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​Luxury Landscaping Services Available in the Triad

Why-Choose-Landscape-Solutions-&-Design_HardscapeDo you have some great landscaping ideas just waiting to come to life?

Don’t wait any longer! Landscape Solutions and Design provides premier landscaping services to most of North Carolina. We have a huge area of service from the Piedmont Triad, to Raleigh, to Lake Norman and beyond. As any satisfied customer will tell you, Landscape Solutions and Design is the first place to call for any landscaping or hardscaping need. An extensive array of projects and expertise is available when you give us a call. Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Dream of sitting next to a flowing waterfall in your own backyard? All of these things are possible with Landscape Solutions and Design. Residential and commercial landscaping alike are available. Create your own dream escape today!

What are landscaping and hardscaping?

Most people are familiar with the concept of landscaping. Arranging outdoor plants to be pleasing to the eye is an art appreciated by many. However, what about hardscaping? Hardscapes are the inorganic parts of a well designed yard—the walls, fire pits, and beyond. A good hardscape is as beautiful as it is functional. That function may simply be to bring a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to your yard. Explore the art of hardscaping further when you contact us. Imagine relaxing on a sunny day next to your own gazing pool. Landscape Solutions and Design can make that happen. When you decide it’s time to create your own backyard oasis, give us a call.

No project is too big for us

Many people dream of creating the perfect backyard atmosphere. Hosting dinner parties, or simply relaxing with friends—it’s all made better with the right outdoor elements. We provide all basic landscaping services, including creating unique garden spaces and maintaining the grass, flowers, shrubs and trees. Since we also specialize in hardscaping, it’s no problem to create the perfect juxtaposition between organic and inorganic designs. Picture it: a stunning gazebo surrounded by shrubs, flowers, and vines. Add low lighting to create the perfect dreamy vision. We can do it all. Your next backyard barbecue is guaranteed to be a hit when you host it around your new outdoor fire pit after preparing the food in your completely equipped outdoor kitchen. You can even add a pizza oven or fireplace!. Wow neighbors and friends alike when you bring your outdoor visions to fruition with Landscape Solutions and Design.

Give your business a boost

The benefits of commercial landscaping are innumerable. If you own a storefront, you know that image is everything. If your exterior appearance is lackluster, it could be affecting your business. When people approach a place of business, the first thing they see is how it looks. Is it boring? Drab? Poorly landscaped? All of these things are subconsciously affecting the way people think about your business. Let Landscape Solutions and Design take over. We will make sure the exterior of your business complements the interior in terms of excellence. Everyone should have a business they can be proud of, with landscaping to match.

What types of landscaping services do we provide?

Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and waterfalls are just a few of the services we provide. We also are experts in installing outdoor lighting. Highlight points of your yard that you want to stand out. Use low lighting for a lovely, shadowy effect. Light up paths or sidewalks and ensure your guests don’t stumble as they explore your beautiful outdoor getaway. Impress the neighborhood by showing that you take pride in every part of your home—the outside included.

Hiring only the best to provide top quality landscaping services

All of our technicians are highly trained and certified. At Landscape Solutions and Design, we only work with the highest quality products and most qualified experts. Take the reigns as you design exactly what you’ve always envisioned, and let our experts build it. With years of experience in creating the most beautiful outdoor environments, you’re sure to love what we create together.