been keeping lawns green since 2005.

Why You Need A Professional Lawn Care Service

Although there are many varieties of grass, there are basically only two different types, warm or cool season. Generally, cool-season grasses grow well in the North and warm-season grasses grow well in the South. However, North Carolina lies in the transition zone with extreme temperature swings. Thus, neither type does particularly well in our climate. Cool-season grasses may remain green throughout the winter but then go dormant in the summer under dry conditions. While in the winter, warm-season grasses go dormant.

Warm and cool-season grasses require nutrients at different times of the year. Fertilizing at the wrong time can injure your turf. Moreover, each variety of grass has different needs and tolerances. For a healthy lawn, you need to know what your particular variety requires.

Also, you need to know which nutrients your soil is lacking. Adding too much fertilizer will cause harm, stressing your plants. The added stress makes plants more susceptible to insects and diseases. Moreover, excess fertilizer will wash into groundwater causing environmental issues. Water supplies can become contaminated and excess fertilizer can create algae blooms in waterways.

Finally, a lawn care service has all the equipment to properly care for your yard. You’ll need a mower, edger, trimmer, aerator, and spreader. Good equipment is expensive to buy and maintain. Hiring a lawn care professional relieves you of this financial burden.

How Can I Find A Professional Lawn Care Company?

Lawn maintenance companies offer a variety of services. Before you start searching for a lawn care company, decide what type of service you need. Once you know what you need, you can narrow down your choices depending on the services the company offers.

After selecting a few that meet your criteria, check their online reviews. Most companies should have a website where you can view previous customers’ testimonials. You can also check Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as the BBB.

Often, companies also have social media accounts. Some of these accounts, like Facebook, offer another place for consumers to leave reviews. Landscapers can also use social media accounts to run promotions and post works in progress.

Once you’ve selected a company, call and ask for references. Both current and previous clients will give you a good overview of the company. You can ask about reliability, quality of work, and flexibility.

While it might seem obvious, be sure the company has a current NC landscaper’s license. At Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc, we hold an NC pesticide license in addition to our landscaper’s license. Plus, we’re 100% insured to protect you. Moreover, we hold certifications from the John Deere Landscapes University, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting.

Finally, meet with your landscaper to discuss what you expect from the service. A personal meeting gives you a great first impression of the company. Our owner, Kostas Menegakis, personally meets with all our customers and oversees all projects.

Don’t Neglect Your Yard In The Winter!

To keep driveways and walkways free of ice and snow, consumers often apply de-icing products. Some of these products may contain salt that can damage grass and other plants. Even if you use a plant-friendly de-icing product, your municipality probably doesn’t. Thus, passing motorists may inadvertently splash salty slush onto your property.

One way to minimize salt’s effect is to water your plants as soon as the temperature rises above freezing. Watering areas affected by de-icing products will remove residual salt. If plants do become injured from road brine, you can reverse the damage by applying gypsum.

When you’re shoveling your driveway and walkways, avoid piling up snow. Large piles of snow are dense and heavy crushing and possibly killing the grass beneath it. Furthermore, mounds of snow take longer to melt allowing mold to thrive.

Even if you experience a snowless winter, your lawn can still develop mold. Neglecting to remove autumn leaves from your lawn creates the perfect environment for mold. Wet, decomposing leaves also encourage pest infestation. Keep your lawn healthy by working weekly to remove all leaves.

Additionally, here in North Carolina, it’s not uncommon to experience an ice storm in winter. Ice accumulation adds extra weight to shrubs and trees. Heavy ice can bend your tall shrub to the ground causing it to snap in half. Softwood trees like elm, birch, or silver maple will also incur damage from the weight of ice.

A landscaping company can help you minimize the damaging effects of winter. The professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc can perform all your winter maintenance tasks. We offer leaf and snow removal, pruning, and tree removal as well as all lawn maintenance jobs.

We Can Also Install Hardscapes

Some lawn maintenance companies only care for your plants. However, a landscaping company can provide professional lawn care and a whole lot more. A landscaping service provides an abundance of services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization
  • Pest control
  • Mulch application
  • Pruning
  • Garden design
  • Hardscape installation

As you can see, there’s more to landscaping than just lawn mowing or planting a new shrub. Want to extend your outdoor living space with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace? A professional landscaping service can build hardscapes suited to your needs and budget.

Hardscapes are non-living elements of your landscape. Patios, walkways, driveways, arbors, gazebos, and pergolas are all examples of hardscapes. Your hardscape and plants should tie together seamlessly to provide both beauty and function.

For the past few years, fireplaces have been one of the trendiest backyard improvement projects. Installing a backyard fireplace creates a focal point and adds beauty and value to your home. Plus, you can choose from a variety of materials including brick, concrete, or stone.

Similar to a fireplace, a fire pit also provides warmth and a relaxing atmosphere. You may want to consider a fire pit when you have an amazing view you don’t want to obscure. Moreover, a fire pit is better suited to entertain a larger group of people since it’s open on all sides.

Landscape Solutions can design and build any type of hardscape you need. We can customize every project to meet your needs and budget. Moreover, we can design your hardscape to blend seamlessly with your surrounding yard.

Lawn Care Services Near Me Providing Excellent Service

A well-manicured lawn is eye-catching. However, it takes a lot of work to achieve spectacular results. Grass is a notoriously labor-intensive plant. Yet, you can have a striking yard and still have time for yourself. Use lawn care services near me with remarkable results, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Your yard is more than just a project for us. It’s a place to express your personality and create a relaxing haven. Our passion is to create your perfect outdoor oasis. We meticulously address every detail so that you’re completely satisfied. Plus, our software allows you to see the finished project before we begin.

Let us do all the hard work for you! Call us at 336-442-0160 for a free estimate. We’re a full-service landscaping company with an abundance of services. A well-designed garden is a place for happiness.