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5 Interesting Rock Landscaping Ideas for your Home or Business


Incorporating rock landscaping into the grounds of your home or business is a fabulous move. Not only does your yard or grounds look regal, you also create an elegant oasis, offering visitors to your outdoor space a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of life. Adding rock landscaping to your property also adds to its value and by adding rock, you are removing considerable yard work for yourself. More rock landscaping means less lawn to mow! Rock landscaping comes in a variety of forms and styles and at Landscapes R Us we have plenty of experts to offer you guidance and help. We also recommend spending some time studying your available yard/garden space and seeing what can and cannot be done, before even getting started. This article offers five interesting rock landscaping ideas to consider for your next spring project.

1. Create a rock waterfall

One popular idea our customers love is creating a rock waterfall. When creating a rock waterfall in your yard or garden we suggest trying to imitate nature as best possible. Spend time in nature listening and watching how a waterfall operates in its raw, natural form, then, replicate this in your garden. We suggest incorporating a variety of boulder sizes. Create twists and turns in the waterfall.

2. Create a dog house

Building a doghouse, sort of an igloo shaped structure with stone, is a great way to use any leftover rock and a great way to offer shade to your pet. A doghouse also looks pretty, and rustic. Create the structure with plastic first, then, mount your rocks over the form. Once complete, plant some vine to climb over the house. Voila! You have an attractive, rock made shelter for your pooch!

3. Add stone to your fireplace

Another great rock landscaping idea is to add rock to your existing outdoor structures such as your fireplace. Simply secure rock on the exterior of the fireplace. Try being mindful of the natural flow of the rock, making the formation and design replicate nature.

4. Make a rock garden

Slopes can be tricky to navigate in any garden, but rocks can make a slope look more rustic and less bland. Another incentive for adding rocks to your slope is rocks prevent erosion and allow your plants to be anchored, therefore accelerating and helping their growth. When placing your rocks on your slope, we suggest digging a hole larger than the rock. Place the rock in the hole, then fill in the dirt.

5. Build a wall

Another interesting rock landscaping project is building a wall. Walls don’t have to be simple or boring. When done well, rock walls can look stunning! Please keep in mind however you will need a building permit if your wall exceeds four feet. We suggest adding steps up to the wall, then, add a vine or two. Beautiful! And yet so affordable and simple!

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