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​How Your Outdoor Living Space Can Rival What’s Inside

If you bought your dream home – or through a renovation or addition, transformed a house into your dream home – you might think there is nothing left to be done. You have your house exactly how you want it, so your work is finished, right? Well, maybe not. There could be a large area […]

Take Your Landscaping Greensboro, NC to New Heights

Landscaping Greensboro, NC is a snap with Landscape Solutions and Design!  With spring temperatures starting to rise and summer just around the corner, we are entering the backyard entertaining season. Now is the time to think about planning something for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, or perhaps a graduation party or even an […]

​Outdoor Living Spaces–the Newest Trend in Landscaping

Take your home to new heights by creating an outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces can be anything from a fire pit to a retaining wall. Delight friends and family alike by hosting a dinner party in your new outdoor kitchen! The possibilities are endless when you let Landscape Solutions and Design handle your home’s […]

Expert Hardscaping with Landscape Solutions and Design

There are two elements to landscaping—hardscaping and softscaping. Softscaping is what many people think when they think of landscaping. The art of arranging trees, shrubs and flowers is softscaping. Hardscaping is the incorporation of man-made elements such as patios and stone paths. A good rule of thumb is that softscapes are subject to change with […]

Outdoor Fireplace Construction Made Easy

Finding yourself curious about outdoor fireplace construction? If you have questions, let Landscape Solutions and Design answer them for you! Common questions involve construction processes and materials used. At Landscape Solutions and Design, our goal is to make it as easy as possible on you. Our expert hardscape artists combine years of experience to bring […]

Find Your Perfect Pondless Waterfall Design

Beautiful works of outdoor architecture are a fantastic addition to any yard. You’re familiar with fire pits and gazebos. However, what about something a little more unique? At Landscape Solutions and Design, we proudly invite you to consider a pondless waterfall design. We are proud to serve the Charlotte, Raleigh, Lake Norman, Piedmont Triad and […]

​Landscape Solutions Offers Residential Lighting Design

If you’re looking for a simple, classic way to add captivating atmosphere to your yard, consider outdoor lighting. Capable of fitting any budget, our residential lighting design experts are sure to impress. There are several different types of lighting to suit any need. We can tailor your project to perfectly fit your vision and your […]

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Enhances Your Image

For any commercial space, appearance is very important. First impressions inspired by appearance can make or break a potential client’s interest. To get clients inside, they must first positively judge the outside. A well-kept, attractive property immediately makes people want to partake in your business. Conversely, a neglected appearance can make people seek out services […]

Explore Innovative Hardscape Ideas​

Are you or a friend looking for fresh, innovative hardscape ideas? Landscape Solutions and Design is here to help. With an array of eye-catching hardscape ideas, let your yard be the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial hardscape, Landscape Solutions and Design is the place to go for any […]

Variety of Outdoor Fireplace Designs to Suit Any Style

Looking for a unique way to decorate your yard? Consider the appeal of an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplace designs range from classic fire pits to elegantly sculpted works of art. If you’re a homeowner looking to customize your outdoor space, consider Landscape Solutions and Design. A leader in Triad landscaping services, Landscape Solutions and Design […]

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