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Where To Get Pine Needles Near Me For A Yard Spruce Up

pine needles near meOne of the most popular types of mulch in our area is pine needles. Also known as pine straw mulch, this ground cover offers many advantages including giving your yard a finished look. When searching for landscapers providing pine needles near me, buy from Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Why Homeowners Should Incorporate Mulch Into Their Planting Beds

Applying mulch around your yard is one of those extremely important landscaping tasks. Not only does mulch add color and texture to your landscaping, but you’ll also enjoy its other benefits:

  • Retains soil moisture
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Regulates the soil temperature
  • Improves the soil
  • Prevents soil compaction and erosion

North Carolina summers can be hot and dry. These weather conditions will quickly dry out your soil leaving your plants thirsting for moisture. However, when you apply a layer of mulch, the soil retains a large percentage of its moisture.

Additionally, mulch suppresses weeds in 2 ways. First, mulch deprives weeds of light. Secondly, weeds love bare soil where they can quickly germinate. By depriving weed seeds of both of these, you’ll be spending a lot less time weeding.

Plus, mulch helps keep the soil at a stable temperature. In the winter, mulch traps heat. While in the summer, mulch keeps the soil cool. Moreover, organic mulches like pine needles, add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

Finally, using an organic ground cover decreases soil compaction and erosion. Soil contains thousands of tiny microorganisms that feed upon the mulch. These microorganisms maintain the soil structure creating pore spaces to absorb moisture. Additionally, microorganisms bind soil particles together reducing erosion.

Using Pine Needles Near Me Can Help Beautify Your Yard

In North Carolina, you know spring has arrived when trucks start rolling through your neighborhood laden with pine needles Certainly, pine needle mulch is very popular in our area. Compared to other types of mulch, pine needles have many advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper than other mulches
  • Resistant to artillery fungus
  • Termite resistant

First, pine straw is the most environmentally friendly mulch around. Notably, the harvesting of pine needles doesn’t harm any trees. Farmers grow large tracts of pine trees. As the trees drop their needles, farmers harvest, clean, and bundle the needles.

In contrast, manufacturers make wood mulch from either recycled wood or felled trees. Many manufactures make lower-grade wood mulch from old wood pallets. Often, this recycled wood contains chemicals that can seep into the soil in your planting beds. Conversely, manufacturers of higher-grade wood mulch must cut down trees to produce their product.

Secondly, pine needles are much less expensive than other types of mulch. Plus, they’re lightweight making them easy to spread.

Finally, unlike wood mulches, pine needles are resistant to both termites and artillery fungus. Pine needles don’t supply a food source for termites like wood mulches. Moreover, decomposing wood mulch makes a perfect home for artillery fungus. This organism can shoot spores up to 20 feet away. Unfortunately, these spores can be hard to clean and may leave permanent stains.

FAQS Regarding Pine Straw Mulch

We receive many questions about landscaping with pine needles. Below are some of our most frequently asked ones.

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Spread My Mulch?

Often, homeowners will choose to spread their pine needle mulch rather than hire a landscaper. While a DIY mulch spreading project will give you the benefits, you won’t get the manicured look of a pro. A landscaper can roll the edges to form an elegant finish.

Moreover, many homeowners will make the mistake of just covering up the existing weeds with mulch. A landscaper will not only remove existing weeds, but also apply a preemergent weed preventer to the mulch bed.

Furthermore, when you undertake a landscaping project, you often don’t save as much as you anticipate. First, time is money. Although pine needles are easy to spread, the job can still take hours. Additionally, if you underestimate the amount you need, you’ll spread the pine needles too thin. While if you overestimate, you’ll have leftover bales of needles you don’t need.

When searching for a landscaping company supplying pine needles near me, choose Landscaping Solutions. We serve the Piedmont area including Greensboro, Summerfield, Archdale, Belews Creek, Winston-Salem, Lake Norman, and surrounding areas.

Can Pine Needles Help Prevent Erosion?

A hilly or sloping yard presents a landscaping challenge. It’s difficult to grow grass on a hillside and dangerous to mow. Applying mulch to your hillside can help prevent erosion. However, a heavy downpour can wash mulch to the bottom of your slope. Thus, you’ll have to rake it back up the hill.

Rather than continually fight Mother Nature, you may want to regrade your yard to solve your drainage problems. Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can move the dirt in your yard to divert water and create a level surface. If you prefer, we can construct a retaining wall instead. Retaining walls prevent erosion while managing water flow. Plus, they add beauty and interest to your yard.

How Often Should I Apply Pine Needles?

To keep your yard looking beautiful and weed-free, we recommend applying pine straw mulch annually. However, if your old mulch is starting to look old, you can apply pine needles more often. Doing so will give your landscape a fresh look.

You should spread pine needles to a depth of at least 3 inches. Moreover, you can apply mulch at any time of the year. Furthermore, you never need to rake up and remove old pine needle mulch. Just lay the new layer on top.

We Can Handle All Your Landscaping Needs

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  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Snow removal
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