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Ideas for Pondless Waterfall Designs

pondless waterfall designs Pondless waterfalls designs are a great enhancement to your backyard hardscaping. Waterfalls are not only beautiful but are a favored feature. With pondless waterfall designs, you can enjoy the pleasing sounds and sight of running water without pond maintenance. The waterfall simply re-circulates the water.

Why install a waterfall without a pond? A pond may be impractical if your backyard is very small or if the yard slope is steep. If you aren’t sure that a pond is right for you, pondless waterfall designs are a good way to start. If you change your mind, a pond can be added later. The great thing about pondless waterfall designs is that they can fit almost anywhere. This water feature touts a few advantages over an added pond.

  • Less expensive to install and operate – You can determine the size of your pondless waterfall based on your preferences. Pondless waterfall designs are perfect for incorporating small water features into your landscaping. They are also less expensive and less time-consuming to install.
  • Safer – Water is a concern around children and small pets. Pondless waterfalls offer a greater level of safety, although there should be caution whenever there is a water feature.
  • Low maintenance – The care and maintenance involved with a pondless waterfall is minimal. You will just need to add water as it evaporates.
  • Flexible usage – A pondless waterfall can be turned off when not in use. A pond, on the other hand, would need continual operation if it houses fish. The waterfall can even be set to turn on and off at scheduled times with a timer.

In addition to the advantages, pondless waterfall designs also offer some beautiful views for your yard. Here are some examples of pondless waterfall designs.

The Wall-Terfall

This pondless waterfall incorporates landscaping into your water features. Designed with a stone wall, the water appears to emanate from the wall. Landscaping around the waterfall can be enhanced to unify this feature with the rest of the yard.

The Disappearing Drop Waterfall

The disappearing drop waterfall adds a surprising element. This drop-off waterfall seems to disappear into the rocks below.

Cascading Low-Lying Waterfalls

This small feature will make big impressions. Built with paving stones, this type of pondless waterfall is compact. It works great in small spaces or on a corner in your yard. This elegant and peaceful water feature will draw lots of attention.

Delicate Stream Bed

The stream bed is a nice addition to a pondless waterfall design. Create a bed of rocks for the falling water to run along. If you create the stream near the home, you can hear the water sounds indoors. This tranquil feature will upgrade your backyard space.

Water Flow Under a Bridge

Add some more movement to your waterfall. Install a small wooden bridge over the waterfall stream. Decorate the stream with a variety of stones in different colors and sizes. The bridge and stream will look like a natural part of the landscape

Pondless Waterfall Designs at Landscape Solutions

Installing pondless waterfall designs adds a refreshing augmentation to your home landscape. It can be customized to fit just about any space and designed in several creative ways. At Landscape Solutions and Designs, we offer residential landscape and hardscape design and installation. Our professionals can help you choose from a variety of pondless waterfall designs. Contact us today to receive a quote for your hardscape.