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A Greensboro Lawn Care Company Can Keep Your Grass Green

greensboro lawn careA sea of green encircling your home is an inviting and welcoming sight. It’s why homeowners across the country pour time and money into their landscapes. Yet, maintaining your turf is a time-consuming task. When you need a Greensboro lawn care company for your landscaping needs, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Benefits Of A Healthy Lawn

Most people like the aesthetic appeal of a healthy lawn. However, maintaining a lush, green turf provides many other important benefits:

  • Cleans the air
  • Improves groundwater quality
  • Moderates ground temperature
  • Decreases noise pollution

Notably, your lawn efficiently detoxifies the air by removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen Additionally, grass acts as a purifying medium, pulling dust and smoke out of the surrounding air.

Moreover, grass can improve the quality of groundwater as it moves through its roots. A healthy lawn can break down pollutants and reduce groundwater’s acidity.

Plus, grass absorbs heat energy from the sun keeping the immediate area cooler. Finally, a lawn absorbs many sounds reducing noise pollution.

7 Steps To A Lush Green Lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy is a yearlong, multi-step process. Below you’ll find a basic plan for building a healthier turf.

1. Know your soil

We can’t begin to talk about a healthy green lawn without starting with an understanding of the soil. Grass growing in compacted soil lacking nutrients won’t survive.

2. Amend Your soil

Once you understand what your soil needs, you can add the correct amendments. Sphagnum peat and compost are amendments that improve the dirt’s physical condition and increase the availability of nutrients.

3. Choose The Right Grass Seed

Around the globe, about 12,000 species of grasses exist. Typically, Americans use about a dozen of these for their lawns. Each has different tolerances for heat, cold, drought, shade, and foot traffic. Choosing the right one can mean the difference between a brown or a green turf.

4. Fertilize

Without knowing your grass or soil, you won’t be able to feed it properly. Plus, adding the wrong nutrients can encourage weeds and disease and may even kill your grass.

5. Prevent Weeds

Ignore weeds in your turf and in a short time, you may find you have no grass left. Weeds compete with your lawn for air, water, nutrients, and space. Left alone, weeds will easily overtake your lush lawn.

6. Water

You can maintain a healthy lawn and conserve water. However, it’s important to choose drought-tolerant grass varieties while implementing proper watering techniques. For example, watering between 4 am and 10 am reduces loss due to wind and evaporation.

7. Mow Correctly

Dull blades, cutting the grass too short or wet can severely damage your turf. Eventually, incorrect mowing will destroy your lawn.

A Lawn Care Service Can Handle The Work For You

We all want a beautiful green lawn, yet how many homeowners have the time necessary to maintain a lush turf? Keeping your grass healthy requires many hours of labor including mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizing, weeding, and aerating. Hiring a Greensboro lawn care company gives you many benefits:

  • Saves valuable time
  • Professional results
  • No equipment investment
  • Increased curb appeal

Ultimately, your grass requires year-round care. Some experts estimate the average homeowner spends over 70 hours per year on landscape maintenance. Yet, after spending a lot of money and time, your grass may still look sickly.

Alternatively, a professional will know exactly what your lawn needs. Additionally, a lawn care company will have all the necessary equipment. With a perfectly mowed, trimmed, and edged lawn, you’ll have increased curb appeal.

Greensboro Lawn Care Company FAQs

Having a beautifully landscaped yard starts with a lush, green lawn. Yet, maintaining a healthy lawn is a difficult task for many homeowners. Many consumers find that hiring a Greensboro lawn care company saves them time and money. Below, we’ve answered a few of our most commonly asked questions to see if this is an option for you.

How Do I Know If I Need Insect Control Services?

Grubs, the larvae of beetles, are a common lawn problem. These bugs love to munch on your grass roots. Additionally, critters such as raccoons will dig up your lawn in search of them.

Usually, you can spot grub damage by a thinning and yellowing lawn. You may even spot brown patches. Left alone, grubs can cause extensive lawn damage.

Typically, the use of pesticides to control this pest requires special considerations. The method and rate of application are critical for the safety of beneficial insects, pets, wildlife, and children. At Landscape Solutions, our employees are fully versed in the safe use of pesticides.

What’s Included In Your Weekly Services?

We offer different maintenance services to keep your lawn healthy and green:

  • Lawn mowing, edging, or trimming on a regular schedule
  • Weeding and feeding at the appropriate time of the year
  • Aerating and seeding once a year
  • Cleaning leaves from the lawn in the fall

How Much Will Lawn Care Cost Me?

Primarily, we base our costs on the solutions, the size of your property, and the health of your lawn. To quote you a price, we offer a free estimate for all our services. You can schedule your no-obligation consultation by calling us at 336-442-0160.

During our meeting, we’ll examine your lawn to determine its needs. We’ll also discuss your needs and budget.

Moreover, in addition to lawn care, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can design and install any type of outdoor element:

  • Hardscapes
  • Pergolas
  • Landscape lighting
  • Fire features
  • Water features
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Patios
  • And more!

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