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​Hardscapes Greensboro NC for Residential and Commercial

Hardscape ProjectToday, homeowners and business owners are becoming aware of how important hardscapes are to the exterior of their homes or businesses. Hardscapes refer to man-made components used in landscaping, with materials such as concrete, brick, stone, wood, etc. These hardscapes include driveways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, water features and more. Landscape Solutions & Design is the leader in hardscapes Greensboro NC can count on for beautiful and functional hardscape solutions.

Residential Hardscapes

Paving Projects – When we think of paving, we often just think about driveways. A well-paved driveway is important, yet there are many other options. Landscape Solutions & Design creates and builds many aesthetically pleasing hardscapes. In addition, a paved sidewalk is an excellent way to direct guests and family to your home. Remember, paved hardscapes add to your home’s value and curb appeal.

Retaining Walls – The purpose of these walls is for safety and specific function. Most importantly, these walls hold back loose earth. Moreover, they could save you money in the future from shifting soil or rocks. Materials used can include rock, concrete, brick or a combination.

Additional Components – Having an outdoor kitchen increases your entertaining area and reduces clean-up inside your home. Also, a waterfall can create a peaceful oasis in your own yard. A gazebo will provide a getaway reading spot outdoors that you can enjoy most of the year.

Commercial Hardscapes

Paving – As a professional business owner you take pride in the appearance that you project to the public. That includes your business’ driveway and parking lot. Landscape Solutions & Design will design and build these for you. In addition, they can do resurfacing work if your existing driveway and parking lot need sprucing up. Of course, you can choose from multiple paving materials that will complement your building and surrounding area.

Retaining Walls – Safety of your clientele is essential. Retaining walls help to keep loose soil in place. Thus, it helps with erosion of your landscape. In turn, these walls save you from expensive landscaping repairs in the future. Retaining walls are functional but they also add to the beauty of your landscape. Thankfully, Landscape Solutions & Design’s experienced designers will create a retaining wall that adds curb appeal to your business.

Additional Components – Businesses can add water features and outdoor patios to attract attention. Also, they serve to create a distinctive environment to welcome your customers!

Landscapes Solutions & Design Knows Quality Hardscapes Greensboro NC

With over a decade of experience, Landscape Solutions & Design prides themselves on bringing perfectionism to all their projects. To exceed their customer’s expectations, they developed an eye for the small details and having exceptional work ethic. Important point, their technicians are fully licensed and insured. Therefore, they design projects to surpass all expectations.

So, if you are a residential homeowner or an owner of a commercial building, hardscapes are essential for your property. Today, contact Landscape Solutions & Design for all hardscapes Greensboro NC for both residential and commercial needs.