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Advantages of LED Lighting

Led lightingIn recent years LED technology has become much more prevalent in various lighting applications. Despite initially being a bit more expensive than more traditional options, LED lighting has a number of advantages.

LED lighting is efficient, able to run at much lower voltages than other designs while outputting similar levels of usable light. This has caused them to be a favorite in flashlights, for example, where power is limited to the lifespan of batteries used and efficiency is important. For home and business use, this translates to lower utility bills and heat output. The heat aspect is important when using landscape lighting in gardens, as it is less likely to cause issues for nearby plants.

LEDs have a pure, white light. Unlike traditional bulbs that burn out and turn yellow, LEDs project a pure white light that can create a truly dramatic feel for garden lighting and other applications. These lights also last a lot longer than your typical light bulb — often over 50,000 hours. If using a low-output LED light, you can achieve a gentle moonlight effect at night that can really set your garden off.

LEDs are more durable. LED lighting tends to be more durable than traditional lighting, able to withstand minor shocks more effectively without breaking or dimming. Usually this isn’t a concern for landscape lighting, but during storms where yard items may be blown around this can help the light endure.