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FAQs about Land Grading Near Me in North Carolina

land grading near meHave you noticed water problems, areas of standing water, dying plants, or trenches through the soil made by rainwater? These are all signs that your property is not graded correctly. Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we have the experience needed to solve your landscape grading problems. If you’re looking for land grading near me, we can help.


What is Land Grading?

With land grading, we move the dirt on your property to create a more level surface. This can include anything from a small project using shovels to a rather large project where we grade acres of land using heavy equipment. It makes sense to grade your property before you install an irrigation or drainage system, since grading can solve many water-related landscape problems.

For new construction, land grading is one of the very first landscape projects you’ll need. The land has to be level before you can build on it. Over time, erosion from rain, snow, and water features on your property can make regrading necessary. Regrading typically doesn’t make drastic changes to the land like the initial grading. However, it does sometimes take longer because your grading contractor will have to work around buildings and other property features.

If I Grade My Land, What Benefits Will I See?

First and foremost, grading isn’t really an option for new construction. The land has to be leveled according to your city or country requirements. However, regrading your property can be very advantageous, even when it isn’t legally required.

Small scale lawn grading can make your yard easier to enjoy. We’ll fill in holes, divots, trenches, or other issues. You and your family will be able to walk and run around the yard more easily.

For both small and large regarding projects, the biggest advantages is that we can divert water. With landscape grading, we’ll make sure water drains away from your home, business, or other buildings. Additionally, we can prevent drainage issues for plants, create paths for standing water to drain away, and protect your trees from rot.

Keep in mind that landscape grading can also be done purely for aesthetic reasons. If you simply want a different look to your landscape, our grading contractor team can help.

Do I Need Grading Service?

While property grading can be an aesthetic choice, there are a few instances when you need grading in order to protect your home and ensure your property isn’t causing damage to your neighbors.

One of the signs that you need grading service is soil erosion. This could be visible. Look for areas where rainwater is creating trenches or where soil has been washed away. Not only will we fix these issues, but we’ll also create an erosion control plan so you don’t need to grade your lawn every few months.

Another sign that you may need property grading is flooding in your basement or lower levels of your home or business. Without proper drainage through grading, water can start to collect under your foundation. This can cause major damage over time. A simple grading project can route water away from the building to prevent flooding.

Keep in mind that if your property isn’t graded properly, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover damages due to flooding. Even if you have flood insurance, property grading issues could cause them to deny your claim. Professional grading services from the Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. team will ensure that you don’t run into issues with your insurance.

You’ll also need grading if your current property grading is causing water to run onto your neighbor’s property. If you don’t fix your grading, you could be held liable for drainage issues your neighbors experience, such as flooding.

The last sign that you might need a grading contractor is that your plants aren’t thriving. Some plants need more water than others. Improper grading can cause pools of water to form in some areas, while other areas of our landscape are too dry. Sometimes, you don’t want a completely level property because smart grading can give you some natural drainage and irrigation.

What Kind of Soil Do You Use for Landscape Grading?

When we grade your property, we won’t use just any kind of soil. This is what many DIY homeowners get wrong. Without the right types of soil, you’ll just have to grade again in a few years or even months.

When we do grading, we’ll start by using the soil available to us. In other words, we’ll grade your property by moving dirt that is already there to create a more level area. In many cases, however, we have to bring in even more soil. We’ll use a dense soil that can be packed properly to prevent erosion. As funny as it sounds, our team really does use high-quality dirt!

We don’t just stop at the dirt, though. After grading your land, we install grass or other plants based on your desired landscape design. When grass and plants take root, they aren’t just pretty to look at. They also prevent erosion. Our team has experience helping property owners pick the right types of grasses, shrubs, trees, flowers, and other plants. We want your landscape to be functional and beautiful at the same time.

Do Hardscapes Need Grading?

If you have “hardscapes” as part of your landscaping, you need grading to prevent major problems. Hardscapes are the non-living areas of your landscape such as patios, decks, pavers, paths, pools, fountains, walls, stairs, and more.

When you have hardscapes, you need to care about how water is flowing on your property. Hardscapes don’t absorb water like the soil, so even a light rain can cause water to pool or flow to a certain area. For example, many of our clients have a paved or gravel driveway. If the driveway isn’t graded on a slight slope, it would easily divert water toward your garage or house.

You also need to divert water away from hardscapes to prevent rot and other forms of water damage. For example, let’s say you have a concrete slab patio in your backyard. If water collects under it, it can cause cracks to form. This type of damage can be expensive to fix. Proper grading helps your hardscapes stay in good condition much longer.

Can I Do My Own Land Grading?

If you have a small grading project, you can take it on yourself. However, for anything more than filling in a few holes, we recommend hiring a professional landscape grading service. Here’s why:

  • We can ensure proper grading so you don’t continue to have major drainage issues in the future. Often people who do it themselves find that they just put a band-aid on the solution.
  • Our team can ensure that we don’t fix one grading issue only to create another. We take your entire landscape into account when creating your grading plan.
  • We follow all local codes and requirements. If you need a city permit, we’ll handle all the paperwork.
  • Our solutions don’t just look great; they also protect your home or business. We know exactly how to create the slopes that will make water flow away from the foundation. The slope angle is different for every situation, so it is something best handled by an experienced landscape grading contractor.
  • Grading your landscape can be back-breaking work if you try to do it yourself with a shovel and wheelbarrow. We have the right equipment for the job.

Best of all, when the grading work is done, we can turn your dirt-covered landscape into a beautiful oasis. Whether you want to keep it simple or install a garden worthy of royalty, we’ve got you covered.

Is Land Grading Near Me Expensive?

Landscape grading service doesn’t have to be expensive. When you work with the right company, like our team at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., you’ll receive fair, competitive pricing. To figure out the cost, we’ll look at the size of your property, the amount of grading that needs to be done, and whether or not you want us to complete the landscape design after grading your property.

When you receive a price quote from our team, we honor that quote. You won’t receive a surprise bill at the end of the project. We also honor your timeline. Sometimes, Mother Nature has other plans. However, we stay in close communication about the project. We won’t disappear for weeks or even days, leaving you with a half-finished project.

Remember, grading your property is much less expensive than the problems water can create such as flooding, foundation issues, dying plants, and property damage your neighbors demand you pay.

Do You Offer Commercial or Residential Land Grading?

Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. has experience with both commercial and residential land grading. If you’re looking for land grading near me, you’ve come to the right place! Poor drainage can wreak havoc on all landscapes, whether you are trying to wow customers or just enjoy your yard with the kids.

For our commercial clients, we have landscaping plans that include the following:

We can help on an as-needed basis. Or, we can create a complete landscape design plan perfectly suited for your business.

Can Yard Grading Fix My Drainage and Irrigation Problems?

Most people call us for yard grading when they are having a drainage or irrigation problem. Yes, grading can fix these issues – in some cases. That said, keep in mind that you may need a more holistic approach to your landscape design to truly fix your problems.

Not only do we provide grading services for North Carolina residents, but we also create full drainage and irrigation plans. Based on your goals, we can help you install the right equipment to keep your lawn and garden looking perfect. Proper grading is just a start.

Additionally, our experts have experience with plant selection, including the best grasses for your property. Sometimes, you don’t need to irrigate your lawn or garden. Instead, you might simply need to choose the right plants for the available water. Often, good plant selection will take care of mild drainage issues as well.

Some plants really suck up any standing water that might be plaguing your lawn. Other plants will thrive in drier spots where previous plants have wilted away. When we make plant recommendations for your landscape, we take water issues into consideration.

Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

In some cases, you may need a retaining wall after your property is properly graded. A retaining wall provides vertical support for soil, so you don’t have to have a gently sloped grade when it doesn’t make sense. In addition, a retaining wall is great for areas that are susceptible to erosion.

Retaining walls are especially useful in areas where you have a path, driveway, parking lot, or road. They can be very short or several feet high. We can create a retaining wall that perfectly fits the style of your landscape.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Grading Project?

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