What You Need To Know About How To Install Fake Grass

How To Install Fake Grass

How To Install Fake GrassToday’s modern Americans are tired of spending money and time on their lawns. No matter how much water or fertilizer they apply, they’re still left with unsightly brown patches. One solution many homeowners are choosing with greater frequency is artificial turf. If you think only Western U.S. residents are searching for how to install fake grass, think again. Many homeowners in North Carolina are too.


6 Top Reasons To Install Artificial Turf

Fake grass offers many great benefits. Below, we take a look at some of the more popular arguments for installing fake turf.

1. Spend less time Doing Yardwork

Keeping your lawn looking great is a time-consuming task. On average, Americans spend about 32 hours a month on yard work. Mowing, trimming, edging, watering, and fertilizing are tasks you’ll no longer need to do after installing fake grass.

2. Long Term Cost Savings

Have you ever added up your monthly costs to maintain your lawn? In 2020, the average homeowner spent about $155 on lawn and garden supplies. Furthermore, this figure doesn’t include the expense of maintaining your equipment.

3. Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Many North Carolinians suffer from allergies and grass is one of the most common causes of symptoms. Typically, grass allergy season lasts from the middle of spring until autumn. By replacing your grass with fake turf, you may alleviate many of your symptoms.

4. Looks Green All Year Round

Generally, a green expanse of lawn has been associated with success and wealth. Thus, a nice-looking yard evokes a certain attractiveness or curb appeal. However, during droughts or seasonal changes, natural grass will turn brown.

5. Long Lasting And Durable

Insects and animals can destroy your beautiful turf into an ugly mess in just a few weeks. However, artificial turf is naturally resistant to garden pests. Moreover, fake grass is stain and fade-resistant. Plus, many products last between 15- 20 years.

6. You’ll Increase The Value Of Your Home

Assessing a home’s value involves many factors. However, when you combine all the benefits, many potential buyers realize the added value of artificial grass.

It’s All About The Base

Usually, the success of many landscaping projects starts with the base, and laying artificial turf is no exception. First, a failure to address drainage issues can shorten the life of your fake grass. Furthermore, a poorly installed base can cause wrinkles and uneven surfaces.

To begin with, you must remove all vegetation and dig down to a depth of about 4 inches. Next, you’ll need to fill in this area with about 3 inches of gravel. Compacted gravel provides a level surface and great drainage. Then, laying down geotextile or landscaping fabric will help keep weeds from popping through your fake grass.

When laying your turf, make sure each section has the blades facing the same direction. Moreover, follow correct seaming procedures to avoid visible lines or ruptures.

Another great aspect of fake turf is you can also install it on patios, decks, or concrete. However, these hard surfaces will require some additional consideration.

For example, concrete doesn’t allow for drainage. Thus, you’ll need to include plans to direct water out from under your artificial turf. Additionally, these hard surfaces can cause injury. Installing foam underneath your artificial grass can help cushion a fall.

FAQs About How To Install Fake Grass

Do you have questions about how to install fake grass in your yard? We’d be happy to discuss your landscaping plans during a free consultation. Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions.

Is Artificial Turf Safe For My Kids And Pets?

Comparatively, artificial turf may be safer than the real thing. Manufacturers use antimicrobial material to repel bacteria and viruses. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about toxins or chemicals like those found in fertilizers and weed killers.

Additionally, over time, natural grass can develop slight dips from settling and burrowing animals. Even slight depressions in your yard can pose a tripping hazard. However, the base of fake grass provides an extraordinary level surface. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting grass stains out of your children’s clothes again.

What Is Infill And Why Do I Need It?

After laying your artificial grass, you need a product to keep the turf weighted down and blades standing upright. This is the purpose of infill, to fill in the spaces between the fibers to achieve a full, lush look. Furthermore, infill helps protect your fake turf’s foundation for a longer-lasting product.

Can I Save Money With A DIY Installation?

While you may save on installation costs, you could end up with a sloppy, inferior-looking yard. Inadequate base preparation can result in an uneven, bumpy surface. Plus, digging for the base can be difficult, grueling work. And what should you do about those tree roots?

Furthermore, if you have a large area, you’ll have to tackle seaming. Joining cuts of artificial turf together is technically demanding. Professionals know how to make seams invisible while DIYers often have lines running through their yards.

So, before you start researching how to install fake grass, call the professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Since 2005, we’ve been helping business owners and homeowners transform their properties. Design, maintenance, hardscapes, or softscapes, we can help you with all your landscaping needs. If you have a landscaping problem, we have the solution!

Plus, we’re currently running an unbelievable special! From now until December 31, 2022, save $500 off a custom-built fire pit. Call us at 336-442-0160 today to book your free consultation!

Read This Before You Buy Retaining Wall Blocks Near Me

retaining wall blocks near me

retaining wall blocks near meA steeply sloping yard can reduce the enjoyment of your home. It can be difficult to mow and walk on. Plus, you have to worry about water runoff and soil erosion. Usually, many homeowners will install a retaining wall to terrace and level a steeply graded yard. Yet, before you start searching for prices for retaining wall blocks near me, let’s review some information.



Benefits Of A Retaining Wall

Challenging grades make your yard less functional and unattractive. However, adding retaining walls can offer several distinct advantages:

1. Create Attractive Spaces

Hardscapes, like retaining walls, add an attractive element to your landscape. The texture and color of your wall can create beauty and drama. Moreover, a retaining wall can carve out functional spaces from unusable slopes.

2. Avoid Dangers Of Mowing Slopes

Mowing a sloped yard can be very difficult. Often, using a lawn mower on uneven terrain can even be dangerous. With more than 75,000 lawn mowing accidents per year, you may want to consider a retaining wall.

3. Divert Rain Water

Occasionally, the Piedmont area will experience torrential rain. A poorly sloped yard can cause the pooling of water resulting in dead patches of grass. Building a retaining wall can divert water to properly manage it.

4. Eliminate Erosion

Slopes allow water to flow downhill taking dirt with it. Typically, the faster the water flows, the greater the destruction. However, a retaining wall can prevent erosion by diverting and slowing the flow of water.

5. Reduce Potential Property Damage

Even if your yard has only a slight slope towards your home, water can still compromise your foundation. Concrete, the most popular foundation material, is porous. This allows water to seep inside. Constant water flowing towards your house will destroy your foundation, sometimes in a matter of months.

5. Increase Your Property Value

Generally, an investment in a high-quality landscaping project increases your curb appeal and home’s value. Similar to other hardscape elements, a retaining wall adds function and beauty.

Building A Retaining Wall

Ultimately, the longevity and durability of your wall depend on understanding some design and construction principles:

  • Leveling and compacting the base
  • Counteracting gravity and pressure
  • Controlling water

Similar to other types of hardscape elements, the success of your project begins with a good base. Your structure must sit in a level compacted foundation that can support the weight of the wall. Crushed stone is a good choice because it’s strong and provides drainage.

Moreover, you must incorporate certain engineering principles to counteract gravity and the pressure of the dirt behind it. Using a “step-back” construction allows your wall to push against the dirt it’s holding back.

Finally, you must provide proper drainage. Too much water can wash out your base material or build up behind your wall. Water-saturated soil will apply incredible pressure to your wall that even the best constructed structure can’t withstand.

Unfortunately, making a mistake in part of your construction can cause your wall to lean or even topple.

Best Material

Often, you’ll see retaining walls built of timber, stone, or brick. However, for strength, durability, and low maintenance, you can’t beat concrete.

Most homeowners are familiar with concrete pavers. These versatile concrete blocks are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. Pavers work best as an accent or garden wall. Generally, you have a maximum height restriction with concrete pavers depending on the type of block.

For taller retaining walls, you’ll need to use full-sized concrete blocks. Although hollow, these blocks are very heavy and usually require special equipment to install. Full-sized concrete blocks are also available in many colors and textures.

Retaining Wall Blocks Near Me – FAQs

Before you start shopping for retaining wall blocks near me to build your structure, browse our FAQs section. Like many homeowners, you may decide a professional can build it better, faster, and safer.

How Thick Should I Make My Retaining Wall?

Often, it’s not so simple for a landscaper to give a one-size-fits-all answer. A well-designed and built hardscape requires knowledge of types of soils and groundwater levels. The landscaper must also consider the grading of the land and the height of the wall. Only after surveying your property and discussing your needs can the landscaper answer this question.

What Happens If I Don’t Like My New Wall?

Many landscaping companies show projects to their clients using flat 2D drawings. Yet, many homeowners have trouble imagining their finished project from a piece of paper. Sometimes, misunderstandings arise leaving the customer unhappy.

However, at Landscape Solutions, we want you to love your remodeled yard. Thus, we use realistic 3D software showing multiple angles and times of the day. With our software, you’ll see a detailed picture with color and texture.

Is it Worth It To Hire A Professional?

Definitely! Many times, after spending tons of money and time on your project, it’s a pale comparison to your vision. Perhaps, your material choice doesn’t integrate with the rest of your yard. Or, you now have water running and pooling elsewhere on your property.

However, hiring a professional will ensure you choose the right material and location for your structure. Plus, a landscaper can assess your soil to create the proper foundation.

Rather than shopping for retaining wall blocks near me, call Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. We’re a full-service landscaping company with over 45 years of combined experience. Plus, we give free no obligation estimates for all our projects. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to set up your appointment.

How Much are Retaining Walls and Are They Worth the Cost?

how much are retaining walls

how much are retaining wallsIf you are dealing with an erosion problem, you might be wondering, “How much are retaining walls? Are they worth the cost?” Here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have an experienced team full of fully licensed and insured technicians who can help you make the best decisions for your property. We can determine if a retaining wall makes the best sense for you and if the cost is worth the value.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Simply put, retaining walls hold back (aka “retain”) soil. They work to prevent erosion, as well as make land grading possible for a more functional landscape. Think about it: would you rather have a steep slope in your front or backyard or a series of tiers that allow you to have more usable space? They make any sloped yard easier to manage.

We build retaining walls for both functional and aesthetic reasons. However, in most cases, we focus on functionality first and foremost. Your new retaining wall can hold back several tons (yes, tons!) of soil. Additionally, retaining walls are unique landscape solutions for drainage for your property.

In terms of aesthetics, we believe that retaining walls can be as beautiful as they are practical. We can build retaining walls out of a variety of materials, such as brick, stamped concrete, or landscaping stone. If you aren’t sure which will work best for your landscape, don’t worry! We can show you mock-ups using our innovative 3D software, which helps you get a sense for what the final build will look like. This allows you to rest assured that you will love your new landscape design.

How Much Are Retaining Walls?

One of the biggest questions our clients always have whenever they are thinking about a new landscaping project is, of course, what will it cost? The price tag on a retaining wall project can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors including the following:

  • How long and tall the wall will be
  • The materials you choose
  • Whether there is an old wall we will be removing
  • If the land needs to be leveled (graded) heavily
  • How accessible it is for us to get to the area where we’ll be building the retaining wall
  • Permits required by your city or county
  • If you want us to do additional landscaping around your new retaining wall

The national average cost of a retaining wall is $5700. However, keep in mind that your actual cost could be higher or lower depending on the above factors, especially the size of the wall. We’ll talk about cost during our initial no-strings-attached meeting so you can make sure you’re comfortable with the cost.

Retaining Wall Value

While you might initial be asking “how much are retaining walls?” you might instead want to ask “what is the value?” Landscaping walls can actually save you money in the long run! Here are a few ways retaining walls can help pay for themselves:

  • A well-landscaped yard can increase your property value and help your home sell faster if you are thinking about putting it on the market in the future.
  • These structures prevent erosion, which means you’ll have less soil and mulch to clean up and re-purchase, even after major storms.
  • You can prevent accidents, since you don’t have to worry about eroding soil and debris on walkways.
  • You can add drainage that diverts water properly, which means you’ll spend less money replacing dying plants or irrigating dry areas of your property.
  • They can actually help prevent your home from flooding, since they can divert water during heavy storms.

Best of all, when you work with our team, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to build one. We have experience building retaining walls of all sizes, including for both residential and commercial properties. We’ll make sure you get the most value for your money whenever you hire us for a landscaping project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would be happy to answer your every question during a free consultation. Here are a few frequently asked questions about retaining walls and our company to help you get started:

How long does it take to build a retaining wall?

We make every attempt to get projects done as quickly as possible, but we won’t cut corners. When we meet with you, we’ll give you our best estimation based on the size and complexity of your retaining wall project.

Can you take on other landscaping projects to make my retaining wall look better?

If you’re interested in several hardscape ideas for backyards, we can help! In addition to retaining walls, we also build outdoor kitchens, patios, walkways, and more. We can also plant flowers and shrubs, create irrigated gardening areas, and even build outdoor fireplaces. Our team is passionate about helping you turn your property into a beautiful oasis. Retaining walls are just the beginning!

What sets you apart from other landscaping companies?

We are a local team and our owner, Kostas, takes a hands-on approach to every project, big or small. From the day we first meet with you to discuss your needs to the day the project is completed, we stay in close communication to ensure you are happy every step of the way. Unlike many other lawn care companies, we have a contractor’s license, several certifications, and education in how to build high-quality hardscapes. We’re more than just the people who mow your grass; we’re the complete landscape package!

From small yards that just need a little maintenance and TLC to large commercial projects, we have a track record of keeping our customers happy. We’d love to work with you too. Click here to contact us today.

Need Professional Artificial Turf Installation Near Me?

artificial turf installation near me

artificial turf installation near meAre you tired of spending tons of hours and gobs of money on your lawn? You fertilize, water, and mow and yet your lawn still has brown spots? Perhaps it’s time to consider professional artificial turf installation near me from Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.




The Grass Is Always Green With Artificial Turf

Originally, the Ford Foundation funded Monsanto Industries to create a playing surface to replace concrete in urban areas. Sports organizations took notice of this new product to combat the problem of dying grass in fully enclosed stadiums. In 1966, the Houston Astrodome became the first to incorporate this revolutionary product.

Today, technological advances give manufacturers the ability to closely replicate the feel, performance, and safety of real grass. Moreover, artificial turf has moved from the sports arena to residences. Many homeowners appreciate the extra time they don’t spend maintaining live grass while enjoying a beautiful green space.

Plus, homeowners who use artificial grass enjoy huge cash savings on water bills, fertilizers, and other lawn treatment products. In addition, artificial turf produces no allergens causing runny noses, itchy eyes, or coughing.

Best Places To Use Artificial Turf

Today’s synthetic grass is available in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors making it more realistic. Typically, many people find it difficult to tell it apart from the real thing. Not only does it look authentic, but it’s also soft enough to walk on it barefoot. Plus, it bounces back up when you walk on it just like natural blades do.

Additionally, as a landscaping element, you can use synthetic grass to break up stretches of hardscapes. Moreover, you can use artificial turf anywhere grass grows and places you can’t get grass to grow:

  • Heavy traffic areas
  • Small, hard-to-mow areas
  • Pet areas
  • Kids’ play areas
  • Pool deck
  • Hillsides
  • Walkways

Generally, maintenance of your synthetic lawn takes much less time than the real thing. However, you will need to remove any yard debris such as leaves or twigs. Additionally, you’ll need to hose it down once a week to remove dust and dirt.

Finally, even fake grass high traffic areas can become compressed. You can rejuvenate these areas by sweeping your synthetic blades with a turf broom.

Use Professional Installation For Beautiful Results

Many homeowners think laying down artificial turf is easy – until they attempt it. DIYers can easily make mistakes resulting in an uneven lawn or obvious seams. Whereas a professional installer can flawlessly create a swathe of green:

1. Installation Is Quicker

How much time do you have to devote to this project? A landscaper can install your synthetic grass in a short time so you can enjoy your yard again. Plus, you won’t have to deal with rocky soil or bumpy, exposed tree roots.

2. Specialized Tooling

Often, when starting a DIY project, homeowners don’t consider all the tools they’ll need:

  • Tamper
  • Pick ax
  • Turf puller
  • Trolley
  • Gripper
  • Power brush

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars just buying the equipment for installation! Plus, you’ll probably never use many of them again.

3. Materials Expertise

Have you shopped around for synthetic turf? If you haven’t, then you probably aren’t aware of all your options.

Manufacturers use several materials to produce a variety of turf to suit different purposes:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon

Additionally, the blades are available in short, medium, or long lengths. You’ll also need to consider the density or stitch count. This is the number of blades per square inch of turf.

Finally, you need to pick the color. In addition to a large spectrum of green shades, you can also choose pink, turquoise, purple, orange, yellow, or blue.

Confused? After discussing your needs, a professional can recommend a product perfect for your home and family.

4. Proper Installation

Correct artificial turf installation is much more than just rolling out the product. Professionals use certain techniques to achieve a natural-looking lawn.

For example, you must make sure the pile of each section faces the same direction otherwise you’ll have noticeable seams. Moreover, you must properly secure your seams or they’ll end up coming apart.

Artificial Turf Installation Near Me – FAQs

Do you have questions about artificial turf installation near me? Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions. If you have others, call us at 336-442-0160 and one of our friendly staff members will help you.

Can I Lay Artificial Grass On Soil?

You can lay artificial grass on many surfaces including concrete and soil. However, you cannot put synthetic turf over natural grass. Once the grass dies, you’ll have an uneven surface affecting your artificial grass’s integrity and longevity.

If you have existing grass, you must destroy it down to the roots. Then you must remove all the dead vegetation before putting down your synthetic turf.

Do Weeds Grow Through Fake Grass?

Usually, properly installed artificial turf won’t support weed growth. However, there’s a very small possibility weeds may grow through the drainage holes in the backing of the product. Sometimes, too, weeds will grow in the sand infill installers used when installing turf. Usually, these weeds are very easy to remove.

How Much Does Turf Cost?

Generally, 4 factors determine the cost of artificial turf installation near me:

  • Size of the area
  • Soil condition
  • Material choice
  • Labor costs

Of course, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. offers a free consultation for every project. During our meeting, we’ll inspect your yard and discuss your needs. Then, we’ll give you an estimate for your project.

Yet, we’re more than just artificial turf installers. We’re a full-service landscape company offering everything you need to make your yard beautiful:

Why wait to create a backyard paradise? Call us at 336-442-0160 to start your project today!

Gorgeous Sloped Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

sloped front yard landscaping

sloped front yard landscapingWhile a sloped property gives you some challenges, the right sloped front yard landscaping can boost your curb appeal. It’s all about choosing a landscaping design team who isn’t afraid to get creative. At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have experience helping both residential and commercial clients make the most of whatever their property has to offer. Here in North Carolina, sloped front yards actually are not super uncommon, so don’t worry; we have several landscaping ideas you can use to make your home’s exterior look gorgeous.

Be Smart About Your Plants and Mulching

A sloped front yard landscaping design doesn’t have to include plants and mulching. However, if you love green spaces, we’ll help you choose the plants that make the most sense. We’ll design your landscape in order to keep the soil in place in addition to looking beautiful.

Mulch makes sense if you have a gentle slope. Shredded bark is a great mulch option, since it breaks down slowly and gives you the stability needed with a sloped yard. As an added bonus, it is also a relatively inexpensive option and it is an environmentally-friendly by-product from other industries.

With steeper slopes, mulch may just wash away. Instead, you’ll want to choose a mix of plants that provide ground cover and plants with deep roots to provide stability. Creeping red fescue, creeping phlox, Virginia creeper, broad beech fern, and many native wildflowers are among the plants that are good for providing ground cover here in North Carolina. Rhododendron, winterberry, and other medium to large shrubby plants native to our area, as well as trees, are best for providing stability.

Add Retaining Walls to Create Tiers

If you have more than a gentle slope, you’re going to want a retaining wall. For large properties, it often makes sense to use a series of retaining walls for a tiered approach. We can grade your yard into large “steps” each with its own stone, concrete, or brick retaining wall. This gives you areas to add plants or large landscape decor. It also provides more stability to your slope, since a single retaining wall for a large sloped area has to hold back several tons of soil.

When you work with the Landscape Solutions & Design team, we ensure that you love the look of your new tiered retaining walls. We can incorporate outdoor lighting, for example, to highlight the beauty of your yard. Additionally, we can add built-in seating to take the place of railings, which are required in some areas depending on your retaining wall height. For material, we have many options available, including stamped concrete and various types/colors of stone and brick.

Build a Deck or Porch

Usually, customers build hardscapes like decks, porches, and patios at the back of a home, but if you have a steep front yard, it might make sense to build a tiered hardscape in the front instead. This eliminates the need to mow on a steep slope. It’s also a great option if you don’t care for outdoor maintenance such as mulching and weeding (though we can take care of those tasks for you as well).

We have several decking material options to match your home’s style. This includes an easy-to-maintain vinyl material called Tufdek. We are currently the only Authorized Tufdek Dealer in North Carolina. This is an extremely durable and waterproof option that comes in a wide range of colors including “cool step” color options that give you a cooler surface even during the hottest summer days here in the south.

Create a Rock Garden for Stability and Ease

Another unique option for a steeply sloped landscape is to create a rock garden. We’re not talking about smaller mulch-sized rocks. Those can be a good option to help control erosion. However, to make a real statement, you can also choose very large rocks, strategically places to provide stability for your landscape.

Often, large rocks are a good option if you can’t plant large trees. They can also work well while you are waiting for trees to grow. We recommend using large rocks in conjunction with ground cover plants, shrubs, and mulch, to create a cohesive landscape design.

FAQs about Hiring a Company to Help with Your Sloped Front Yard Landscaping

It can be hard to deal with a sloped front yard. Landscaping any yard can be complicated, but a steep slope is especially tough to manage. We have confidence that we can create a landscape you love, like we do for our other happy clients. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our landscaping services. Here are a few FAQs to get you started:

How do I know I’ll like my finished landscape design?

We use innovative 3D design programs to give you a realistic look of your property. This allows you to really inspect and approve our designs before we start the work. Our design programs are so detailed that we can even add outdoor furniture, people, and pets to give you a real sense of the space.

What other special features can you add to my landscape?

We love helping our clients with unique landscaping features. This includes water features such as waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, walkways, and more

How much does landscaping cost?

Landscaping costs depend on a number of factors such as the size of your yard, the amount of grading we need to do, the features you choose, and more. We’ll talk about budget during our free initial meeting so you know exactly what to expect. Click here to contact us so we can give you a free quote for your sloped front yard landscaping.

Important Reasons To Hire A Lawn Care Winston Salem Company

Lawn Care Winston Salem

Lawn Care Winston SalemDepending on the size of your yard, it may take you a few hours a week to keep it trimmed. Add on some other basic lawn care services and the hours you spend may equal a part-time job. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something else? When you need a lawn care Winston Salem company, choose Landscape Solution & Design, Inc.

The Basics Of Good Lawn Care

Having a beautiful green lawn provides more benefits than just curb appeal. Grass provides oxygen, traps dust, and removes pollutants from the water as it moves through the soil.

Yet, even basic lawn care involves many steps:

  • Testing your soil
  • Fertilizing
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Dethatching
  • Aerating
  • Overseeding
  • Managing disease and pests

Unfortunately, watering to maintain a green lawn has come under fire from some conservationists for misusing a finite resource. However, utilizing smart watering practices can preserve our supply and keep your grass healthy.

Basically, established lawns only need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to promote a strong root system. During periods of drought, water in the morning for less evaporation. Moreover, you can employ smart irrigation systems to detect the level of moisture in your soil to prevent overwatering.

In addition to overwatering, you can make a mistake by using the wrong fertilizer or mowing incorrectly. All too often, you can easily invite disease and insects to invade your lawn.

The Value Of A Lawn Care Service

The grass is always greener once you don’t have to mow a lawn anymore. -R. K. Milholland

Usually, many homeowners underestimate the value of hiring a lawn care service. Thinking they can save themselves a few bucks, they often end up with less than desirable results. Below, you’ll find our top reasons you need to hire a Lawn Care Winston Salem company:

1. Lawn Mowing

Typically, lawn mowing is a time-consuming project. Moreover, incorrect techniques can harm your grass. Plus, there’s the additional time and expense of maintaining your equipment.

2. Spot And Address Problems Early

If you notice any brown or dead grass, do you know what to do? Is your grass suffering from compacted soil, disease, or lack of nutrients? A professional will know exactly what your lawn needs and treat it early.

3. Save You Time And Money

You can waste a lot of time researching to find the best products. Then, you still have to apply it. If you misdiagnose the issue, you need to start all over again.

4. Apply Products At The Proper Time

Typically, the timing of applying fertilizer depends on the variety of grass you’re growing. If you apply fertilizer when your grass is still dormant, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

Additionally, fertilizing your lawn during hot summer months could burn your grass. Finally, applying fertilizer before a big rainstorm could wash nutrients away.

5. Commercial-Grade Products

Usually, you can’t compare retail with commercial-grade products and equipment available to professionals. A lawn care service can deliver highly-effective products quicker and more accurately.

6. Achieve Professional Results

You can get a lush green lawn on your own. However, you’ll need to spend hours upon hours of work to get there. Wouldn’t you rather just hire someone to do it for you?

The Role Of Hardscapes In Your Landscape

While a wide swath of green is spacious, it can be rather uninspiring. Adding hardscapes can introduce dimension and beauty to a wide-open yard along with many other benefits:

  • Conserve water
  • Lower maintenance tasks
  • Expand living space
  • Increase the value of your home

By replacing some of your lawn with a patio, you have less grass to water. Moreover, hardscapes require much less maintenance than live plants. Add some furniture to your outdoor area and you’ve increased your living space. Finally, a patio is a very popular feature among homebuyers effectively adding value to your home.

Often, driveways, walkways, and patios make up the bulk of hardscape features homeowners utilize. Yet, you can install many other different hardscape elements:

Each adds distinctive beauty to an otherwise drab yard.

Lawn Care Winston Salem – FAQs

Are you looking for a lawn care Winston Salem company to fit your needs? To help you in your search, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions below.

My Yard Is Full Of Weeds. How Much Will A Lawn Treatment Cost?

Usually, any professional lawn company bases treatment costs on the following factors:

  • Size of your yard
  • Type of product needed
  • Frequency of treatment

Typically, a lawn care professional cannot give you a quote without looking at your yard to determine the treatment plan. At Landscape Solutions, we give a free no-obligation quote for all our projects.

Do You Provide Services For Commercial Property?

Yes! We have all the equipment necessary to service your commercial property. Moreover, about 40% of our clients are businesses. Plus, some of our business customers also entrust us with their private residences.

Does Your Company Just Provide Lawn Mowing Services?

As a full-service landscaping company, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can handle all your outdoor needs:

  • Lawn care
  • Hardscapes
  • Irrigation system
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Tree trimming
  • Mulching
  • Snow removal
  • And more!

Our three fully-equipped crews cover the greater Piedmont area, including:

  • Greensboro
  • Summerfield
  • Archdale
  • Belews Creek
  • Winston-Salem
  • Lake Norman

Have you been thinking about hiring a lawn care service to free up your time? Now’s the time to do it!

Moreover, if you simply don’t want to deal with grass at all anymore, ask us about our artificial turf installation!

Call us today at 336-442-0160 to set up your free no-obligation visit.

Avoid Catastrophe With A Greensboro Lawn Care Company

greensboro lawn care

greensboro lawn care While everyone wants a beautifully landscaped yard, not everyone wants to spend their time nurturing their grass. Think of it, weekend after weekend you could be having fun instead of tending to your lawn. When searching for trustworthy Greensboro lawn care, call upon Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Basic Steps To A Lush, Green Lawn

A healthy, green lawn takes work all year round. Below, we’ve outlined the steps you need to take to achieve a lush landscape.


1. Aerating

Generally, you should aerate your lawn before the growing season. Usually, North Carolina homeowners grow cool and warm season grass depending on the region. So, knowing what type of grass you have growing in your yard is essential.

For cool season grasses, you should aerate your lawn in late summer. While warm season grasses will benefit from aeration in early spring.

If you’re thinking of aerating with a spike tool, keep in mind professional results require a core plug aerator. Core aerators remove a plug of soil effectively loosening soil. While spike aerators push soil to the sides without removing any dirt.

2. Application Of Fertilizer And Herbicide

Grass requires particular nutrients to grow and thrive. Often, your soil will contain some of these nutrients. However, grass usually uses the soil’s nourishment faster than nature can replace it. Thus, for a healthy, lush lawn, you’ll need to apply fertilizer regularly to replenish basic grass nutrients.

Moreover, you can’t stop weed seeds from entering your yard. Some weeds are extremely invasive and aggressive, taking over your lawn quickly. However, routinely using an herbicide can help manage those pesky weeds. Often you can apply both fertilizer and herbicide at the same time.

3. Dethatching

Thatch is an accumulation of grass stems, leaves, and roots. While a thin layer of thatch is beneficial, a thick layer will damage your lawn. Excessive thatch buildup occurs from the following:

  • Acidic soil
  • Overfertilization
  • Certain pesticides
  • Particular species of grass

Ultimately, a thick layer of thatch will slowly kill your grass by blocking water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. As water collects within this layer, roots begin to suffocate from a lack of air. It’s also a good place for insects and pathogens.

Typically, you only need to dethatch when the layer becomes too thick. Usually, you’ll need to perform the task when the thatch exceeds 1 inch.

4. Overseeding

Often, disease, insects, or drought will produce bare spots on your lawn. Usually, healthy grass won’t spread to your barren areas. Any bare soil is an open invitation for weeds to start growing.

However, simply throwing seeds on exposed dirt probably won’t give you the results you want. First, you must remedy the underlying issue causing the barren patch.

5. Watering

North Carolina summers are hot and dry making it a challenge to keep your lawn green. While some grass varieties will go dormant and brown, others are very drought resistant.

Several telltale signs will tell you your lawn needs water. Your grass may be dull with a bluish-gray color. Furthermore, the grass blades will lose their elasticity allowing them to bounce back when trod.

6. Mowing

Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of correctly mowing the lawn. Repeated incorrect mowing techniques can severely damage making it more susceptible to disease, drought, and insects.

Practices such as mowing too short, in the same pattern, or with dull blades put stress on your grass. Stressing your lawn out in the heat of the summer can allow weeds to gain a foothold.

Greensboro Lawn Care – FAQs

Dozens of Greensboro lawn care companies exist within our local area. So, how do you know which one is best for you? To help you decide, we’ve answered a few of our most commonly asked questions.

What Should I Look For in A Greensboro Lawn Care Company?

Typically, Americans lead very busy lives. Thus, in all likelihood, many of your neighbors already use a lawn care service. So, begin your search by asking these homeowners about their level of satisfaction with their Greensboro lawn care services.

Once you have a few names, you’ll want to compare the levels of services each offers. Unfortunately, there isn’t any industry standard to help you compare landscaping companies. To one business, their standard lawn care package may only include weekly mowing. While another may include trimming and edging. Thus, be specific in questioning what your monthly service fee includes.

Additionally, before you hire any company, check to make sure your choice has a license and insurance. Without proper insurance, you could be liable for any injuries workers sustain while working on your property.

What Does It Cost To Maintain A Healthy Lawn?

Before we can answer this question, we need to view the property and discuss the types of services you want. For example, you may have a yard full of weeds requiring extensive work. To remedy this, we’ll need to evaluate your soil to determine the pH level and nutrient condition. Thus, we offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and budget.

Are Hardscapes A Good Investment?

Hardscapes, those non-living elements of your landscaping can elevate your yard from nice to spectacular. While form and function are the main parts of hardscaping, the right design can also be aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, adding hardscapes can increase your outdoor enjoyment as well as the property value.

Since Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company, we can help you with any type of hardscape:

We’ve been transforming both commercial and residential properties within the Triad area since 2005.

Whether you need design, installation, or maintenance we’re the company for you. Call us at 336-442-0160 to schedule your free no-obligation quote.

Amazing Backyard Concrete Ideas For Function And Beauty

backyard concrete ideas

backyard concrete ideasTypically, homeowners use concrete to create backyard patios. A versatile hardscape element, the patio is a multifunctional “must-have” for any yard. When searching for great backyard concrete ideas, visit the site of Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.





7 Great Ways To Use Your Concrete Backyard Patio

Generally, historians date the introduction of the American backyard patio to just after WWII. Back then, homes had a simple, poured concrete slab with a grill or picnic table. Today, patios are often an aesthetically pleasing outdoor room. Cushioned seating, lighting, and accessories help you create additional living space.

Below, we offer different ideas on how to use your patio:

1. Entertainment Area

If you do a lot of entertaining, you want a space for your guests to relax and mingle. Comfortable seating with a splash of color invites your friends to sit and stay. Add some ambient lighting and the party can continue after the sun sets.

2. Location For Your Firepit/Fireplace

You need a flat, even, and durable surface for a fire feature. Patios provide the perfect location for a fire pit or fireplace. Moreover, if you like to entertain, a fire feature provides the right ambiance on a chilly night.

3. Dining Area

Virtually everyone loves eating al fresco, especially if you have a view or a beautifully landscaped yard. Setting up a table and chairs on a patio ensures your furniture won’t sink into the soft dirt. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about chair legs tearing up your grass as your guests adjust their seats.

4. A Spot For Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen requires a solid base. While you can use a deck, you need to check the amount of weight your deck can handle. On the other hand, a patio offers a strong, solid base for any size outdoor kitchen.

5. Your Private Oasis

Patios are an excellent choice for creating a casual, relaxing area. Of course, comfortable seating is a must. Yet, you might want to consider adding a pergola for shade. Also, adding potted plants like leafy tropicals and colorful flowers bring color, scents, and interesting forms to your area.

6. Create Visual Interest

Gone are the days when your only patio choice was a drab, gray slab. Today, you can stamp and stain concrete for a luxurious eye-catching finish. Both techniques mimic more expensive materials at a lower price point than most other materials.

Alternatively, you can use concrete pavers to build your patio. With different shapes, colors, and textures available, you can create a seemingly endless array of patterns.

7. Build Multiple Patios To Divide Your Yard By Activity

Who says you can only have one patio in your backyard? Not us! Multi-level patios work great in yards with slopes, carving out flat spaces. Additionally, multiple patios segment your space into separate outdoor rooms.

Backyard Patio Materials

Now that you’re excited by the possibilities, you’re ready to begin the construction of your patio. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make concerning your hardscape is the material.

While some homeowners choose stone, tile, or brick, the most popular option is concrete. This material is economical and durable. Moreover, it’s extremely versatile when you consider stamping or pavers.

Generally, stamped concrete is very adaptable and can mimic stone, tile, brick, and wood. Contractors achieve a beautiful finish by adding a coloring agent and tamping molds into the wet surface. When installed correctly, stamped concrete offers a durable and long-lasting surface.

Another popular patio choice is concrete pavers. Although more expensive than poured concrete, pavers are stronger and less prone to cracking. Plus, pavers offer easier repairs and just as many design options.

Backyard Concrete Ideas FAQs

Embarking on any backyard project can seem intimidating. Thus, we’ve answered a few questions concerning your backyard concrete ideas.

Does Concrete Require Maintenance?

Whatever material you choose for your patio, you’ll need to do some maintenance. Typically, leaves, twigs, and dirt will accumulate on your outdoor space. If you fail to remove debris, it can cause staining.

Additionally, most materials require resealing periodically to keep your patio looking like new. Be sure to check with your installer on the maintenance necessary for your hardscape.

Are My Backyard Concrete Ideas For A New Patio Limited By Shape?

Absolutely not! No matter which material you choose, we can design any shape patio to fit your yard.

Usually, formal or contemporary gardens benefit from a square or rectangular patio. Generally, round patios are free-standing with an eye-catching focal point. Many homeowners choose to place a fire or water feature at the center.

Finally, free-form patios give the yard an organic vibe suited to informal gardens. Usually, free-form patios are asymmetric and can incorporate rounded or angular lines.

How Expensive Is A New Patio?

If you want a new patio, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can make it happen. We can work with any size budget and yard. Plus, we offer multiple financing options offered through GreenSky.

Best of all, we can show you how your new patio will look before we begin constructing your project. Our unique 3D software allows you to view your project from different angles and at different times of the day.

In addition, we can help you with any other landscaping issues you need to fix. From hardscapes to softscapes, our team can tackle anything your yard needs.

Book your free no-obligation quote today by calling 336-442-0160. And get ready to have your backyard transformed!

Our Favorite Backyard Waterfall Designs for Every Budget

Backyard Waterfall Designs

Backyard Waterfall Designs Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we love creating backyard oases for our clients. One of the best ways to turn a boring backyard into a showstopper is to install a water feature. They create a huge splash (pun intended!) without breaking the bank. We have backyard waterfall designs to fit every budget and style, and would love to speak with you about your waterfall project.



Types of Backyard Water Features

Most people who want a backyard water feature think of either a pond or a traditional waterfall. However, there are many options you can consider outside of the norm. Here are a few of our favorite residential water features you can consider:

  • Pondless waterfalls – these are great to save space of if you don’t want to maintain a large pond. The waterfall will disappear into rocks that look like a natural part of the environment. As an added bonus, pondless waterfalls can be safer for families in some cases.
  • Koi Ponds with Waterfalls – if you love fish and wildlife this is the way to go! That said, keep in mind there are special maintenance requirements for koi ponds, or any pond where you introduce fish.
  • Water Fountains – instead of a more natural waterfall, we can install a water fountain. These give your garden a totally different look, which is preferred by some homeowners.
  • Gentle Stream-like Waterfalls – Imagine enjoying your morning coffee beside a babbling brook. We can design gently sloping waterfalls that look similar to small streams, rather than the gushing waterfall you may be imagining.

If you can dream it, we can design it! Our 3D design tools allow you to see how any of these types of water features will look in your backyard. That way, you can be sure you love it before we start building. Learn more about the types of landscape waterfalls here.

Benefits to Installing a Waterfall

Waterfalls don’t just look beautiful. There are actually a number of advantages to installing a waterfall. Here are our top three favorite benefits:

  1. Attract wildlife. Yards that are just large swaths of grass are actually not great for the environment. Adding a waterfall, along with native plants, can attract wildlife like birds and pollinators, which promotes a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Melt your stress away. Today’s world can be filled with stress, which is the understatement of the year. Work, family obligations, and more can all contribute to stress, which in turn can lead to heart disease, anxiety and depression, diabetes, sleep problems, obesity, and a host of other health concerns, according to Mayo Clinic. The natural sounds of a waterfall can help you relax. Add some comfortable patio furniture to your patio, and take some time for you.
  3. Add value to your home. People love outdoor living spaces. Adding a backyard waterfall can help increase your home value, as well as helping it sell faster. It will certainly be a strong selling point as potential buyers tour your home! Even if you are not considering selling anytime soon, our waterfalls are built to stand the test of time with proper maintenance. (Yes, we can help with maintenance too!)

Check out this article for more information about the benefits of backyard waterfall designs.

Maintaining Your Backyard Waterfall

As noted, you can hire us for all your monthly maintenance needs, including maintaining your backyard waterfall. That said, it is always beneficial to know the basics, in case you want to do it yourself.

Some water features are easier to maintain than others. However, basic maintenance of almost all water features require two things:

  1. Filtering out debris
  2. Maintaining water levels

Almost all waterfalls and other water features have some kind of debris basket inside a skimmer. The debris basket collects large items that may fall into your waterfall, preventing them from clogging the pump. You’ll need to empty it regularly to clear out any leaves, twigs, dead bugs, or other debris that falls into the water. Most water features also have some kind of finer filter to collect smaller particles and dirt that flow through the basket. These mats last a few years, but will need replacement if they get too dirty or if you start to see tears.

Waterfalls can lose water over time. Our systems work with the natural environment, but we can sometimes experience very hot weather and little rain. When this happens, you may need to add water. We’ll show you how high the water levels should be, so you can make sure to maintain it even between our visits.

Knowing the proper level also means you’ll notice leaks. Even though our work stands the test of time, as shown by our numerous 5-star reviews, leaks can happen as the ground settles or if plants’ roots grow in the wrong places. If you catch them early, waterfall leaks are typically pretty easy to repair by using more soil or rocks and removing certain plants.

FAQs about Backyard Waterfall Designs

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about building a waterfall. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

Is my backyard big enough for a waterfall?

Yes! Even if you have a small backyard, we can make it work with a pondless design or a small water fountain. You don’t need acres of land to have a beautiful waterfall.

How do you make a waterfall look natural?

We use plants and rocks to create a look that feels natural, if that’s the style you want. Before we start the build, we’ll show you backyard waterfall designs using our unique 3D programs, so you know exactly what it will look like with your landscaping.

Is adding a waterfall expensive?

We work with all budgets! During our initial consultation, we’ll talk about waterfalls at different price points so you can choose what is most comfortable for you. Click here to contact us today to set up a no-obligation meeting.

A Greensboro Lawn Care Company Can Keep Your Grass Green

greensboro lawn care

greensboro lawn careA sea of green encircling your home is an inviting and welcoming sight. It’s why homeowners across the country pour time and money into their landscapes. Yet, maintaining your turf is a time-consuming task. When you need a Greensboro lawn care company for your landscaping needs, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Benefits Of A Healthy Lawn

Most people like the aesthetic appeal of a healthy lawn. However, maintaining a lush, green turf provides many other important benefits:

  • Cleans the air
  • Improves groundwater quality
  • Moderates ground temperature
  • Decreases noise pollution

Notably, your lawn efficiently detoxifies the air by removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen Additionally, grass acts as a purifying medium, pulling dust and smoke out of the surrounding air.

Moreover, grass can improve the quality of groundwater as it moves through its roots. A healthy lawn can break down pollutants and reduce groundwater’s acidity.

Plus, grass absorbs heat energy from the sun keeping the immediate area cooler. Finally, a lawn absorbs many sounds reducing noise pollution.

7 Steps To A Lush Green Lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy is a yearlong, multi-step process. Below you’ll find a basic plan for building a healthier turf.

1. Know your soil

We can’t begin to talk about a healthy green lawn without starting with an understanding of the soil. Grass growing in compacted soil lacking nutrients won’t survive.

2. Amend Your soil

Once you understand what your soil needs, you can add the correct amendments. Sphagnum peat and compost are amendments that improve the dirt’s physical condition and increase the availability of nutrients.

3. Choose The Right Grass Seed

Around the globe, about 12,000 species of grasses exist. Typically, Americans use about a dozen of these for their lawns. Each has different tolerances for heat, cold, drought, shade, and foot traffic. Choosing the right one can mean the difference between a brown or a green turf.

4. Fertilize

Without knowing your grass or soil, you won’t be able to feed it properly. Plus, adding the wrong nutrients can encourage weeds and disease and may even kill your grass.

5. Prevent Weeds

Ignore weeds in your turf and in a short time, you may find you have no grass left. Weeds compete with your lawn for air, water, nutrients, and space. Left alone, weeds will easily overtake your lush lawn.

6. Water

You can maintain a healthy lawn and conserve water. However, it’s important to choose drought-tolerant grass varieties while implementing proper watering techniques. For example, watering between 4 am and 10 am reduces loss due to wind and evaporation.

7. Mow Correctly

Dull blades, cutting the grass too short or wet can severely damage your turf. Eventually, incorrect mowing will destroy your lawn.

A Lawn Care Service Can Handle The Work For You

We all want a beautiful green lawn, yet how many homeowners have the time necessary to maintain a lush turf? Keeping your grass healthy requires many hours of labor including mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizing, weeding, and aerating. Hiring a Greensboro lawn care company gives you many benefits:

  • Saves valuable time
  • Professional results
  • No equipment investment
  • Increased curb appeal

Ultimately, your grass requires year-round care. Some experts estimate the average homeowner spends over 70 hours per year on landscape maintenance. Yet, after spending a lot of money and time, your grass may still look sickly.

Alternatively, a professional will know exactly what your lawn needs. Additionally, a lawn care company will have all the necessary equipment. With a perfectly mowed, trimmed, and edged lawn, you’ll have increased curb appeal.

Greensboro Lawn Care Company FAQs

Having a beautifully landscaped yard starts with a lush, green lawn. Yet, maintaining a healthy lawn is a difficult task for many homeowners. Many consumers find that hiring a Greensboro lawn care company saves them time and money. Below, we’ve answered a few of our most commonly asked questions to see if this is an option for you.

How Do I Know If I Need Insect Control Services?

Grubs, the larvae of beetles, are a common lawn problem. These bugs love to munch on your grass roots. Additionally, critters such as raccoons will dig up your lawn in search of them.

Usually, you can spot grub damage by a thinning and yellowing lawn. You may even spot brown patches. Left alone, grubs can cause extensive lawn damage.

Typically, the use of pesticides to control this pest requires special considerations. The method and rate of application are critical for the safety of beneficial insects, pets, wildlife, and children. At Landscape Solutions, our employees are fully versed in the safe use of pesticides.

What’s Included In Your Weekly Services?

We offer different maintenance services to keep your lawn healthy and green:

  • Lawn mowing, edging, or trimming on a regular schedule
  • Weeding and feeding at the appropriate time of the year
  • Aerating and seeding once a year
  • Cleaning leaves from the lawn in the fall

How Much Will Lawn Care Cost Me?

Primarily, we base our costs on the solutions, the size of your property, and the health of your lawn. To quote you a price, we offer a free estimate for all our services. You can schedule your no-obligation consultation by calling us at 336-442-0160.

During our meeting, we’ll examine your lawn to determine its needs. We’ll also discuss your needs and budget.

Moreover, in addition to lawn care, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can design and install any type of outdoor element:

  • Hardscapes
  • Pergolas
  • Landscape lighting
  • Fire features
  • Water features
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios
  • And more!

For outside inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.