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Common Landscaping Mistakes


Homeowners can add considerable value to their home with landscaping.  You wouldn’t think so, but anecdotally and also officially from experts, the word is adding even trees to your front yard can add value to your property and to the homes around you.

But before leaping in you should also know while landscaping is joyous it is also arduous and tricky requiring much planning and research ahead of time.  There are plenty of common mistakes you could inadvertently make when trying to beautify your property.  Here are some of the common pitfalls we hear about:

Don’t Leap in without a Landscaping Plan

Before moving one rock or planting one tree, it absolutely pays off to hire a contracted landscaper working in Greensboro, Winston Salem or High Point, North Carolina to offer you their expert landscaping advice.  These experts will know which plants, shrubs and trees grow best here.  They’ll know how high trees will grow and how much shade they will offer.  They’ll also ensure the layout is not only pragmatic from a growth and landscaping perspective, the layout will be pretty and calming to the eye.  With a landscaping plan you can also take on something more ambitious, such as installing walls, gazebos and paving.  An expert landscaper may come up with ideas that never occur to you otherwise.

Plant What Thrives in North Carolina

Whether you research this alone or with your landscaping expert, always consult with experts to ensure the plants, shrubs, flowers and trees you plant will thrive in this North Carolina climate.  Many homeowners like to make their garden a surrogate for the places they left behind – but this is a common mistake.  Soil types may be different here versus other states and countries, rainfall is higher here than elsewhere along with the severity of wind, lightning and thunder.

Don’t Default to Having a Lawn Just Because Your Neighbors Do

While lawns are ubiquitous in Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point neighborhoods, not every homeowner or renter needs one.  If you don’t feel motivated to mow and irrigate your lawn frequently, then consider other landscaping options.

Work with What You Have

If your yard is rocky then incorporate rocks within your landscaping plan rather than eradicate them all.  Don’t try reinventing the wheel — you will exhaust yourself and deplete your resources fast.

Try Thinking Seasonally

As you develop your landscaping plan try thinking year around to ensure you have brightness and growth throughout the year, not just summer and spring.

Be Practical

Always be practical in your landscaping decisions rather than just think about the aesthetic.  Bottom line: your landscaping goal is to design an oasis in which you can relax and enjoy.  Anything requiring massive maintenance on your part can take away some of the joy of a beautiful landscape.

Invest in Your Tools Early on

One of the biggest time wasters when it comes to landscaping is returning to your home improvement store to restock products or items that are depleted, or to buy items you thought you already owned.  Before getting started on your landscaping, take stock of what you possess and make a big shopping trip to purchase all you need.

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