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small backyard patio ideas

Hiring the Best Patio Builders Near Me for a Custom Backyard

Finding the best patio builders near me in North Carolina doesn't have to be a chore. Here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have 45 combined years of experience and would love to design a custom patio for you. With a custom design, you... Read More >

small backyard patio ideas
Concrete Stamps

Small Backyard Patio Ideas To Create A Cozy Retreat

An attractive, functional backyard has become the number one selling point for homes today. Moreover, a basic foundational element of your yard is the patio. This structure is an important hardscape element due to its versatility. Even if you don’t have an expansive yard, you... Read More >

retaining wall installation charlotte nc
Commercial Projects

Retaining Wall Installation Charlotte NC Residents Trust

For people seeking scenic beauty, rolling hills are pretty. However, dealing with a slope in your yard can be challenging and troublesome. Slopes can be difficult to walk on and mow. Plus, you have to worry about soil erosion and water runoff issues. A well-built... Read More >

paver landscaping ideas

Create Destination Backyard with Our Paver Landscaping Ideas

At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we love to help our clients create outdoor living spaces that are destinations. This summer, you can feel like you are on vacation every weekend in your own backyard. Our paver landscaping ideas will help you build a beautiful... Read More >


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