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Commercial Sod Installation

Commercial Sod Installation - Greensboro Winston Salem NC

Chik-fil-A Sod

Sod installation is a popular way to add grass to any landscape. If you are building a new business or just looking to re-do your grass, we have the experience to help you get where you want to be.

Before installing your sod, there are a few things you must consider. To begin with, we must make sure that there are no weeds as they can be detrimental to new sod. We must also address drainage problems as sod will have a poor root system if water does not move through the soil rapidly enough. Therefore, it is wise to add a drainage system to your commercial landscape area to move water to places where it will not cause a problem. Finally, it is imperative that we grade the land properly for sod. The land needs to be graded away from your building and any walkways in order for water runoff to flow away from your property. After these problems have been considered and we have come up with solutions it is time to start installing your sod.