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​How a Hardscape can Help with Erosion Problems

Hardscapes (4)Unless you are really lucky, your home and/or property has a few issues. For the most part, they may just be minor things you have learned to live with. However, just because something doesn’t appear to be serious now, it could still end up becoming a major problem down the road. For example, if your home is built on a slope, it is very possible that you are experiencing (or will experience) erosion. Unlike a flat piece of land, the soil in a slope is not compact. It is loose and unstable, which could have a severe impact on your home’s foundation. Fortunately there is an effective solution for erosion: the installation of the right hardscape.

What the right hardscape can do for your yard

The issue of erosion can be solved with a retaining wall. This hardscape element will ensure that the soil stays where it should and will not shift and become dangerous. While functional, a retaining wall can also be a new and interesting addition to your yard. They can be constructed from a variety of materials and created in a number of different styles. When thinking about hardscapes to add to their property, many people consider retaining walls as much for the protection they offer as for the way they visually enhance a yard. Retaining walls are also very versatile. They can be built in a tiered effect or accented with bushes, plants, or flowers. Because they provide safety and beauty, this type of hardscape is a win-win for homeowners.

Why now is the time to fix drainage issues

In addition to erosion, another problem you may be facing is drainage. If even a small amount of rain causes your yard to turn into a swamp, you have a drainage issue. While it may just seem like a nuisance (especially when you need to retrieve the newspaper that did not quite make it to your porch), there could eventually be dire consequences that may put your home in jeopardy. This is why you need to think about installing a new drainage system or improving the existing one. During the summer and dry months, it can be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security with your property. Without much rainfall, it is possible you have forgotten about the problem. But now that we are headed into the snowy/rainy part of the year, it will soon rear its ugly head again. The longer you go without addressing the issue, the more your home’s foundation can suffer.

Call in the pros at Landscape Solutions & Design

Whatever area of your yard needs attention, Landscape Solutions & Design has you covered. If erosion is a concern, with our hardscape services, we can help you design the perfect retaining wall that will keep soil contained and make your property look great. If the problem is drainage, we will come out and give everything a thorough inspection and offer our expert recommendations. Whether you have a landscape or hardscape issue, you can trust Landscape Solutions & Design to provide quality solutions, expert advice and craftsmanship.