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Outdoor Patio Design

outdoor patio designOne of the best things about living in and around the Triad area is the weather. Sure, we get our fair share of stretches when the heat or cold keep us inside, but we are also lucky enough to have many months when Mother Nature seems to smile down on us. These are the times when a lot of us are itching to get outside. The nice weather also provides a great opportunity to entertain. Whether it is for friends, family, or neighbors, there is something special about firing up the grill in your backyard and enjoying being outdoors. If you love throwing get-togethers, it could be time to think about enhancing your outdoor space. Lawn chairs and a picnic table are fine, but you could do so much more. Nowadays, Greensboro homeowners are starting to focus as much on the exterior of their home as on the interior. And one of the biggest trends involves creating a unique outdoor patio design.

When you think about a patio, you may just picture a little stone area made for seating and perhaps a grill. Your Charlotte or Winston-Salem area home may even have that already. But that is just a starting point. There are now so many new features and unique hardscapes that you can incorporate to make your outdoor patio design look amazing, including:

Built-in Grill

Tired of having to wheel your grill in from the garage every season? You will never have to worry about that when your outdoor patio design contains a built-in grill. This grill will be a permanent structure in your yard, which will give you access every day of the year, so if, for example, you have a hankering for ribs in the middle of winter, you can still grill them up.

Fire Pit

Another excellent feature to add to your outdoor patio design that can be used year-round is a fire pit. You can use it for cooking (like a weenie roast) or just as a place to sit around on a cool evening. Fire pits are especially nice on chilly nights when you just do not want to go inside. You can even get a fire pit for your outdoor patio design that comes with built-in seating so all of your guests will always be able to find a seat.

Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love the outdoors so much that you would almost be out there exclusively if you could? Then an outdoor kitchen is for you. When this is included in your outdoor patio design, pretty much everything you need to prepare food will be within arm’s reach, including refrigeration, an oven, a sink, and counter and storage space. Once you start cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you may not want to go back inside no matter what the weather is like.

Outdoor Patio Design with Landscape Solutions

Are you planning a Labor Day party for your Cary or Greensboro neighborhood and want to improve your outdoor patio design? There are quite a few options available, and the best part is that you can customize it exactly the way you want. For a free quote, get in touch with Landscape Solutions & Design.