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​Landscape Solutions Offers Residential Lighting Design

residential lighting designIf you’re looking for a simple, classic way to add captivating atmosphere to your yard, consider outdoor lighting. Capable of fitting any budget, our residential lighting design experts are sure to impress. There are several different types of lighting to suit any need. We can tailor your project to perfectly fit your vision and your budget. Our team of experts is certified in a variety of fields. Take advantage of their knowledge! Call Landscape Solutions and Design to get started today.

What types of residential lighting design does Landscape Solutions and Design offer?

There are several different light designs to be found with us. Besides basic pathway lighting, we also offer upward-facing, downward-facing, and shadow lighting. Each of these styles creates a striking, beautiful nighttime look for any property…in front or back of the home. The moonlit effect of down-facing light is timeless. Playing with shadows is a fun and unique way to decorate any wide, open space your yard may have. All of these things can be attained through special light setups. Our experts can easily create artistically-lit visions as soon as you give us a call.

Why choose outdoor lighting?

Some landscaping projects can be very expensive. Outdoor lighting is a less expensive way to bump up the exterior of your home. A lit pathway is a timeless way to add personality and creativity to the exterior of your home. Upward-facing lights highlight any major features, such as trees or other outside structures. Lighting any focal point of your yard adds a subtle, yet striking, accent to any yard. Wow your friends and neighbors alike with a beautifully lit vision, imagined by you and brought to life by us!

When you think outdoor lighting, think Vista

Landscape Solutions and Design trusts only Vista lighting. With a lifetime guarantee, Vista will keep you and your family happy for decades to come. Made right here in the United States, Vista products are the only ones we recommend for all outdoor lighting needs.

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting is not purely for aesthetics. Though the aesthetic value is appealing, a good outdoor light design adds function to a yard. Illuminating your yard also ensures the comfort and safety of your family and guests. No more stumbling in the dark to the front door. A lit pathway is both cozy and useful. That’s just the beginning of it. Outdoor lighting also adds fantastic, warm atmosphere to any setting. Having a few friends over? Enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather by sitting outside, enjoying the air and the glow of tasteful shadow lighting. A well-lit yard also adds general appeal to any home. It provides an air of maintenance and care. Such a simple addition to your yard can make a world of difference.

Call us about your next outdoor lighting project!

Landscape Solutions and Design is proud to serve the Triad area in addition to the Raleigh, Charlotte, Lake Norman and Southern Pines areas. Our team of experts has over 15 years of combined experience in helping North Carolina residents get the yard of their dreams. Don’t spend any more time in the dark! Call today and let’s get started!