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Commercial Aeration & Seeding

The condition of soil is another important condition contributing to the health of grass. Many landscapes in North Carolina have highly compacted soil which can smother the grass by not letting it roots grow freely and keeping it from receiving the proper amount of water and oxygen. Compacted soil also causes runoff of water which does not give much nourishment to the grass as many nutrients and minerals are carried via water. Also, the thatch layer is an important aspect as it prevents evaporation and the movement of oxygen and water. The thatch layer is the layer between the grass and the soil and when it overgrows it can be detrimental to your turf. The most effective way to correct these problems is to have your lawn area aerated at least once per year. In aeration, 2-3 inch plugs are removed and left on the surface of the ground. This allows water and oxygen to flow freely and also lets roots grow the way they need to. After aeration, it is wise to seed your grass. Adding a mixture of seed or new variations will add to the thickness, health and color of the turf and may also cause it to be resilient to insects and diseases. When you want your lawn area aerated and seeded call us and we can take care of it for you!